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Seven Amazing DnD dungeon ideas

Updated: Feb 20

Hands up if you're trying to dream up new DnD dungeon ideas right now and all you have is a map with random corridors, rooms and spiky pit traps connected together.

Ok, cool, most of you, that's fine, it's a pretty standard part of the dungeons & dragons experience.

This makes for a challenging place for d&d players to poke around, kill a few monsters and even find a bit of gold, but if we're not careful it can also be the graveyard of any DnD campaign. Whether you're writing for new players or seasoned adventurers, this article has some suggestions for you (we're assuming here that you play D&D 5th Edition, but if not don't worry, this blog is suitable for any dungeon dive adventure RPG).

Every place in an adventure has to have a purpose, it is somewhere that pre-dated the exis