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D&D NPC of the week: Yanne Kaar - spy and corsair

Updated: Feb 9

Eventually, when you’ve been here for long enough, all you know is Mordikhaan. The cold black mountain ridges, the waves of driving rain, the frozen forests and the tundra. It drains what is left of you away. All the fools, frauds, crooks and killers who wash up on its shores, who wander in search of a refuge end up with that same empty eyed stare, unless they’re foolish enough to try to get out.

Then they end up with a wooden stake for a neck.

Yanne Kaar never chose to go to Mordikhaan, she was twelve years old when Mordikhaan engulfed her. The closest thing she had to a parent was her older sister Tysana, whose she learned to both love and hate; it was Tysana who took them both to the vast lawless realm of the Khul and left them slaves to the dark queen’s whims. Tysana and Yanne grew up on the streets of Arc after their parents died, scavenging and stealing along Storm Row until the mercenaries of the waterfront districts, paid for by the noble Lords of the Port, caught them and threatened the pair with imprisonment in Arc’s vast debtors prison, the Oboline. Knowing that there was no future for them in Arc, Tysana, an accomplished thief and enforcer for the local gangster Kheram Vyle, uncovered the identity of the Mordikhaani spymaster in Arc, known as the resident, and gained passage to the dark and tormented land. She took Yanne with her, knowing that the streets of Arc would destroy the young girl if she was left behind. Tysana’s fiery temperament, skill with a long knife and sword, and her ability to understand the anarchic and mercenary nature of Mordikhaan ensured that she and Yanne quickly found a home in the Khul’s realm.

Tysana was eventually invited to the Kharis, more commonly known as the Crag, and was given an audience with the Khul herself; she emerged fearful and shaken, but assured Yanne that their futures were now secured and that the great queen had plans for her. Yanne was both fearful and fascinated, wondering how she too might find favour with the Khul, now that it appeared that for once they had a place in the world that they belonged in. They were sent to live in Uraneag, a small fishing village along the southern Mordikhanni coast, Tysana would vanish for mont