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D&D Sandbox adventure - Shadowbriar Forest

Updated: Feb 6

Introduction - D&D sandbox adventure

Welcome, intrepid adventurers, to a realm of mystery, magic, and intrigue—welcome to the Shadowbriar Forest! As you embark on this thrilling Dungeons & Dragons sandbox adventure, prepare to delve deep into a world teeming with ancient secrets, hidden treasures, and untold perils. Shadowbriar Forest offers a rich and immersive experience, providing you with the opportunity to shape your own story as you explore its vast, untamed wilderness.

Nestled within a land steeped in myth and legend, Shadowbriar Forest is a place where the boundaries between the mundane and the magical blur, where the whispers of the past echo through the rustling leaves and the shadows dance with the promise of adventure. As you wander the forest's twisting paths, you will encounter enigmatic characters, fearsome creatures, and powerful artefacts, each with a role to play in the unfolding drama of your campaign.

In this sandbox adventure, the choices you make and the paths you choose will determine your destiny.

Will you forge alliances with the denizens of the forest, or will you carve your own path through the wilds? Will you unearth the ancient secrets that lie hidden beneath the canopy, or will you succumb to the darkness that lurks in the heart of the forest? The fate of Shadowbriar Forest lies in your hands—so gather your wits, draw your weapons, and embark on a journey that will challenge your skills, test your courage, and leave you with tales of legend to share around the hearth for years to come.

The Shadowbriar: A Mysterious Forest of Adventure

The Shadowbriar is a dark and mysterious forest located on the edges the small town Andalser. The townsfolk mutter darkly about the forest and try to avoid it all costs, staying within the town's walls after dark.

As a DM, you have the opportunity to lead your players on a thrilling and unpredictable adventure through the Shadowbriar. This sandbox-style one-shot adventure allows players to explore the forest at their own pace, uncovering its secrets and mysteries along the way.

Unlike traditional linear adventures, sandbox adventures give players the freedom to explore the world and create their own stories. In a sandbox adventure, the DM provides a setting and a loose narrative, but the players are free to pursue their own goals and objectives within that world. This approach allows for more player agency and creative problem-solving, as well as the opportunity to create unique and memorable experiences.

The Shadowbriar is an ideal setting for a sandbox adventure. The forest is full of strange and wondrous locations, from the overgrown ruins of an old tower to the eerie stillness of a murky lake.

There are also dangers lurking within the forest, from dangerous creatures to supernatural forces, making it an ideal setting for an adventure that's both thrilling and unpredictable.

As the DM, you can guide your players through the Shadowbriar, helping them uncover its secrets and navigate its dangers. With your imagination and creativity, you can create a memorable adventure that will keep your players on the edge of their seats.

So gather your players and embark on an adventure through the Shadowbriar, a mysterious forest of adventure that's waiting to be explored!

Sandbox Adventures: A Guide for Dungeon Masters

Sandbox games offer an open-world experience where players are free to explore and pursue their own goals. In a sandbox campaign, the DM provides a game world and some plot hooks, but it's up to the players to decide where they go and what they do.

One of the main differences between a sandbox adventure and an adventure path or series of adventures is the lack of a linear structure. In a sandbox adventure, there is no one main quest or main thing to do. Instead, the players are free to explore and pursue different things, such as acquiring magic items or finding new characters to recruit to their cause.

One of the good points of sandbox play is that it offers a lot of freedom for the players to explore and pursue their own goals. However, this can also be a bad thing if the players get lost or overwhelmed.

To avoid this, the DM can offer adventure hooks or a main story to provide some direction.

Another key aspect of sandbox play is the use of a home base. This can be a particular location or a series of locations that the players can use to rest and plan their next move (in this case the town of Andalser is a good fixed location. The home base can also be a hub for adventure hooks and new goals for the characters to pursue.

To keep the creative energy flowing in a sandbox adventure, the DM can incorporate random encounter tables and different things for the players to discover. However, the DM should be mindful of the scale problem and avoid making the game world too big or too small for the player characters' level.

One of the great things about sandbox play is that it allows for a lot of character development and story arc. The player characters can advance and grow as they pursue their goals and explore the game world.

When designing a sandbox adventure, it's important to consider the experience points and challenge rating of the encounters. The players should be rewarded for their accomplishments, but the DM should also make sure that the encounters are challenging enough to keep the players engaged.

In recent years, Dungeons & Dragons has released several sandbox-style adventures, such as the Curse of Strahd and the Tomb of Annihilation. The D&D Beyond platform is also a great resource for finding and running sandbox-style adventures.

In conclusion, sandbox adventures offer a type of game that allows for a lot of freedom and creativity. The DM can create a big sandbox with a lot of adventures to explore or a small sandbox with a specific challenge. Whether running a short adventure or a full campaign, sandbox adventures are a great way to experience the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Shadowbriar

The Abandoned Campsite

As the players venture into the Shadowbriar, they come across an abandoned campsite. The fire has long since gone out, and the tent is in tatters, but there are signs that someone was here recently.

Upon investigation, the players find a few clues that suggest that the previous occupants were a group of adventurers, much like themselves. There's a journal that details their journey into the Shadowbriar and mentions their search for a powerful magic item that's rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the forest.

As the players explore the campsite, they notice that there are several different paths leading out of the clearing. One path leads deeper into the forest, while another leads back towards the town. There's also a path that leads to a nearby river, and one that leads up to a rocky outcropping.

The abandoned campsite serves as a great starting location for the players to begin their exploration of the Shadowbriar. They can choose which path to take and what to investigate, whether it's the journal, the different paths, or the surrounding area. This location also sets up a plot hook for the players to investigate the magic item that the previous adventurers were searching for.

Possible plot hooks:

  1. The Vanished Adventurers: As the players investigate the abandoned campsite, they find clues that suggest the previous adventurers met a grim fate. They may discover traces of struggle, bloodstains, or cryptic messages left behind. This plot hook can lead the players on a mission to uncover the truth behind the disappearance and possibly rescue any surviving members of the lost party.

  2. The Magic Item's Legend: Delving deeper into the journal, the players learn more about the powerful magic item the adventurers were seeking. The item is rumored to have the ability to control the very essence of the Shadowbriar Forest or perhaps even grant its wielder immense power. The players might decide to pursue this magic item themselves, leading them to ancient ruins, hidden temples, or encounters with other treasure hunters.

  3. The River's Secret: Curious about the path leading to the nearby river, the players decide to explore it and discover a hidden cave behind a waterfall. Inside, they find a series of mysterious glyphs, ancient artifacts, or perhaps even a wounded creature in need of aid. This plot hook can send the players on a quest to decipher the cave's secrets and uncover the hidden history of the Shadowbriar Forest.

  4. The Rocky Outcropping's Peril: Intrigued by the path leading to the rocky outcropping, the players ascend to find an abandoned fortress or a lair of a dangerous creature. This location offers the players the chance to engage in combat, solve puzzles, or negotiate with a potential ally or enemy. The outcome of their actions could have lasting consequences on their journey through the Shadowbriar Forest.

  5. The Town's Plight: Opting to follow the path back towards the town, the players learn that the town has been suffering from strange occurrences, such as missing people or unnatural creatures roaming the forest. The townsfolk believe that the disturbances are linked to the same magic item the previous adventurers were searching for. This plot hook can motivate the players to seek out the source of the town's troubles, forging alliances with the locals and investigating the mysterious happenings within the Shadowbriar Forest.

The Murky Lake

As the players continue their journey through the Shadowbriar, they come across a murky lake. The water is still and quiet, and there's an eerie silence in the air.

Upon closer inspection, the players notice that there's something floating in the center of the lake. As they approach, they see that it's a small boat, tied to a wooden post.

As the players investigate the boat, they notice that there are signs of a struggle. There are scratch marks on the sides of the boat, and the oars are broken in half. There's also a bag of required materials for a spellcaster, containing some potion ingredients and a scroll.

Suddenly, the players hear a splash in the water, and a ghostly figure appears before them. The ghost is that of a fisherman who drowned in the lake years ago. He warns the players to leave the area, as the lake is cursed and those who enter it never return.

This location serves as a haunting and ominous encounter for the players. The Murky Lake provides a mystery for the players to solve, with the clues leading them to the bag of required materials and the ghostly fisherman. The curse of the lake can also be used as a plot hook for the players to investigate further, and the spellcasting materials can be used as a reward for the players.

Possible plot hooks:

  1. The Cursed Lake: Intrigued by the ghostly fisherman's warning, the players decide to investigate the curse surrounding the lake. Their quest might lead them to an ancient relic or ritual that is responsible for the curse, and they must find a way to break it in order to restore peace to the area and help the spirit find eternal rest.

  2. The Potion Ingredients: The players discover that the potion ingredients found in the bag are incredibly rare and valuable. They might decide to use them in their own spellcasting, trade them for valuable items or information, or embark on a mission to find out who the spellcaster was and why they had such rare ingredients.

  3. The Scroll's Secrets: The scroll found in the bag contains a powerful spell or incantation that could be of great use to the players. However, it might also be written in a mysterious or ancient language that requires deciphering. This plot hook can lead the players on a journey to find a skilled translator, uncover lost knowledge, or learn the history behind the powerful magic contained within the scroll.

  4. The Ghostly Fisherman's Tale: The players decide to learn more about the fisherman's past and how he met his untimely demise. They might investigate the town's history, speak to local fishermen, or even venture beneath the lake's surface to uncover the truth. Along the way, they may find more than they bargained for, such as dark secrets, hidden treasures, or ancient threats lurking beneath the water.

  5. The Haunted Boat: The players discover that the boat itself is haunted by the spirits of its previous occupants. These spirits could be trapped in the boat due to the lake's curse, or perhaps they have their own unfinished business that needs to be resolved. This plot hook can lead the players to help the spirits find peace by completing their unfinished tasks, learning more about the lake's curse, or even confronting an evil force that is keeping the spirits bound to the boat.

The Overgrown Ruins

As the players continue their journey through the Shadowbriar, they come across a set of ruins. The ruins appear to be that of an old tower, and it's clear that no one has been here for a long time. The tower is surrounded by overgrown vines and thorny bushes.

As the players explore the ruins, they notice that there's a strange energy emanating from the tower. The stones themselves seem to be infused with magic.

Upon closer inspection, the players find a set of ancient runes etched into the stone. The runes reveal that the tower was once a place of great power, but that power has long since faded.

As the players explore the tower, they discover a hidden chamber. Inside the chamber, they find an old spellbook, a set of smith's tools, and a simple weapon.

The overgrown ruins serve as a location for the players to uncover a piece of history and discover a set of valuable items.

The magic energy of the tower can also be used as a plot hook for the players to investigate further, and the smith's tools and weapon can be used as rewards for the players.

  1. The Lost Art of Rune Magic: The players become fascinated with the ancient runes and decide to learn more about the long-lost art of rune magic. This plot hook can lead the players on a journey to find a knowledgeable scholar, lost libraries, or hidden workshops where they can uncover the secrets of this forgotten magical tradition.

  2. The Tower's Former Occupant: The players find clues that suggest the tower was once home to a powerful mage or smith. They might decide to investigate this individual's life and accomplishments, possibly discovering that they were involved in the creation of powerful magical items or were part of a significant historical event. This plot hook can lead the players to uncover the mage's or smith's hidden workshop, library, or even their descendants.

  3. The Magical Stones: Intrigued by the magic-infused stones, the players decide to collect samples and investigate their properties. They might discover that the stones can be used to enhance their own spells or craft powerful magical items. This plot hook can lead the players on a quest to locate more of these stones or to find a skilled artisan who can harness the stones' power.

  4. The Hidden Chamber's Treasures: The players decide to explore the hidden chamber further and uncover more valuable items or information. They might find additional spellbooks, powerful artifacts, or even a map leading to a hidden treasure. This plot hook can send the players on a treasure hunt, a mission to protect or destroy a powerful artifact, or a journey to uncover the hidden history of the Shadowbriar Forest.

  5. The Tower's Reawakening: As the players explore the tower, they inadvertently awaken the long-dormant magic within. This magical surge could have various consequences, such as awakening ancient guardians, causing dangerous magical phenomena, or attracting powerful beings interested in the tower's power. This plot hook can lead the players to confront the challenges presented by the tower's reawakening and potentially restore the tower to its former glory or ensure that its power remains dormant forever.

The Ruined Tower

The Ruined Tower is a foreboding structure that stands tall in the center of the Shadowbriar, and is clearly the twin tower to the ruins in the previous location. The tower is old and crumbling, with moss and vines covering the stones. As the players approach, they can sense a strange energy emanating from the tower, as if it's alive.

As the players explore the tower, they find that it's filled with traps and puzzles that guard a valuable magical artifact. The tower is designed to be a challenging and engaging experience for the players, with each room presenting a unique challenge to overcome.

The artefact that's hidden in the tower is a powerful magical item that can be used to aid the players on their journey. The artefact can take many forms, depending on the needs of the players and the campaign.

For example, it could be a magical weapon that can vanquish the dark creatures of the Shadowbriar, or a powerful spellbook that grants the players new magical abilities.

The Ruined Tower is designed to be a memorable and rewarding location for the players to explore. It's a classic dungeon crawl experience, with each room presenting a new challenge for the players to overcome.

The tower is also filled with clues and hints that can lead the players to other locations in the Shadowbriar, making it a great starting point for a sandbox adventure.

Overall, the Ruined Tower is an exciting and challenging location for players to explore. It's a classic dungeon crawl experience that's sure to test the players' abilities and provide them with a valuable reward for their efforts.

Possible adventure hooks:

  1. The Twin Tower's Secret: The players discover that the Ruined Tower and its twin are connected through a long-forgotten magical network. Solving the puzzles and overcoming the traps in both towers may reveal a hidden chamber where an even more powerful artifact resides. This plot hook can lead the players on a journey between the two towers, uncovering their intertwined history and learning the true purpose of their connection.

  2. The Artifact's Origins: Upon retrieving the artifact, the players become curious about its origins and decide to investigate its creation. This plot hook can lead the players to discover a lost civilization that crafted the artifact, an ancient magical conflict in which it played a role, or a secret order dedicated to protecting the powerful item from falling into the wrong hands.

  3. The Tower's Guardian: As the players venture deeper into the tower, they come face-to-face with a powerful guardian that has been tasked with protecting the artifact. Defeating or negotiating with the guardian could lead to valuable information about the artifact's purpose or the location of other powerful items hidden throughout the Shadowbriar. This plot hook can also introduce the players to an ongoing conflict between rival factions or ancient enemies.

  4. The Artifact's Curse: Upon acquiring the artifact, the players find that it carries a curse or an unwanted side effect. The players must then embark on a quest to lift the curse or find a way to harness the artifact's power without suffering the consequences. This plot hook can lead the players to seek out powerful spellcasters, ancient tomes, or hidden locations where they can learn how to remove or control the curse.

  5. The Tower's Legacy: The players discover that the Ruined Tower is just one of many similar structures scattered throughout the Shadowbriar or even across the realm. Each tower contains a powerful artifact and is protected by traps, puzzles, and guardians. The players may decide to embark on a quest to explore these other towers, collecting the artifacts and unraveling the mysteries behind their creation. This plot hook can provide the foundation for a long-term campaign, with the players uncovering an epic story that spans across time and space.

The Cave System

The Cave System is a sprawling labyrinth of dark, damp tunnels that wind their way beneath the Shadowbriar. The tunnels are full of eerie whispers and footsteps, and the players can sense that they're not alone down there.

As the players venture deeper into the caves, they find that they're not just exploring a natural cave system, but that there's something sinister and magical lurking in the shadows. They'll encounter all manner of creatures, from goblins and kobolds to dark cultists and otherworldly beasts.

The Cave System is designed to be a classic dungeon crawl experience, with each chamber presenting a new challenge for the players to overcome. The caves are full of puzzles, traps, and hidden secrets that the players must uncover to progress deeper into the system.

The Cave System is also filled with ancient symbols and runes that hint at the magical power that's been woven into the very fabric of the caves. Players who are skilled in arcana or history can use these symbols to uncover clues about the history of the Shadowbriar, or to discover powerful magical artefacts hidden deep within the caves.

Overall, the Cave System is an exciting and challenging location for players to explore. It's a classic dungeon crawl experience that's full of danger and adventure, and the players will need all of their skills and abilities to survive the dangers that lurk within the shadows.

Possible adventure hooks:

  1. The Dark Cult's Lair: The players discover that the caves are home to a sinister cult that seeks to harness the magical energies of the Shadowbriar for their own nefarious purposes. The cultists have established a hidden base within the caves, and the players must infiltrate the base, disrupt their plans, and put an end to their dark rituals. This plot hook can connect to the dark creatures of the Shadowbriar and the magical artifacts found in the previous locations.

  2. The Cursed Runes: The players learn that the ancient symbols and runes found within the caves are connected to a powerful curse that has befallen the Shadowbriar. By deciphering the runes and investigating the curse's origins, the players can embark on a quest to lift the curse and restore balance to the forest. This plot hook can tie into the Ruined Tower and the other magical locations within the Shadowbriar.

  3. The Goblin-Kobold War: The players find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict between goblins and kobolds that inhabit the caves. Both factions are vying for control of the cave system and its hidden treasures. The players can choose to ally with one faction, play both sides against each other, or find a way to broker peace between the two. This plot hook can add a political intrigue aspect to the adventure and provide opportunities for diplomacy and negotiation.

  4. The Abandoned Mine: As the players explore the cave system, they stumble upon an old, abandoned mine that's been lost to time. The mine contains valuable resources and is rumored to be the resting place of a powerful magical item. The players must navigate the dangerous tunnels, overcome the creatures that now inhabit the mine, and claim the treasure for themselves. This plot hook can connect to the magical items found in the previous locations, as well as the history of the Shadowbriar.

  5. The Portal to the Shadowfell: Deep within the Cave System, the players discover a portal to the Shadowfell, a dark and twisted reflection of the material plane. The presence of the portal is causing the sinister energies of the Shadowfell to seep into the Shadowbriar, corrupting the forest and its inhabitants. The players must venture into the Shadowfell, close the portal, and deal with the consequences of their actions in both realms. This plot hook can tie into the magical energies of the previous locations and introduce the players to new challenges and enemies from the Shadowfell.

The Ritual Circle

The Ritual Circle is a large, circular clearing in the woods that's surrounded by strange symbols and runic markings. The air is thick with the scent of incense and the sound of chanting, and the players can sense that they've stumbled upon something dangerous.

As the players investigate the ritual circle, they find that it's tied to an ancient evil that's threatening to unleash its power on the world. The circle is being used by a powerful cult to summon an otherworldly being from beyond the veil, and it's up to the players to stop them before it's too late.

The Ritual Circle is designed to be the climax of the Shadowbriar adventure, where the players finally face off against the big bad of the story. The cultists are powerful enemies, and they'll use every trick and tactic at their disposal to stop the players from interfering with their plans.

As the players fight their way through the cultists, they'll eventually come face-to-face with the otherworldly being that's being summoned. This being is a powerful boss creature that's designed to be a challenging and exciting encounter for the players.

If the players are successful in stopping the cult and defeating the boss creature, they'll have saved the Shadowbriar from a terrible fate. The Ritual Circle is the ultimate test of the players' skills and abilities, and it's a fitting end to the sandbox adventure.

  1. The Desperate Sacrifice: The players learn that the cult is attempting to summon the otherworldly being by offering the souls of innocent villagers as a sacrifice. The players must race against time to save the kidnapped villagers, confront the cultists, and disrupt their ritual before it's too late. This plot hook can connect to the abandoned campsite and the dark creatures lurking in the Shadowbriar.

  2. The Defiled Grove: The Ritual Circle is located within a once-sacred grove that has been defiled by the cult's dark magic. The players must cleanse the grove of the cult's influence by recovering several ancient relics scattered throughout the Shadowbriar. These relics are hidden in various locations, such as the Ruined Tower, the Cave System, or the Murky Lake, tying together the different adventure hooks.

  3. The Cult's Hidden Agenda: The players discover that the cult's true goal is not just to summon the otherworldly being, but also to use the magical energies of the Shadowbriar to amplify its power. The players must investigate the various magical locations within the forest, such as the Ruined Tower and the Cave System, to uncover the cult's hidden agenda and stop their plan before it's too late.

  4. The Betrayed Ally: The players form an alliance with a seemingly trustworthy NPC, only to discover that the NPC is secretly a high-ranking member of the cult. The players must confront their former ally, deal with the betrayal, and continue their quest to stop the cult's plans. This plot hook adds a personal and emotional aspect to the adventure, and can create tension and drama within the party.

  5. The Enemy of My Enemy: The players stumble upon another group of adventurers who are also trying to stop the cult's ritual. However, this rival group has their own motives and goals, which may or may not align with the players' objectives. The players must decide whether to work with the rival group, compete against them, or even sabotage their efforts to ensure their own success. This plot hook adds an element of competition and provides opportunities for roleplaying and negotiation.

Themes and plotlines

  1. Horror: The Shadowbriar is a dark and mysterious forest that's full of secrets and danger. The DM could focus on creating a tense and unsettling atmosphere, using horror elements like jump scares, disturbing imagery, and ominous music to keep the players on edge.

  2. Exploration: The Shadowbriar is an open world sandbox adventure, with plenty of locations for the players to explore. The DM could encourage the players to take their time and explore the different areas of the forest, uncovering hidden secrets and discovering new challenges.

  3. Mystery: The Shadowbriar is full of mysterious and unexplained phenomena, from the strange whispers that lure travelers into the forest to the ancient symbols etched into the walls of the cave system. The DM could create a sense of mystery and intrigue, challenging the players to solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of the Shadowbriar.

  4. Action: The Shadowbriar is also full of danger and adventure, with plenty of opportunities for combat encounters and thrilling action scenes. The DM could focus on creating exciting and challenging combat encounters that will test the players' skills and abilities.

  5. Fantasy: The Shadowbriar is set in a classic fantasy world, full of magical creatures and powerful artifacts. The DM could focus on creating a sense of wonder and imagination, encouraging the players to explore the fantastical world of the Shadowbriar and embrace the magic and mystery of the adventure.

Five possible plotlines for the Shadowbriar adventure:

  1. The Curse: The Shadowbriar is cursed by an ancient evil, and the players must find a way to break the curse before it consumes the entire forest.

  2. The Cult: A powerful cult has taken over the Shadowbriar, and the players must infiltrate their ranks and put an end to their sinister plans.

  3. The Artefact: There's a powerful magical artefact hidden somewhere in the Shadowbriar, and the players must find it before it falls into the wrong hands.

  4. The Prophecy: A prophecy foretells of a great danger that's looming over the Shadowbriar, and the players must race against time to stop it from coming true.

  5. The Betrayal: One of the players is secretly working against the rest of the group, and is in league with the forces of darkness that threaten the Shadowbriar. The players must uncover the traitor and put an end to their treachery before it's too late.

Demon Stats

Name: Xaraloth, the Abyssal Tormentor

Size: Large

Type: Fiend (Demon)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Challenge Rating (CR): 15

Armor Class (AC): 18 (natural armor)

Hit Points (HP): 285 (30d10 + 120)

Speed: 40 ft., fly 60 ft.

STR: 22 (+6) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 18 (+4) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 20 (+5)

Saving Throws: STR +11, CON +9, WIS +8, CHA +10

Skills: Perception +13, Deception +15, Intimidation +15

Damage Resistances: Cold, Fire, Lightning; Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from Nonmagical Attacks

Damage Immunities: Poison

Condition Immunities: Charmed, Frightened, Poisoned Senses: Truesight 120 ft., Passive Perception 23

Languages: Abyssal, Common, Infernal

Challenge: 15 (13,000 XP)


  1. Magic Resistance: Xaraloth has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

  2. Telepathy: Xaraloth can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet of it that can understand a language.


  1. Multiattack: Xaraloth makes three attacks: two with its claws and one with its tail.

  2. Claw: Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 15 (2d8 + 6) slashing damage.

  3. Tail: Melee Weapon Attack: +11 to hit, reach 15 ft., one target. Hit: 19 (2d12 + 6) bludgeoning damage.

  4. Soulrending Gaze (Recharge 5-6): Xaraloth targets one creature it can see within 60 feet. The target must succeed on a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw or take 36 (8d8) psychic damage and be stunned until the end of its next turn.

Legendary Actions: Xaraloth can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action can be used at a time, and only at the end of another creature's turn. Xaraloth regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

  1. Attack: Xaraloth makes one claw attack.

  2. Teleport (Costs 2 Actions): Xaraloth magically teleports to an unoccupied space it can see within 120 feet.

  3. Abyssal Command (Costs 3 Actions): Xaraloth commands up to three lesser demons (CR 4 or lower) within 60 feet. Each commanded demon can use its reaction to move up to its speed and make one attack.

Xaraloth, the Abyssal Tormentor, is a terrifying demon that has plagued the realm for millennia. Hailing from the darkest depths of the Abyss, Xaraloth is a harbinger of chaos and destruction, delighting in the suffering it inflicts upon mortals. Possessing a towering form with twisted horns, razor-sharp claws, and a tail that can shatter stone, this demonic fiend is a nightmare made manifest.

The origins of Xaraloth trace back to the early days of the cosmos when the Abyss was still young and chaotic. As a demon lord's favored minion, it sowed seeds of terror and despair, leaving a trail of ruin in its wake. Over the centuries, Xaraloth's power grew, as did its insatiable hunger for torment and anguish. It reveled in its malevolent purpose, desiring to bring every mortal soul to the edge of despair before consuming them whole.

In its endless search for power, Xaraloth learned of the two ancient towers hidden within the Shadowbriar Forest. These towers, once part of a powerful arcane nexus, were believed to contain artifacts of immense power – artifacts that Xaraloth coveted. It knew that by acquiring these artifacts, its abilities would be further amplified, allowing it to spread its influence and terror throughout the realm.

Xaraloth's interest in the towers stems from the ancient magic that resides within them, as well as the potential to harness the power of the artifacts for its own nefarious purposes. The demon believes that with the combined might of the twin artifacts, it would be nigh unstoppable, plunging the world into an age of darkness under its rule.

To accomplish this, Xaraloth manipulates the minds of mortals, twisting their desires and ambitions to serve its own ends.

To achieve its goal, Xaraloth has formed an unholy alliance with a cult of twisted and misguided souls. These cultists, blinded by the promise of power and immortality, serve the demon faithfully, seeking out the hidden artifacts within the towers and preparing for the ritual that will unleash Xaraloth's full might upon the world. With each passing day, the Abyssal Tormentor's influence grows stronger, and the fate of the realm hangs in the balance. The only hope lies with a group of heroes willing to face the darkness and confront Xaraloth, putting an end to its reign of terror once and for all.

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