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Mutants and Masterminds - why you need this game

It’s a bit of a myth to say that there is a super hero genre in role play gaming. Or at the very least, that claim doesn’t really describe the variety and depth of choice within that genre. Super hero comics have been published for about as long as the works of Tolkien and other popular fantasy, so it’s hardly surprising that the genre had changed in that time.

(Editor's note - throughout this blog post I will use art that was created here at Verse, representing characters I've played and NPCs I have created in the game).

One of the most impressive feats of Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, therefore, is the ability to create a core system that spans the Nazi smashing pulp era of the genre all the way through to the kinds of dark and complex storylines we see in comics in the 21st Century.