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More D&D Villain Ideas

Updated: Jan 12

Has there ever been a better time to talk about big bads, minor bads, smalltime bads and local bads and examine D&D villain ideas than now? Popular culture has brought us some epic villains in the past few weeks and this post is going to explore the character dynamics of some genuinely nasty pieces of work.

When we explore the motivations of D&D villains, what they will and won't do, and when we 'enter' the character, it brings huge depth to the game experience and hopefully some mind bending terror for the players.

Previously when we examined the whys and wherefores of villainy , this blog examined nine villain types. In this post we're going to look deeper into villain motivation by exploring five contemporary baddies pop culture baddies and what drives them, so there are spoilers ahead.

The Vecna Vendetta

In what strange upside-down universe could we