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Enarin - from A Fire in the Heart of Knowing

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This is the first of many blog posts where we take a deeper dive into the Arcverse locations in our novel, A Fire in the Heart of Knowing. There's a link to the full article on World Anvil at the bottom of the article. Here, then is the province of Enarin that Knight Commander Ariston Vahd rules.

Enarin is a coastal province in the northernmost region of Mordikhaan, ruled by the Vahd family for the past two centuries. The current Knight Commander, Ariston Vahd, is a vain and superficial noble who craves recognition and status. The province's economic and political center is the fortress of Yenarinvahl, one of the few grand stone structures in the north. It was built by the Oberek people who inhabited the region prior to the Sundering and the arrival of the Khul. The tribal elders claim that Yenarinvahl was constructed on an older, much more ancient structure. However, living standards in Enarin, like much of Mordikhaan, are low. While the long coastline and the fishing industry ensure that starvation is rare, the region is impoverished for a variety of reasons. It is believed that the Khul used plagues and crop failures to make the people of Mordikhaan dependent on her for survival. Despite the Khul's absence for the past four decades, the lands have yet to recover, and grain barns remain painfully empty. Enarin has three primary centers of power, in addition to Yenarinvahl, as well as a network of small towns and hamlets. Every settlement is fortified against bandits and rogue soldiers, with the fear of the Khul's infamous torturers, the Thartans, looming over the region. Although the Khul's most powerful and terrifying servants, the four Norns, have not been seen in forty years, the corruption they brought to the forests and hills bred a host of nameless horrors that roam the land. The people of Mordikhaan live in fear of these monstrous creatures and seek to defend themselves against them. To learn more about Enarin and the world of A Fire in the Heart of Knowing, check out the World Anvil article here:

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