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Six new D&D character races


There is something magical about creating a new player race (or origin, the word we prefer to use), in D&D. In any role play game system the origins that make up a party give life, diversity, energy, drama and fun to the player experience. In this article we've created six original origins which deviate as far as possible from standard fantasy tropes (without being weird for weird's sake).

These new origins will add a unique twist to your character creation process and help you stand out in your next D&D campaign.

While they will never see the inside of a Wizards of the Coast brainstorming session and are a world away from High Elves Dwarves or Halflings, they have been play-tested and refined by the Arclands D&D community, ensuring that they are balanced and fit seamlessly into the fifth edition game mechanics. You can check out the stats and images of each origin below.


First up are the Luminarians, they are celestial beings that hail from the beyond the Astral Sea, where they once were nurtured by the radiant energy of the cosmos. Refugees from a terrible war of destruction they have now escaped to the mortal world and wander amongst humanity. These radiant beings are made of pure light transformed into flesh when they enter the mortal world and some are known to possess powerful spellcasting abilities.

Luminarians have a natural proficiency with magic and are capable of manipulating light and energy to great effect. They are highly intelligent, with a bonus to their Intelligence score, and have a good choice of classes that can utilize their spellcasting abilities, making them an excellent choice for players who want to play a magic-heavy character. The experience of being mortal causes them several drawbacks, including weaknesses around water.