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40 DND rogue backgrounds

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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Introduction: 40 DND rogue backgrounds

In Dungeons & Dragons, the rogue stands out as a character brimming with versatility, cunning, and resourcefulness. Whether they're deftly navigating through shadows, disarming traps with finesse, or employing their charm to manipulate outcomes, rogues bring a unique set of skills to any adventuring party. But beyond their prowess in stealth and deception, a rogue's background forms the foundation of their character, shaping their motivations, relationships, and place in the world.

A well-crafted background does more than provide a backstory for your character; it injects life and depth into your role-play, creating opportunities for rich character development and storytelling. It’s the nuances of a rogue’s past that can transform them from a mere set of skills on a character sheet to a living, breathing entity with dreams, fears, and a storied history.

As you embark on the journey of crafting your rogue’s background, I encourage you to think creatively and delve into the realms of the unconventional. Don’t shy away from backgrounds that challenge the typical rogue archetype or intertwine with elements of mystery, intrigue, and complexity. Remember, your character’s background should resonate with you and ignite your imagination, allowing you to fully embody their persona and leave an indelible mark on the adventurous tales that await.

So, whether your rogue is a street-smart urchin with a heart of gold, a disgraced noble seeking redemption, or something entirely different, choose a background that aligns with your vision and prepares your character for the thrilling escapades and unexpected twists that define the adventuring experience.

40 DND rogue backgrounds

1. Street Urchin: Growing up on the bustling streets of a crowded city, this rogue learned to navigate the world from the shadows. Life was a constant battle for survival, fostering a keen sense of awareness and agility. Nimble fingers became adept at picking pockets and locks alike, while a sharp wit ensured they could talk their way out of the trickiest situations. Despite a tough exterior, this rogue possesses a deep loyalty to those they call friends, having formed bonds with fellow urchins. Their past is a tapestry of narrow escapes and stolen treasures, shaping them into a resourceful and resilient adventurer. 2. Noble Scoundrel: Raised in the lap of luxury, this rogue was born into a life of nobility. However, the allure of silk and gold couldn't quench their thirst for excitement and mischief. Behind closed doors and under the guise of etiquette, they honed their skills in thievery and deception. Grand balls and lavish feasts became their playground, as they pilfered from the wealthy and unsuspecting. Yet, beneath the rogue’s mischievous exterior lies a heart with noble intentions, using their ill-gotten gains to aid the less fortunate. Their dual life is a delicate balance, a dance between privilege and the thrill of the illicit.

3. Retired Assassin: Once feared in the shadows, this rogue lived a life shrouded in secrecy and bloodshed. Trained in the lethal arts, they were an assassin of high renown, fulfilling contracts without a hint of remorse. However, time and conscience caught up, leading them to leave their dark past behind. Now, they seek redemption, or perhaps just a chance at a normal life. But the skills ingrained in them are hard to forget, making them a silent and deadly ally. Haunted by their past, they navigate the world cautiously, always aware that old sins cast long shadows.

4. Circus Performer: This rogue’s childhood was a kaleidoscope of colour and movement, growing up in a traveling circus. Surrounded by acrobats, jugglers, and clowns, they learned to move with grace and stealth, captivating audiences while pocketing their belongings. Life on the road was unpredictable, teaching them to think on their feet and trust their instincts. Their agile moves and quick fingers make them a formidable adversary, while their flair for the dramatic ensures they never go unnoticed. With a love for the spotlight and a knack for deception, this rogue knows that life is a performance, and they play their part flawlessly.

5. Spy for the Crown: Serving in the shadows, this rogue’s allegiance was to the crown, acting as the royal family's eyes and ears. Skilled in the art of deception and eavesdropping, they navigated through high society, gathering information and uncovering secrets. With a silver tongue and a discreet nature, they played a crucial role in the delicate dance of courtly intrigue. Despite their loyalty, the life of a spy was a lonely one, filled with secrets and the constant risk of exposure. Now, as they venture into new territories, they bring with them a sharp mind and a network of contacts, ready to uncover the hidden truths of the world.

6. Exiled Royalty: Born into a life of privilege and power, this rogue once walked the halls of palaces and castles. However, political turmoil and betrayal led to their abrupt fall from grace, forcing them into exile. Stripped of their title and status, they’ve learned to survive using their wit and resourcefulness. Despite their changed circumstances, a regal demeanour and knowledge of courtly manners remain. In hiding, they’ve adopted the rogue's way of life, using stealth and cunning to navigate a world that once bowed to them. Now, with a heart seeking vengeance and a name to clear, this exiled royal is ready to reclaim their birth right. 7. Ghost’s Apprentice: Under the tutelage of an elusive and mysterious rogue, known only as 'The Ghost', this character learned the arts of stealth, thievery, and sabotage. Their mentor’s identity and motives remained a constant enigma, shaping them into a master of shadows and secrecy. They became adept at moving unseen and unheard, leaving no trace of their presence. Though The Ghost’s lessons were harsh and unforgiving, they instilled a sense of discipline and cunning in the apprentice. Now, with their mentor vanished as mysteriously as they appeared, the rogue steps out from the shadows, armed with skills few can match and a past shrouded in mystery.

8. Treasure Hunter: Driven by the thrill of discovery and the allure of wealth, this rogue has dedicated their life to hunting down lost relics and hidden treasures. Armed with a sharp intellect and an old, worn map, they traverse dangerous lands and navigate ancient ruins. Their eyes are trained to spot the slightest anomalies, and their fingers are nimble enough to disarm the deadliest of traps. While gold and jewels are welcome rewards, the true prize for this rogue is the adventure itself, and the stories that each new find brings. For them, life is an endless quest, and they are determined to uncover its most hidden secrets.

9. Pirate of the High Seas: With a heart as wild as the seas they sailed, this rogue spent their formative years as a member of a notorious pirate crew. They learned to navigate treacherous waters, engage in thrilling ship-to-ship battles, and plunder rich cargoes. Life on the high seas taught them the value of freedom and the thrill of living on the edge. Despite their rough exterior, they possess a strict code of honour and an undying loyalty to their crewmates. Now, with the salty wind no longer at their back, the rogue seeks new adventures on dry land, though their heart forever yearns for the sea’s call.

10. Smuggler: Known in underground circles as ‘The Wraith’, this rogue has made a name for themselves as a master smuggler, able to get goods in and out of the most secure locations without a trace. With a vast network of contacts and an intimate knowledge of secret passages and hidden compartments, they operate in the shadows, always one step ahead of the law. Their reputation is one of reliability and discretion, though few know the face behind the name. Despite the danger that comes with their profession, the rogue thrives on the adrenaline, living a life filled with risk, reward, and the thrill of the illicit.

11. Guild Artisan: This rogue found their place in a clandestine guild, specializing in the creation and distribution of black market goods. With skilled hands and a keen eye for detail, they craft intricate lockpicks, undetectable poisons, and other tools of the trade. Their work is highly sought after, known for its quality and reliability. Though their profession puts them in constant contact with the criminal underworld, they maintain a strict code of ethics, ensuring their goods do not fall into the wrong hands. With a reputation for craftsmanship and discretion, this rogue navigates the dangerous waters of illegal trade with ease and precision.

12. Street Performer: Under the bright colours and flamboyant performances of a street performer, this rogue hides their true profession. With acrobatic feats and captivating stories, they draw crowds, creating the perfect diversion for their nimble fingers to relieve spectators of their valuables. Life on the streets has honed their skills in deception and sleight of hand, making them an expert in the art of distraction. Despite their swindling ways, there is a charm and charisma about them that makes it hard for anyone to stay mad for long. For this rogue, life is a stage, and they are its star performer, always ready for the next act. 13. Con Artist: With a silver tongue and a mind sharp as a dagger, this rogue has perfected the art of deception and manipulation. Every interaction is a potential scam, and they play their cards with unparalleled finesse. They’ve donned countless personas, weaving elaborate tales to ensnare their marks in a web of lies. Despite their deceptive nature, they adhere to a set of unspoken rules, ensuring their schemes never cause undue harm. Their life is a high-stakes game of bluff and gamble, and they thrive in the thrill of the con, always ready to play their next hand.

14. Failed Apprentice: Originally set on a path of magic or martial prowess, this rogue quickly realized that their true calling lay elsewhere. Their early training, however, was not in vain, as it provided them with a unique set of skills that set them apart from their rogue peers. They’ve traded spells or swords for stealth and subterfuge, finding their niche in the shadows. Despite their change in direction, echoes of their past remain, manifesting in unexpected and inventive ways. With a foot in two worlds, this rogue navigates their path with versatility and unpredictability, proving that sometimes, a change of course can lead to unexpected rewards.

15. Disgraced Knight: Once adorned in armour and sworn to a code of honour, this rogue’s past life as a knight ended in disgrace and dishonour. Stripped of their title and status, they turned to the rogue’s path, applying their martial training to a life of subterfuge and deception. Despite their fall from grace, echoes of their chivalrous past remain, manifesting in a sense of honour and duty uncommon among their rogue peers. With a sword traded for daggers and a code rewritten, this rogue seeks redemption or perhaps simply a chance to prove that even a fallen knight can rise again.

16. Wilderness Scout: Raised beneath the open sky and surrounded by nature’s untamed beauty, this rogue honed their skills in the wilderness. They learned to move with the silence of a shadow, track prey with unerring precision, and navigate through treacherous terrain with ease. Their keen senses and intimate knowledge of the natural world make them an invaluable guide and a silent predator. Despite their comfort in solitude, they possess a deep connection to the land and a respect for its creatures. With the wilderness as their teacher, this rogue navigates the world with a quiet confidence and a mastery over their environment.

17. Urban Explorer: The city’s labyrinthine streets and hidden alleyways are the playground of this rogue. With an intimate knowledge of the urban landscape, they navigate through crowded thoroughfares and desolate backstreets with equal ease. Their past is a tapestry of narrow escapes and thrilling exploits, always one step ahead of those who would seek to catch them. With a love for the city’s pulse and its hidden secrets, this rogue has become a master of urban survival. Armed with street smarts and a network of contacts, they are always ready to uncover the city’s hidden treasures and escape from its darkest corners. 18. Arcane Trickster: With a flair for the arcane, this rogue combines magic with mischief, using their limited spellcasting to enhance their roguish skills. Whether it’s using illusions to distract guards or enchantments to open locked doors, their magical abilities provide them with an edge in their endeavours. Their training in the arcane arts was unorthodox, picked up through stolen scrolls and whispered secrets. Now, with a spell book hidden alongside their lockpicks, this rogue navigates the world with a unique set of tools at their disposal, blending the arts of magic and subterfuge into a style all their own.

19. Runaway Slave: Born into chains and servitude, this rogue found their freedom through cunning and determination. Escaping from their captors, they’ve embraced their newfound independence, using their rogue skills to ensure they never lose it again. Their past is a painful memory, but it forged them into a survivor, resilient and resourceful. With a heart yearning for freedom and hands trained in the art of thievery, this rogue navigates their path with caution, ever aware of the shadows of their past, yet determined to carve out a future of their own making.

20. Grave Robber: In the quiet of the night, this rogue once plundered the resting places of the dead, seeking treasures long buried. However, their encounters with the remnants of the past sparked a taste for adventure and the unknown. Their skills in stealth and lockpicking served them well in their illicit endeavors, and now, they apply those skills to a life of exploration and discovery. With a morbid curiosity and a knack for finding hidden paths, this rogue has traded graves for dungeons, seeking treasures and secrets that are not quite so moribund.

21. Bandit: Raised among a group of highway robbers, this rogue learned the art of ambush and plunder. Living outside the law, they honed their skills in combat and subterfuge, always ready for the next heist. Despite their criminal past, a sense of camaraderie and loyalty to their bandit family remains. Now, striking out on their own, they bring with them the skills of the highwayman, navigating the world with a sharp blade and a sharper wit, ready to seize opportunity and treasure wherever they find it.

22. Charlatan: With a mastery over forgery and disguise, this rogue has lived a hundred lives, each with a different name and backstory. Their identity is as fluid as their morals, able to adopt new personas at the drop of a hat. Their past is a tangled web of deception and false identities, leaving even them unsure of where the charade ends and their true self begins. Armed with a kit of disguises and a pocket full of forged documents, this rogue navigates the world with an uncanny ability to become whoever they need to be, whenever they need to be it. 23. Mercenary: With a history steeped in conflict and covert operations, this rogue lent their skills to the highest bidder, serving as a mercenary where subterfuge and espionage were the orders of the day. Their tasks ranged from sabotage to reconnaissance, each mission honing their abilities in stealth and deception. Despite the moral ambiguity of their work, they developed a reputation for reliability and effectiveness. With a network of contacts and a resume filled with successful operations, this rogue navigates the world with a pragmatic approach, ready to employ their skills for the right price.

24. Bounty Hunter: Trailing fugitives and criminals across lands far and wide, this rogue has made a name for themselves as a relentless bounty hunter. With a keen eye for tracking and a network of informants, they hunt their prey with precision and determination. Their motivations may vary, from justice to coin, but their method remains the same: find, capture, and deliver. With a code of conduct that sets boundaries on their work, this rogue navigates the world with a sense of purpose, proving that even those who operate in the shadows can follow a code.

25. Fence: Operating in the grey areas of the market, this rogue has carved out a niche as a fence, dealing in stolen goods and illicit trades. Their network of thieves and black market dealers relies on their discretion and skill in moving goods unnoticed. With a keen eye for value and a talent for haggling, they’ve become an indispensable middleman in the criminal underworld. Despite the risk of their profession, this rogue navigates the world with a sharp mind and a discrete manner, ensuring that business is always good, and their clients always satisfied.

26. Orphan of War: The horrors of war left this rogue orphaned and alone, forcing them to rely on their wits and resourcefulness to survive. The streets became their home, and the shadows their refuge. Over time, they honed their skills in thievery and subterfuge, turning their tragic past into a tool for survival. Despite their rough upbringing, a flame of resilience and determination burns within them. Now, with the skills of a rogue and the heart of a survivor, they navigate the world, ready to carve out a place of their own, free from the shadows of war.

27. Desert Nomad: Raised amongst the shifting sands and scorching sun, this rogue learned to navigate and thrive in the harsh desert climate. Their skills in survival and tracking were honed in the vast expanse of the desert, learning to read the land and move with the silence of the wind. With a deep connection to the desert and its secrets, they’ve become a master of adaptation and endurance. Now, whether navigating city streets or desert dunes, this rogue brings with them the resilience and resourcefulness of the desert, ready to face any challenge the world throws their way. 28. Mountain Hermit: Secluded in the rugged terrain of towering peaks, this rogue found solace and survival as a mountain hermit. The harsh conditions and isolation honed their skills in stealth and survival, learning to navigate treacherous landscapes and live off the scarce resources. Despite their reclusive nature, they developed a keen sense of awareness and a deep connection to the natural world. Now, venturing from their solitary refuge, they bring with them the resilience and resourcefulness of the mountains, ready to face the bustling world below with a quiet strength and an unparalleled mastery of survival.

29. Museum Curator: Surrounded by relics of the past, this rogue found their calling as a museum curator, granting them access to ancient artefacts and a wealth of historical knowledge. Their position allowed them to study and preserve the remnants of bygone eras, all while honing their skills in appraisal and forgery. With a passion for history and a knack for authentication, they became an expert in their field, navigating the world of collectors and antiquarians with ease. Now, with a repository of knowledge and a collection of rare artefacts at their disposal, this rogue is ready to uncover the secrets of the past and wield them in their adventures.

30. Underworld Contact: Deeply embedded within the criminal underworld, this rogue serves as a crucial contact and intermediary, connecting various factions and individuals. Their network of connections and reputation for discretion make them an invaluable asset in the world of illicit dealings. Skilled in negotiation and subterfuge, they navigate the treacherous waters of the underworld with ease, always one step ahead of danger. Despite their shady dealings, they operate with a set of unspoken rules, ensuring that their reputation remains intact. Now, armed with a wealth of contacts and insider knowledge, this rogue is ready to pull the strings and manipulate the world to their advantage.

31. Court Jester: With a fool's cap and a mischievous grin, this rogue used their position as a court jester to conceal their true intentions. Beneath the guise of entertainment and jest, they spied and stole, gathering secrets and treasures from the heart of the royal court. Their antics and performances served as the perfect cover, allowing them to move unnoticed and strike when least expected. Despite their playful demeanour, they possess a sharp mind and a talent for deception, using their jester’s role to navigate the world with a unique blend of humour and cunning, always ready to turn the tables and have the last laugh.

32. Sailor: Borne by the winds and the waves, this rogue found their calling aboard ships, mastering the arts of navigation and stealth. Their skills in climbing and sleuthing made them an invaluable crew member, able to navigate the rigging and infiltrate enemy vessels with ease. Despite the perils of the sea, they developed a love for the open water and the freedom it brings. Now, with the salt in their veins and a ship beneath their feet, this rogue navigates the world with a sailor’s grit and a rogue’s cunning, ready to face the storms and steal the treasures of the high seas. 33. Miner: With calloused hands and a sharp eye, this rogue spent years toiling in the mines, unearthing hidden passages and long-forgotten secrets buried within the earth. Their time in the dark, confined spaces honed their skills in spotting the unusual and navigating treacherous terrain. Despite the gruelling work, they developed a keen sense for the whispers of the underground, uncovering veins of precious minerals and hidden caverns alike. Now, bringing their subterranean expertise to the surface, this rogue navigates the world with a miner’s resilience and a treasure hunter’s ambition, ready to unearth the secrets hidden in the shadows.

34. Vagabond: Never tethered to one place for long, this rogue lives the life of a vagabond, constantly on the move and embracing the freedom of the open road. Their travels have sharpened their survival skills and taught them how to blend into any crowd. With a knack for picking up local customs and a bag full of trinkets from their journeys, they’ve become a master of adaptation. Now, with the world as their playground, this rogue navigates through life with a wanderer’s spirit and a chameleon’s ease, ready for whatever adventures lie around the next bend.

35. Gambler: Living on the edge of luck and chance, this rogue thrives in the world of gambling, always on the lookout for an angle to exploit. Their quick hands and quicker wits make them a formidable opponent at any gaming table, while their ability to read people helps them sniff out bluffs and deception. Despite the risks, the thrill of the gamble fuels their actions, driving them to seek out the next big score. Now, with a deck of cards and a set of loaded dice, this rogue navigates the world with a gambler’s audacity and a trickster’s grin, ready to take on the odds and come out on top.

36. Prison Escapee: Marked by their past, this rogue carries the scars of a prison escapee, living life on the run and always watching their back. Their time behind bars taught them the art of stealth and the importance of allies, even in the most unlikely of places. With a determination to never be caged again, they navigate the world with a survivor’s instincts and a fugitive’s cunning. Now, with freedom at their fingertips and the shadows as their ally, this rogue is ready to face the world, always one step ahead and ready to disappear at a moment’s notice.

37. Reformed Cultist: Once ensnared in the dark web of a cult, this rogue has broken free, seeking redemption and a new path. Their time within the cult granted them unique skills in deception and manipulation, tools they now seek to use for better purposes. With a deep knowledge of cult practices and a determination to right their past wrongs, they navigate the world with a reformed heart and a steely resolve. Now, using their insider knowledge and a desire for atonement, this rogue is ready to expose the darkness they once served and forge a new identity in the light.

38. Survivor of the Streets: Raised in the harsh reality of the streets, this rogue learned early on to trust no one and rely solely on themselves. Their survival depended on their agility, cunning, and a keen sense of their surroundings. Despite the hardships, they developed a resilience and resourcefulness that few can match. Now, with the streets as their teacher and survival as their goal, this rogue navigates the world with a survivor’s instincts and a lone wolf’s independence, ready to face whatever challenges come their way, always on their terms.

39. Adventurous Scholar: With a thirst for knowledge and a heart full of wanderlust, this rogue turned from ancient texts to the thrill of adventure, seeking to uncover secrets lost to time. Their scholarly background provides them with a wealth of information and a keen analytical mind, invaluable tools in their quest for discovery. With a book in one hand and a dagger in the other, they navigate the world with an adventurer’s spirit and a scholar’s intellect, ready to decipher the mysteries of the past and carve out their own story in the annals of history.

40. Unwilling Accomplice: Forced into a life of crime, this rogue seeks to make amends for their unwilling participation in nefarious deeds. Their skills in thievery and subterfuge were honed under duress, tools of survival in a world they never chose. With a heart yearning for redemption and a determination to right their past wrongs, they navigate the world with a conflicted soul and a steely resolve. Now, with a desire for atonement and a set of skills few possess, this rogue is ready to turn the tables, using their insider knowledge to undo the damage of their coerced crimes.


Choosing a character background in D&D is a crucial step in creating a memorable and engaging role-playing experience. The backgrounds outlined in this article offer a wide range of starting points, each providing unique opportunities for character development and storytelling. As a player, it’s important to select a background that not only excites you, but also enriches your character’s journey throughout the campaign.

Consider how your character’s past shapes their personality, influences their skills, and affects their relationships with others in the game. Your rogue’s background serves as a foundation, setting the stage for their motivations, conflicts, and growth. Remember, this is just the starting point; as the campaign unfolds, you have the power to evolve and expand upon your character’s story, making choices that reflect their past experiences and future aspirations.

To ensure your character’s background plays a significant role in the game, work closely with your Dungeon Master (DM). Discuss how your rogue’s history can be woven into the campaign’s narrative, creating opportunities for personal quests, challenges, and connections that tie back to their background. This collaboration not only enhances your own gaming experience, but also enriches the overall story for the entire group.

Incorporate elements from your background into your character’s actions and decisions, using it as a guide for role-playing and character development. Whether your rogue is a reformed cultist seeking redemption, a street-smart survivor navigating a dangerous city, or a treasure hunter on the quest for the next big score, their background should influence their approach to challenges, interactions with other characters, and their place in the world.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a character that is not only fun to play, but also contributes to a richer, more immersive gaming experience for everyone at the table. By choosing a background that fits your vision for your character and actively integrating it into the campaign, you set the stage for a memorable and rewarding adventure. So, embrace your rogue’s past, shape their future, and enjoy the journey ahead!


Q1: How can I make my rogue's sneak attack more effective in combat?

A1: To optimize your sneak attack, focus on improving your rogue’s Dexterity modifier, as this will enhance your attack roll and damage. Additionally, ensure you have proficiency with thieves’ tools and a disguise kit to navigate various situations. Engage in combat where you can gain the upper hand, utilizing your cunning action for strategic positioning.

Q2: Which skill proficiencies should I prioritize for a rogue at 1st level, and how do these tie into my character's background?

A2: Prioritize skills like Stealth, Perception, and Sleight of Hand. Relate these skills to your character's background; for instance, if you choose the Guild Artisan background, emphasize your rogue’s expertise in crafting and negotiation.

Q3: What fighting style suits a rogue best, and how can I integrate it with my character’s background?

A3: Rogues excel in hit-and-run tactics. A rogue from a Noble Family might use a rapier, reflecting refined training, while a Street Urchin could prefer daggers due to their ease of concealment. Align your fighting style with your background to create a cohesive character narrative.

Q4: How do I distribute my rogue’s ability scores based on their background, and how does this affect my character at higher levels?

A4: Focus on Dexterity for combat efficacy and pick a secondary score that aligns with your background. A Charlatan might have high Charisma, while an Urban Bounty Hunter could prioritize Wisdom. This choice will shape your character’s development and effectiveness in various situations at higher levels.

Q5: Can you provide an example of how a rogue's background might influence their choice of equipment, and how does this relate to the general rules for character creation?

A5: A rogue from a small town might start with more humble equipment, adhering to the general rules of character creation. Their background could grant them items like a simple dagger or a musical instrument from their past, creating a tangible connection to their history.

Q6: Which rogue class features should I prioritize for a character with a Thieves' Cant background, and how do these interact with various levels of play?

A6: Focus on features like Cunning Action and Sneak Attack. Thieves’ Cant will provide a unique communication method, useful in social interactions and infiltration. As you advance in class levels, these features will enhance your rogue’s versatility and effectiveness in both combat and role-play scenarios.

Q7: How does a rogue’s choice of a dnd background like 'Urban Bounty Hunter' affect their ability checks and proficiency bonus at 3rd level and beyond?

A7: An Urban Bounty Hunter background provides proficiency in skills like Stealth and Investigation. At 3rd level, your proficiency bonus increases, enhancing these ability checks and aiding in tasks related to hunting targets or navigating urban environments.

Q8: What role does a rogue’s choice of a sample background play in determining their starting hit points, and how does this impact gameplay at 4th level and higher?