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Top Five Most Annoying Things About Magic Shops

Updated: Feb 9

What makes magic magical? The sense of wonder, the mystery, the unknown, the knowledge that your character is privy to arcane secrets that few can hope to master. The hero’s journey from that of Luke Skywalker to Neo to Doctor Strange is one where powers and magic items are hard come by. A hero must journey within themselves for inner truth, they must become the bridge between the world of the mundane and the divine; they must be able to see the magical world that passes the rest of us dolts by. Playing a magic using character in 5th Edition is the most fun, exciting journeys that one can take in role play gaming, which begs the question as to why so many players and DMs conspire to throttle magic itself - with the magic shop.

Here’s our list of the top five worst things about having magic shops in role play games.

1. Shops were invented for convenience, magic should be about inconvenience.

Ever since the birth of mass consumerism, the retailer has had one mission in mind, to make the customer’s purchasing experience as quick, simple and ideally thought free as possible. The existence of the shop or emporium is specifically to take any consideration, tension, uncertainty and drama out of the entire purchasing process. With some RPG purchases (rope, iron rations, boots), arguably the less tim