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Nine Magic D&D gems for your campaign

Updated: Jan 18

Introduction: Nine Magic D&D gems for your campaign

This article is all about magic gemstones, nine powerful crystals with stories and minds of their own. These rare and extraordinary magic gems, wondrous items of immense power, stand as jewels of unparalleled intrigue.

Each gem possesses a soul of its own, their origins lost to the annals of time, awaiting the touch of adventurers to unlock their hidden potential. As Dungeon Masters, you hold the key to these mystical crystals, capable of guiding your players through unforgettable adventures.

In the realms of D&D, magic is a highly coveted and elusive force. These ten gems, infused with arcane energy and sought after by many, represent the epitome of this mystic rarity. Whispered only in ancient tomes and fading legends, their existence ignites the desires of heroes and villains alike.

As a Dungeon Master, you have the extraordinary opportunity to introduce these Nine Magic D&D gems for your campaign, captivating your players and immersing them in a world where the extraordinary becomes reality.

Consider the allure of these gems and how they can shape the very fabric of your adventures. The rarity of each gem bestows upon them immense value, attracting the attention of powerful factions, greedy treasure hunters, and dark forces yearning for dominion.

The quest for these gems may lead your players across sprawling landscapes, through treacherous dungeons, or even into the realms of extraplanar beings. The tales of these gems can intertwine with the overarching story of your campaign or stand as self-contained adventures, presenting challenges and rewards that will forever leave their mark upon the characters of your players.

Each gem possesses its own unique identity, power, and purpose. They are catalysts for quests that will test the limits of bravery, wit, and morality. Whether your players seek to wield the gems for the greater good, harness their powers for personal gain, or prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, their choices and the paths they traverse will shape the course of their adventure.

As you unravel the secrets of these gems, consider their impact on the world around them. How do their existence and influence shape the societies, governments, and organizations within your campaign? Are there legends and prophecies foretelling the rise of heroes who will seek out and unite the gems to protect the realm from an impending cataclysm? Or does the malevolent hand of a dark lord seek to harness their powers to plunge the world into eternal darkness?

While Marvel's Infinity Stones provide a cultural reference, these magic gems in your campaign possess their own unique identities, mythologies, and consequences. The stories you weave around them will spark awe, wonder, and intrigue, immersing your players in a realm where the extraordinary becomes tangible.

Now, prepare to guide your players on a journey into the heart of magic, where the quest for these rare gems will forge legends, test the limits of their abilities, and shape the fate of the world they inhabit. The allure of these mystical crystals beckons, promising power and unimaginable wonders.

Gather your gold pieces, ready your jeweller's tools, and delve into the depths of ancient lore to uncover new gems, explore spell levels, and discover the secrets held within these arcane gems. The adventure awaits, and with it, the chance to leave a lasting mark upon the realm.

Table of Contents


  1. Aethenar, the Eternity Stone: Grants the Ability to Trap Souls and Gain Their Power. Adventure Hook: Venture into a cursed necropolis to set trapped spirits free or exploit their essence.

  2. Fortuna's Serendipity: Grants the Wielder Extreme Good Fortune and Luck. Adventure Hook: Enter the treacherous world of high-stakes gambling to secure the gem's favor.

  3. Veridion, the Oracle's Tear: Forces Any Creature Within 5 Feet to Speak Only the Truth. Adventure Hook: Infiltrate a criminal syndicate to bring the truth to light.

  4. Sylvos, the Wildfire Stone: Random Wild Magic Surges Occur Within 30 Feet of the Gem. Adventure Hook: Restore order as chaos ensues during a grand ball.

  5. Vitalis, the Resurgence Crystal: Can Bring a Recently Deceased Creature Back to Life One Time. Adventure Hook: Retrieve the gem from a forbidden forest to save a plague-ravaged village.

  6. Mortemus, the Shadow Shard: Drains the Life Force of the Creature Holding It. Adventure Hook: Confront a necromancer and prevent the gem from fueling an army of the dead.

  7. Narion, the Emberheart: Grants Resistance to Fire Damage and Can Cast Fireball Once Per Day. Adventure Hook: Harness the power of Ignatia to restore balance in a frost-plagued realm.

  8. Marinus, the Aquamarine Crest: Grants a Swim Speed of 60 Feet and the Ability to Breathe Underwater. Adventure Hook: Explore an ancient underwater city to unlock its secrets.

  9. Obsidianis, the Veiled Stone: Renders the Wielder Invisible for Up to 1 Hour Per Day. Adventure Hook: Harness the power of invisibility to navigate treacherous realms.

The Soul Gem - "Aethenar, the Eternity Stone"


Aethenar, the Eternity Stone, is an ancient gem whose creation is shrouded in mystery. It is said to have been forged eons ago by a dark and enigmatic deity known as Maelkor, the God of Souls. In a time long past, Maelkor sought to conquer the realms and bind the very essence of life to empower himself. Consumed by a desire for immortality and godlike power, he embarked on a perilous path to harness the energies of souls themselves.

Legend tells of a dark and fateful ritual performed by Maelkor, where he called upon the darkest forces of the underworld. Through his mastery of forbidden magics, he infused the stone with the souls of countless beings, capturing their essence and merging it with the gem. Thus, Aethenar was born—an artifact capable of trapping the life essence of those unfortunate enough to cross its path.

As the souls were trapped within the gem, they became part of its very essence, forever bound to serve Maelkor's insidious purposes. Their collective consciousness formed a cacophony of voices, whispering dark secrets and ancient knowledge. The gem became a vessel teeming with the stolen vitality and power of those whose souls it imprisoned.

Realizing the cataclysmic potential of such a gem, the forces of good and order rallied to thwart Maelkor's ambitions. In a fierce battle, the deity was eventually defeated, his dominion shattered, and his reign of terror came to an end. The Eternity Stone, bereft of its malevolent creator, was hidden away by the victorious champions, concealed in a place where it would hopefully remain dormant and forgotten.

Throughout the ages, the existence of Aethenar has faded into myth and legend. Its dark legacy lingers, as whispers of its power continue to tantalize those who dare to seek forbidden knowledge. Now, as the gem resurfaces in the world, its presence sparks a new wave of curiosity and trepidation. Adventurers and seekers of power alike embark on quests to find and control this ancient artifact, unaware of the weighty consequences that manipulating the souls trapped within can bring.

Aethenar, the Eternity Stone, holds the potential for both great good and unspeakable evil. Its true purpose and destiny lie within the hands of those who dare to wield it, for the gem's power has the ability to shape the very fabric of life itself. As the whispers of the souls it contains echo through the ages, the choice to harness its power or to free the trapped spirits will be a moral dilemma that plagues those who seek its depths.


Aethenar grants the Ability to Trap Souls and Gain Their Power. When a creature is slain while the gem is held, its soul is instantly captured within the gem's radiant core. The wielder gains a temporary increase in a chosen ability score, drawing upon the essence of the trapped soul.

Adventure Hook

Whispers and rumors permeate the land, speaking of a cursed necropolis buried beneath a forgotten desert. Restless spirits are said to roam the ruins, trapped by an unknown power that binds them to their earthly existence. Desperate cries for release echo through the night, haunting the dreams of those who dare to listen.

The legends surrounding the necropolis speak of Aethenar, the Eternity Stone, concealed within its labyrinthine depths. The stone is both a beacon of hope and a coveted artifact for those who seek power over life and death. A group of wandering spirits, their voices united in sorrow, implore the living to venture into the necropolis and find the stone, offering freedom and peace in return for their liberation.

However, dark forces have also taken notice of the legends. Necromancers, drawn to the power emanating from the necropolis, seek to harness the trapped souls for their twisted experiments and raise an undead army under their command. They are not the only ones, for there are those who would exploit the essence of trapped souls for personal gain, caring little for the consequences.

As a Dungeon Master, you have the opportunity to weave a tale of compassion and moral dilemmas. Will the adventurers heed the calls of the trapped souls and strive to set them free from their eternal torment? Or will they succumb to the allure of power, succumbing to the temptation of exploiting the essence within the gem for their own desires?

The journey into the necropolis is treacherous, with crumbling structures, hidden traps, and malevolent spirits guarding their eternal prison. The adventurers must navigate the shifting maze, uncover the secrets of the necropolis, and confront the necromancers and their undead minions who seek to exploit Aethenar's power.

Ultimately, the choices made by the adventurers will shape the fate of the trapped souls and the balance between life and death. Will they embrace their role as champions of the restless spirits, wielding the power of Aethenar to bring peace and salvation? Or will they succumb to the temptation of power, becoming agents of darkness themselves?

The story of Aethenar, the Eternity Stone, is a testament to the enduring power of the soul and the choices that define our very essence. The adventure that unfolds will challenge the adventurers' morality, test their resolve, and leave a lasting impact on the world they inhabit.

Aethenar, the Eternity Stone Wondrous Item (Gemstone)

Description: Aethenar, the Eternity Stone, is an ancient gem that resonates with the echoes of captured souls. It is a flawless, shimmering gemstone with a faint, ethereal glow.

Ability: Ability to Trap Souls and Gain Their Power

  • While holding Aethenar, when a creature is slain within 30 feet of you, you can use a bonus action to attempt to capture its soul. The creature must be of a CR equal to or less than your level divided by 2 (rounded down).

  • The captured soul is stored within Aethenar and can be used to gain a temporary increase in one ability score of your choice.

  • As an action, you can expend a stored soul to gain a temporary increase of +2 to the chosen ability score for 1 hour. This increase can exceed your normal ability score maximum.

  • You can store a maximum number of souls equal to your proficiency bonus. If you attempt to capture a new soul when at maximum capacity, you must release or consume one of the stored souls.

Note: These stats are provided as a starting point and can be adjusted to fit your campaign and desired power level.

The Gem of Luck - "Fortuna's Serendipity"


Fortuna's Serendipity, a gem of exquisite beauty, is believed to have fallen from the heavens themselves. The origins of this precious stone remain a mystery, yet ancient legends speak of celestial beings guiding its descent to the mortal realm, infusing it with the very essence of luck and fortune. This small yet radiant gem holds within its ethereal glow the whims and caprices of fate itself.

According to tales passed down through generations, Fortuna's Serendipity embodies the blessings of the celestial realms. It is said that the gem was gifted to the mortal plane as a beacon of hope, a reminder that even in the most challenging of times, fortune can favor the bold and the deserving. The celestial touch bestowed upon it imbues the gem with a mystic power that transcends mere chance, weaving the threads of destiny in its bearer's favor.

Legends whisper of the gem's passage through the celestial realms, where it was imbued with the blessings of celestial beings. It is said that the divine touch blessed the gem with the ability to shape the course of events, to nudge the wheel of fortune in the wielder's favor. Those who possess Fortuna's Serendipity are said to become agents of their own destiny, guided by the unseen hands of luck and fortune.

Fortuna's Serendipity, with its alluring radiance, has attracted the attention of adventurers, gamblers, and seekers of good fortune throughout the ages. The gem's rumored ability to bring prosperity and turn the tides of fate has sparked countless quests and fueled the ambitions of many. Whether it be in the hands of those who wish to secure their own prosperity or in the possession of those who seek to bring fortune to others, Fortuna's Serendipity is a beacon of hope in a world where luck can mean the difference between triumph and defeat.

As the gem resurfaces in the annals of history, its presence beckons both the virtuous and the unscrupulous, for the allure of its power is undeniable. Yet, the whims of fortune are fickle, and those who wield Fortuna's Serendipity must be prepared for the consequences that come with harnessing such ethereal luck. Will the gem bless its bearer with untold prosperity, or will it reveal the true nature of fortune, reminding them that luck can be a double-edged sword?

Fortuna's Serendipity, a gem that fell from the heavens, holds the power to shape the destinies of those who possess it. Its ethereal glow serves as a reminder that luck, whether good or ill, can be a force to be reckoned with. The tale of this radiant gem is a testament to the mysterious and unpredictable nature of fortune, and those who seek its blessings must tread carefully, for the winds of luck can change in an instant.


Fortuna's Serendipity grants the Wielder Extreme Good Fortune and Luck. Once per day, the gem bestows its bearer with the ability to rewrite the threads of destiny. It allows them to reroll any ability check, attack roll, or saving throw and choose the more favourable outcome.

Adventure Hook

In the heart of a bustling metropolis lies the renowned gambling establishment known as the "Halls of Fortuity." The establishment boasts an unparalleled reputation for hosting high-stakes games of chance, attracting gamblers from all corners of the realm who seek to test their luck and fortunes against formidable opponents.

Whispers circulate through the city, spreading tales of the ultimate prize awaiting the most skilled and audacious gamblers—a chance to possess Fortuna's Serendipity, the legendary Gem of Luck. The stakes are high, and the allure of the gem draws adventurers into the treacherous world of high-stakes gambling.

As the adventurers enter the Halls of Fortuity, they are met with an atmosphere of anticipation and tension. Cunning opponents, well-versed in the art of deception, test their skills and luck on the gaming tables. The adventurers must navigate a web of treachery, outwit their rivals, and tempt the fickle whims of fate itself.

However, not all within the Halls of Fortuity play by the rules. A secret cabal, known as the Shadow Hand, has gained a sinister interest in Fortuna's Serendipity. Led by an enigmatic figure known only as the Dealer, they seek to seize the gem's power for their own nefarious purposes. The adventurers find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue, as they must not only outwit their opponents but also uncover the identity of the Dealer and prevent the gem from falling into the wrong hands.

The path to victory is fraught with danger, as the Halls of Fortuity reveal their darker underbelly. The adventurers face relentless challenges, from rigged games to unscrupulous rivals willing to resort to any means to secure the gem. They must rely not only on their luck but also on their wit, intuition, and strategic choices.

In this adventure, the adventurers' skill in gambling and their ability to navigate the treacherous world of high-stakes games will be tested. The choices they make, alliances they form, and risks they take will determine their fate and the fate of Fortuna's Serendipity.

Will the adventurers emerge as the ultimate masters of luck, walking away from the Halls of Fortuity with the gem in hand? Or will they succumb to the shadowy machinations of the Dealer and witness the gem's power fall into darkness?

The Gem of Luck holds the promise of great fortune and the perils of temptation. The adventure that unfolds within the Halls of Fortuity will challenge the adventurers' cunning, luck, and integrity, leaving an indelible mark on their journey through the realms of Dungeons & Dragons.

Fortuna's Serendipity

Wondrous Item (Gemstone)

Description: Fortuna's Serendipity is a small yet radiant gem that embodies the whimsical blessings of luck and fortune. It sparkles with an otherworldly brilliance, seemingly guided by unseen hands.

Ability: Grants the Wielder Extreme Good Fortune and Luck

Once per day, as a bonus action, you can activate Fortuna's Serendipity to tap into its luck-enhancing powers.

When you make an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw, you can choose to reroll the result and use the preferred outcome.

You must use the result of the second roll, even if it is lower.

Note: These stats are provided as a starting point and can be adjusted to fit your campaign and desired power level.

The Gem of Truth - "Veridion, the Oracle's Tear"


Veridion, the Oracle's Tear, shimmers with a mesmerizing clarity. It possesses an inherent truth-detecting magic, forcing all who approach its aura to confront their own words. In the dawn of creation, when the primordial forces clashed, a dark and cunning deity known as Vaalith the Deceiver sought to gain dominion over mortal souls. To achieve his twisted ambitions, Vaalith crafted Veridion, the Oracle's Tear. This gemstone was birthed from the essence of deceit itself, infused with dark magic that compelled truth and exposed lies.

Veridion, with its shimmering clarity and captivating hues, possesses an enchantment that forces any creature within 5 feet of it to speak only the truth. Its radiant aura pierces through deception and manipulation, leaving no room for falsehoods. Legends tell of Vaalith's perverse pleasure in using Veridion to extract confessions and unveil the deepest secrets of his victims.

However, the gem's power became too dangerous even for Vaalith to control. Fearing the consequences of the truth's unyielding influence, the deities of justice and order intervened, banishing Vaalith and seizing Veridion. The gem was entrusted to a sacred order of paladins dedicated to upholding truth and justice, known as the Order of Veracity.


Forces Any Creature Within 5 Feet to Speak Only the Truth. The gem emits a radiant aura, compelling all creatures within its vicinity to speak nothing but the unadulterated truth.

Adventure Hook

The realm's peace is shattered as rumours spread of the notorious criminal syndicate, The Shadow Veil, stealing Veridion, the Oracle's Tear, from the sanctum of the Order of Veracity. The syndicate's leader, a mastermind known as Silas Blackthorn, seeks to exploit the gem's power for their malevolent schemes, using it to manipulate the realms of politics and commerce to their advantage.

The realm's justice system, aware of the grave consequences should Veridion fall into the wrong hands, seeks the aid of brave adventurers to infiltrate The Shadow Veil's hidden lair. The syndicate's web of lies, treachery, and deceit spans far and wide, with its members skilled in the arts of manipulation and illusion.

The adventurers must navigate through a labyrinthine city, filled with back-alley deals, corrupt officials, and double-crossing informants. They will encounter a network of spies and enforcers loyal to The Shadow Veil, ready to defend their secrets at any cost. The journey will demand not only physical prowess but also the discernment to separate truth from fiction.

As the adventurers get closer to their goal, they will face tests of their own integrity and loyalty. The allure of Veridion's power may tempt them, promising to expose the hidden truths within their own hearts. Will they succumb to its influence, or will their resolve remain steadfast in the face of such temptation?

Ultimately, the adventurers must confront Silas Blackthorn, a master manipulator who revels in weaving intricate webs of lies. The final showdown will test their ability to see through deception, their skills in combat, and their commitment to upholding justice.

Recovering Veridion, the Oracle's Tear, from The Shadow Veil will restore balance and safeguard the realm from the twisted influence of lies and manipulation. But beware, for the gem's power is potent, and even the noblest intentions may be corrupted by its unyielding demand for truth.

This adventure offers an opportunity for players to engage in a thrilling narrative, exploring the themes of truth, deception, and personal integrity. It challenges their perception of right and wrong, pushing them to make choices that will shape not only their characters but also the fate of the realm itself.

Veridion, the Oracle's Tear

Wondrous Item (Gemstone)

Description: Veridion, the Oracle's Tear, is a mesmerizing gem that shimmers with a captivating clarity. It radiates an aura of truth, compelling all who approach it to confront their own words.

Ability: Forces Any Creature Within 5 Feet to Speak Only the Truth

While Veridion is within 5 feet of a creature, that creature is magically compelled to speak nothing but the unadulterated truth.

The effect lasts as long as the creature remains within the gem's aura.

Creatures affected by Veridion can make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw at the start of their turn to resist the compulsion.

Creatures that are immune to being charmed or cannot speak a language are unaffected.

Note: These stats are provided as a starting point and can be adjusted to fit your campaign and desired power level.

The Gem of Chaos - "Sylvos, the Wildfire Stone"


Sylvos, the Wildfire Stone, holds a tumultuous and enigmatic history intertwined with the creation of the other gems. Legen