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26 D&D Temples and adventure hooks

Updated: Feb 24

D&D adventures begin in taverns, proceed to an underground maze of tunnels and caverns inhabited by monsters terrorising the nearby town, and end with a mound of treasure, don't they? A plot hook or two draws the heroes to the dungeon adventure, and after a pitched battle or two, they emerge victorious with a new magical item or two to their name.

Of course, not all adventures are like this, it is perfectly possible to create an adventure that doesn't begin in a tavern and doesn't feature a dungeon dive. In the next few blogs I'm going to offer a range of alternative setting ideas and adventure concepts, and today we're starting with D&D temples and some adventure hooks to go with them. In most D&D settings where there are sentient creatures, it can be expected that some form or religion or faith exists. This could include worshiping a monotheistic god, a pantheon, or ancestor spirits. It might involve mortals who have been duped by a demon or another powerful entity into seeing them as gods.