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9 DND Gnomish Gadgets for Adventurers

Updated: Jan 23

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Foreword: The Gnome Problem

I have always been something of a gnome-skeptic, wrongly equating them with being the poor man's Dwarf. Back in the distant past of AD&D (the ancient world where I originate from), the Gnome was introduced without much forethought as one of the denizens of the Underdark, constantly at war with the Drow. If Elves were the peoples of the forest, graceful, wistful and handy with a bow, and Dwarves were the antithesis of that, where did that leave the Gnome?

The answer was provided in part by Dragonlance - the Gnomes were the inventors, tinkerers and craftsmen of D&D. If Dwarves were the crafters of mighty hammers and shields, then Gnomes were the polishers of gems, the creators of clockwork and in later editions of D&D the means by which mechanics and magic fused.

It took a while to distinguish them from Dwarves, to give them their separate portfolio but 5th Edition achieved this. Personally, my sense (as also a fun-skeptic) is that the Gnome has become irritatingly wacky, I quote the Players Handbook as evidence for the prosecution:

A constant hum of busy activity pervades the warrens and neighborhoods where gnomes form their close-knit communities. Louder sounds punctuate the hum: a crunch of grinding gears here, a minor explosion there, a yelp of surprise or triumph, and especially bursts of laughter. Gnomes take delight in life, enjoying every moment of invention, exploration, investigation, creation, and play.

But that's just me. I intend to create character races throughout this year which are the D&D equivalent of a Joy Division album to help balance the universe out a little.

Introduction: 9 DND Gnomish Gadgets for Adventurers

For those new to Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), let's begin by setting the scene for where the enthralling gadgets and contraptions fit within our daring adventures. Every D&D campaign is laced with magic, monsters, and mayhem, but the whimsical charm of intricately designed gadgets can add a unique layer to the narrative, making the game even more engaging and fun.

Enter the Artificer - a class uniquely equipped for this task. The artificer, often depicted as a gadgeteer, embodies the quintessential inventor and magic-infused crafter. An artificer's role is to conceive, build, and employ a wide array of creative, useful, and sometimes unpredictable devices. In the world of D&D, these intriguing individuals are often the ones behind the curtain, supplying your party with the tools and tricks you need to overcome complex puzzles and powerful adversaries.

Now, have you ever found yourself musing about the magical marvels that gnomes, known for their ingenuity and eccentricities, manage to mastermind in their hidden workshops and secretive laboratories? If you have, then you're in for a treat! It turns out, those whimsical tinkerers are renowned for their ingenious inventions, deftly blending magic and mechanics into fantastic, oftentimes life-saving tools for adventurers.

Gnomes, by their very nature, are innately curious beings, possessing an insatiable desire for knowledge and a penchant for inventiveness. This combined with their deep-seated understanding of arcane magic, allows them to create some of the most spectacular, fascinating, and handy gadgets you could ever imagine. In the following sections, we'll delve into ten iconic gnomish gadgets that every adventurer should be aware of, or even better, possess in their arsenal!

Whether you're a Dungeon Master wanting to add a little extra flair to your campaign, or a newcomer trying to understand the wonderful world of D&D, these 9 DND Gnomish Gadgets for Adventurers promise to elevate your gaming experience to another level of fun and excitement. Get ready to dive deep into the gnome's fascinating world of magic-infused mechanics, and prepare to be amazed by their incredible inventions!

When they're not busy tinkering with explosives or arguing over the latest theories of the multiverse, gnomes are inventing all manner of curious contraptions and canny creations to delight and confound. As an adventurer, you never know when one of these gnomish gadgets might come in handy during your exploits. So take a peek inside this catalogue of nine bizarre but brilliant gnomish inventions, and you might just find something to give you an edge on your next quest.

Flamethrowers, mechanical mounts, potions of polymorph - the gnomes have thought of it all. And they're willing to sell their wares to any hero, rogue, or rune caster who can meet their price (and survive the product testing!). Adventure awaits, my friend, if you've got the gold and the guts to try out these gnomish gadgets.

Note to Dungeon Masters: The Power of Gadgets

Gadgets in D&D are more than just interesting tools for the party to utilize; they're a storytelling device, capable of greatly influencing the tone and direction of your campaign.

Their incorporation can bring an intriguing element of surprise to the table, introduce unique problem-solving opportunities, and provide a chance to showcase the artistic side of magic and technology.

As a Dungeon Master, understanding the versatility of gadgets and how to adapt them to your campaign's needs can truly enrich the experience for both you and your players.

Whimsy and Wonder

If your game leans towards the light-hearted and whimsical, gadgets can add an extra layer of fun and humour. Gnomish inventions are known for their quirky and eccentric features, often operating in ways that seem illogical at first, but turn out to be surprisingly effective.

Consider introducing gadgets with unexpected side effects, such as a grappling hook that sometimes shoots out confetti, a pair of boots that intermittently leave behind rainbow-colored footprints, or a translator device that only speaks in rhymes. These whimsical gadgets can bring smiles and laughter to your sessions, making the journey more memorable.

Darkness and Danger

On the other hand, if your campaign skews towards the darker, more serious side, gadgets can take on a more sinister role. They can become potent, even deadly, tools in the hands of foes or can pose dangerous risks when used without caution.

In these settings, gnomish gadgets might involve risky trade-offs or require skill to use without backfiring. Imagine a clockwork drone that can scout ahead but emits a deafening alarm if detected, a powerful energy weapon that has a chance to overload, or an invisibility cloak that induces unbearable cold when activated.

Remember, the key to a compelling D&D campaign is balance. While gadgets can inject fun or fear into your game, they should always serve the story and not overshadow the characters or their journey. Use them as opportunities for character development, to introduce plot twists, or to create memorable moments. Always consider the tone of your campaign, your players' expectations, and the inherent opportunities for adventure that every gadget presents.

The Gnomish Gobstopper: A Treat With Tricksy Magic

The Gnomish Gobstopper is a treat with a tricky surprise inside. Gnomes are natural pranksters, so they couldn’t resist enchanting their candy to delight and bewilder.

When you first pop this colourful orb in your mouth, it tastes like a sweet berry or fruit, your favourite flavour. But don’t get too comfortable! After a few minutes of blissful chewing, the Gobstopper’s magic activates. Suddenly, your tongue might swell to three times its size, your nose could turn bright blue, or you might croak instead of speak. The effects last only a minute, but will give your friends a good chuckle.

The Gnomish Gobstoppers come in a variety of flavors and effects:

Raspberry Surprise: Your hair stands on end, frizzing out in all directions.

Blueberry Blast: Your skin turns a vibrant shade of indigo that fades after 60 seconds.

Sour Apple: You hiccup tiny bubbles for a minute straight.

Lemon Lime: You float an inch off the ground as a featherlight enchantment takes hold.

Orange You Glad: Let’s just say your complexion resembles a citrus fruit and leave it at that.

While startling, the effects of a Gobstopper are temporary and ultimately harmless. Gnomes wouldn’t create anything dangerous - they just want to spread some chaos and cheer! Adventurers with a sense of humour and fun will surely appreciate these tricksy treats. The Gnomish Gobstoppers are whimsical items sure to surprise, delight and bewilder.

The Portable Portal: For Convenient Travel

Have you ever wished for an easy way to travel long distances without days of difficult overland travel or expensive teleportation spells? The portable portal is the perfect solution for any adventurer on the go.

This ingenious gnomish invention allows you to carry a temporary portal with you wherever your adventures may lead. Roughly the size and weight of a large shield, the portable portal attaches to your back, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

To activate the portal, simply remove it from its harness and place it on any vertical surface, like a wall, door or tree. Tap the rune at the top to activate, step through the shimmering portal that appears and you’ll emerge at your pre-set destination, up to 500 miles away! The portal remains open for 10 minutes, allowing your whole party to pass through, before closing automatically.

The portable portal runs on a magically infused power core that lasts for up to 1 month of regular use. Recharging the core is easy - just leave the portal harness in direct sunlight for 8-12 hours. The portal itself is made of mithril and adamantine, making it nearly indestructible, so you can rest easy knowing your escape route will be there when you need it.

Never again will distance or difficult terrain hinder your adventures. With the portable portal, the farthest reaches of the kingdom are just a step away! At a cost of 50,000 GP, this gadget is a must-have for any self-respecting explorer. Adventure calls - will you answer?

The Lightning in a Bottle: Trapped Lightning Can Come in Handy

The gnomes of Zilargo are always tinkering and experimenting, often with explosive results! One of their more ingenious creations is a way to capture and contain the raw power of lightning in a reinforced glass bottle.

This bottled lightning can serve as a handy source of energy when adventuring in remote areas. To activate the lightning, simply uncork the bottle and toss it into the air. The glass will shatter on impact, releasing a bolt of lightning that strikes the nearest grounded target within 30 feet, dealing 2d6 lightning damage. Anyone within 5 feet of the target takes 1d6 lightning damage from the residual charge.

The bottled lightning weighs 1 pound and measures 6 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. It has an Armor Class of 12 and 5 hit points. On a hit, it shatters and releases its lightning bolt. If it’s exposed to extreme heat or a fire, it also shatters and releases its charge. Once the lightning is unleashed, the empty bottle crumbles into useless shards.

  • Can be used to start fires, damage locks or deter pursuers

  • Emits a faint crackling sound and the air around it smells of ozone

  • Must be handled and transported carefully to avoid premature breakage

  • Effects of multiple bottled lightning used at once are cumulative

The gnomes don’t share the secret of how they first trapped the lightning, but they have been known to trade the bottled bolts to adventurers and explorers in Zilargo. The lightning trapped within each bottle remains potent for up to 1 month after bottling before losing its charge. For those seeking a jolt of power in a pinch, bottled lightning is hard to beat!

How’s that? I aimed for an informal and conversational tone with short sentences and sections to keep things scannable. Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand the response in any way. I’m happy to refine and improve it.

The Everfull Tankard: No Inn Will Go Thirsty With This Creation

Every barkeep dreads the end of a long night when the ale has run dry, but not with the Everfull Tankard on hand! This cunning gnomish contraption appears as a standard pewter tankard, but its enchantment ensures it never empties. No matter how many gulps are taken, the tankard remains perpetually full to the brim with fresh, cold ale.

The Everfull Tankard was the brainchild of the gnomish tinkerer Bilaro Copperwidget. Bilaro was a frequent patron of his local tavern, the Rusty Cog, but was vexed at always finding his flagon empty at the end of the night. He set to work crafting an enchanted tankard that would produce an endless supply of ale.

After many long nights in his workshop, Bilaro emerged with his creation: the Everfull Tankard. The tankard is enchanted to generate ale within its pewter walls, which then fills to the brim. No external keg or cask is required. The ale appears clean, crisp, and chilled, as if freshly poured from the keg.

The Everfull Tankard proved an instant hit at the Rusty Cog. Patrons delighted in the novelty of a bottomless brew, and the tavernkeeper was thrilled at the savings from no longer needing to buy ale. News of the ingenious invention spread, and soon every tavern, inn, and pub sought to acquire an Everfull Tankard. Bilaro found himself flooded with commissions and grew rich from the sales.

Today, the Everfull Tankard remains a staple in watering holes across the realm. Tavernkeepers need never fear running out of ale again, thanks to the cleverness of one thirsty gnomish tinkerer. Adventurers love discovering an Everfull Tankard on the bar, signaling a long night of revelry ahead! For what could be better than an endless supply of fresh, cold ale?

The Bottomless Bag of Holding: Packs Light but Stores Everything

As an adventurer, you need to be prepared for anything—but that doesn’t mean lugging around a heavy pack that slows you down. Thanks to gnomish ingenuity, you can now have a bag that’s bigger on the inside than the outside. The Bottomless Bag of Holding lets you store gear, loot, rations, and everything else you need for your quest without weighing you down.

This handy haversack utilizes gnomish dimensional magic to create an extradimensional space within the bag. When you reach inside, it seems to go on forever. You’ll never run out of room for all your essential equipment, tools, weapons, and other necessities. The opening of the bag conforms to the shape of anything you put in or take out.

To activate the enchantment, simply speak the command word “Vastus” while grasping one of the bag’s straps. The interior space will then become accessible. To close the portal to the extradimensional space, speak the command word again. Once closed, the interior is inaccessible from the outside.

The bag has a few limitations to be aware of:

  • It can hold up to 500 pounds of material. Exceeding this weight limit ruptures the extradimensional space and scatters the contents across the Astral Plane.

  • Sharp objects can puncture the bag, destroying it and ejecting its contents.

  • The bag is susceptible to magic that affects extradimensional spaces. Certain spells may damage or destroy the enchantment.

  • Perishable goods age normally in the timeless confines of the extradimensional space. Stock up on rations and potions accordingly.

For hands-free carrying, the Bottomless Bag of Holding comes with adjustable straps to be worn as a backpack. Never be caught unprepared again with this must-have item for any self-respecting explorer. The bag’s compact size hides its true potential for endless adventure!

The Gnomish Army Knife: A Gadget With a Tool for Every Need

No adventurer's pack is complete without a Gnomish Army Knife. This contraption contains a tool for nearly every situation an adventurer might face.

Housed within its compact wooden case are over two dozen implements including:

  • A tiny hammer and anvil for repairing armour and equipment

  • A fold-out magnifying lens for inspecting traps, locks, and other fine mechanisms

  • A miniature abacus for calculating encumbrance, rations, travel times and more

  • A set of lockpicks, wire cutters, and other thieving tools

  • A collapsible 1-foot ruler for measuring doors, passages, and the day's march

  • A diminutive compass, astrolabe, and sun dial for navigation and telling the time

  • A selection of small blades, scissors, pliers, and other basic tools

  • A retractable 10-foot pole for testing floors, chests, and anything else suspicious

  • A fold-out camp chair, workbench, and sleeping cot

  • Flint and tinder for starting fires

  • A retractable canteen and mess kit for meals on the go

While the Gnomish Army Knife appears rather unassuming, its many tools have gotten many an adventurer out of a tight spot or helped accomplish an otherwise impossible task. Every component is gnomishly engineered to fold up into the case, which is no larger than a thick book.

Though some less mechanically inclined races may struggle to manipulate all the moving parts, any gnome worth their salt considers a Gnomish Army Knife an essential survival item for life's little emergencies - whether in the field, at home, or deep within a dungeon. For any adventurer, this gadget is sure to prove its worth the first time you find yourself in need of a miniature anvil, abacus or 10-foot pole. What more could an adventurer ask for?

The Mechanical Mount: Why Walk When You Can Ride in Style?

Why walk everywhere when you can ride in style? The mechanical mount is a clockwork contraption that provides automated transportation for the busy gnomish explorer.

This four-legged mechanical creature is powered by a complex system of gears, springs and pistons that propel it forward at a steady walking pace. Simply wind up the key on its side to get it going, then climb into the saddle on its back and off you go! The mechanical mount can carry up to two Small creatures or one Medium creature.

  • Sturdy metal construction ensures it can handle any terrain without trouble.

  • A compartment under the saddle holds gear and supplies.

  • It continues walking in a straight line until you pull on the reins to change direction or stop.

The mechanical mount does require periodic maintenance to keep all its moving parts in working order. Be sure to oil its joints, tighten any loose screws, and wind the mainspring at least once per day. With regular care and feeding, a mechanical mount can provide many years of faithful service.

Every gnomish tinkerer dreams of building a clockwork companion to aid in their explorations. For those lacking the skill or patience to construct their own mechanical mount, they can often be found for sale in gnomish settlements or acquired as a reward for assisting the local tinkerers guild. Either way, no well-equipped gnomish adventurer should be without their trusty mechanical mount!

Additional Details

  • Cost: 500-1000 GP (if purchased)

  • Speed: 30 ft (walking pace)

  • Carrying Capacity: Up to 300 lbs

  • Requires winding and periodic maintenance to function

The mechanical mount is a whimsical way for gnomes and other Small races to get around in style. Let your imagination run wild with how you can customize your mechanical mount to reflect your unique personality!

The Goggles of Night Vision: See What Lurks in the Dark

As an adventurer, you know how dangerous it can be to explore in low light or complete darkness. Hidden creatures, traps, and other hazards threaten with every step. But with these ingenious Goggles of Night Vision crafted by the gnomes, you’ll gain the ability to see clearly even in pitch blackness.

Through a clever combination of specially-treated crystals and lenses, these goggles amplify the available light to provide a clear view of your surroundings. Everything will appear in shades of green, but you’ll be able to make out details as if in dim light. No more stumbling around blindly with just a torch to light your way.

To activate the goggles, simply speak the command word “Illuminate” while wearing them. Your vision will become enhanced, allowing you to see up to 60 feet away in most conditions. The effect lasts for up to 2 hours before needing to be reactivated with the command word.

Some key points about these useful goggles:

  • Provides night vision up to 60 feet for up to 2 hours at a time

  • Rechargeable through use of the command word “Illuminate”

  • Objects appear in shades of green but details are clear

  • Allows hands-free operation; no need to hold a light source

  • Sturdy construction; resistant to damage and weather

  • Requires attunement but easy to attune to

For any adventuring party, the Goggles of Night Vision would be an invaluable tool. No longer will you have to fear what might be lurking in the darkness—with these goggles, the night is as bright as day! Stay safe on your journeys and happy exploring. May your discoveries be wondrous and your returns triumphant!

The Gnomish Alarm System: Sleep Soundly and Stay Safe

As an adventurer, getting enough rest is essential but security is also a top priority. Gnomes, natural tinkerers that they are, have devised an ingenious alarm system so you can sleep soundly while staying safe.

The Gnomish Alarm System is a network of motion-detecting sensors you place around the perimeter of your campsite. If anything moves within range of the sensors, a loud klaxon will sound, immediately awakening you. To set up the system, simply plant the sensors in the ground around your camp, ideally in a circular pattern with about 60 feet between each sensor.

Once activated, the sensors detect motion through a combination of heat, sound, and magical energy signatures. Anything giving off those cues and moving within 10 feet of a sensor will trigger the alarm. The alarm itself is a portable metal horn that emits a blaring racket akin to a dozen trumpeting elephants. It’s sure to startle the most sound sleeper awake!

Some key points about the Gnomish Alarm System:

•It’s collapsible for easy transport and storage when not in use. The sensors and alarm fold up into a small wooden crate.

•The sensors are reusable and the alarm horn simply needs a drop of alchemist’s fire applied to the mouthpiece to recharge it before each use.

•For larger camps, you can link multiple systems together to expand the range. Simply place the sensors and alarms within 60 feet of each other.

•The system is very affordable, available for just 50 gold pieces. A small price to pay for peace of mind!

With the Gnomish Alarm System guarding your camp, you’ll rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted at the first sign of any unwanted visitors. Stay safe on the road and sleep soundly, adventurers!

Gnomish Inventions FAQs: Answers to Questions on These Curious Contraptions

What are the dangers of using Gnomish inventions?

Gnomish tinkering is not without its perils. Their contraptions, while clever, can be unpredictable. As an adventurer using these gadgets, it’s important to exercise caution.

  • Malfunctions: Gnomes are innovators, not perfectionists. Their inventions may sputter, spark, or spin out of control at inopportune moments. Be prepared for mechanical mishaps.

  • Unforeseen side effects: Gnomes often don’t consider how their creations might impact the wider world. A device designed to repel pixies could also drive off woodland animals or give you a shock of static electricity. Think before activating an invention in a populated area.

  • Addiction: Some gnomish toys are just too fun to put down. You may find yourself tinkering when you should be sleeping, eating, or fighting villains. Use gnomish gadgets in moderation to avoid obsession.

  • Theft bait: Flashy gnomish goods are tempting targets for thieves, especially less scrupulous adventuring parties. Don’t leave your gizmos unattended unless you’re prepared to lose them.

How can I stay on good terms with the gnomes who make these inventions?

Gnomes love nothing more than an appreciative audience for their creations. To get on a gnome’s good side:

  1. Ooh and aah over their inventions. Gush about the intricacies and cleverness. Stroke their egos.

  2. Don’t criticize their work. While the inventions may be dangerous, gnomes react poorly to feedback that isn’t 100% positive. Keep your opinions to yourself.

  3. Offer to test their new gadgets. Nothing makes a gnome happier than seeing their inventions in action. Of course, do this at your own risk!

  4. Share your own ideas for contraptions. Gnomes appreciate anyone with an inventive spirit. Describe fantastical machines and they’ll welcome you as an honorary gnome.

  5. Most importantly, return their property intact. Gnomes will blacklist anyone who damages or fails to return a borrowed gizmo. If something breaks while testing an invention, apologize profusely and offer to help fix or replace it. Your relationship with the gnomes depends on it!


So there you have it, 20 curious contraptions and canny creations from the ingenious minds of gnomish tinkerers and inventors to add flavour to your next D&D adventure. With these gadgets in your pack, you'll be ready for any situation and able to overcome any obstacle in your path using gnomish ingenuity. Who knows, with some gold and the right connections you might even be able to commission a gnomish artificer to craft a custom invention for your specific needs. The possibilities are as endless as a gnome's curiosity. Now go forth, seek adventure, and may your gnomish gadgets serve you well!

Creating Gnomish Gadgets: A Guide for New Dungeon Masters

Crafting Gnomish gadgets for your Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign might seem daunting, especially for new Dungeon Masters. But don't worry, this guide is here to help you navigate through the process and make your game a fun time for both you and your players.

In the world of D&D, gnomes, especially the rock and tinker gnomes, are renowned for their inventiveness. From the dense, hidden enclaves of the forest gnomes to the mysterious, underground realms of the deep gnomes, each gnome character brings with them a vibrant palette of gadgetry, made more impressive by their inherent racial bonus to Intelligence checks.

Gnomish gadgets can be simple or complex, but they always embody a sense of whimsy and eccentricity. Think of small objects that serve multiple purposes or pack surprising effects. A simple crossbow bolt that explodes into a bright light, a tiny box that unleashes a cloud of harmless, yet distracting, small creatures, or a set of steel hooks and a collection of pulleys that facilitate surprising escapes or daring entries.

Remember, these gadgets don't always need to cause fire damage or acid damage to be effective. Some might offer aid during ability checks or saving throws, others could provide a bonus during a ranged attack, and some might even heal a few hit points.

When introducing these gadgets into your game, consider creating encounters that emphasize their use. Gnomish lairs, full of intricate, gnome-engineered traps and devices, make for compelling adventure settings.

Here's an example. As your player characters explore a gnomish lair, they trigger a trap, causing a heavy chain to drop, blocking their path. A strength check is needed to lift it. Nearby, they find a gnomish device — a small, wand-like length of wood that contains the strength of an 8th level fighter. With a successful DC, they can use the device to lift the chain.

You might also consider the cultural aspects of the gnome race in your campaign. The Forgotten Realms offers deep lore, including ancient gnomes and gnomish gods, like the ever-watchful Garl Glittergold, which could inspire the nature of your gnomish gadgets.

Drawing from my personal experience, players often appreciate the comic relief and unexpected utility that gnomish gadgets bring. But remember, it's important to strike a balance. A gadget that causes the user to suddenly break into dance might be hilarious, but it could become disruptive if used too frequently.

Consider also the more practical aspects. How do players acquire these gadgets? A gnome tinkerer met on the road, a reward from a grateful gnome village, or found in the ruins of ancient gnomes are all interesting ways to introduce these special items.

In the end, creating gnomish gadgets is about more than just game mechanics; it's about enriching your D&D world and making it more engaging, magical, and memorable. So, dive in, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the process. Your players are in for a treat!

Encounter: The Subterranean Gnomish Workshop

As your adventurers traverse the depths of a vast, subterranean network, a faint, pulsating glow draws them to an unassuming opening. The dim light reveals a sprawling, underground cavern bustling with activity – a subterranean Gnomish workshop, as intriguing as anything found in the "Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings".

This is a domain of the rock gnomes, a close-knit community of inventors and tinkerers known for their knack for creating magic items and gadgets of bewildering complexity. A cultural shift from the usual encounter, the sight of this busy workshop would be a first time for new players and perhaps even for seasoned ones.

Under the soft glow of bioluminescent fungi, gnomes busily craft an impressive array of items, from small, backpack-sized devices to intricate, room-filling contraptions. This is not just a place for creating items of war; it’s a space where magic and mechanics coalesce to form tools for every aspect of gnome life, from labour-saving contrivances to play systems for gnome children.

As your party ventures deeper, they’re greeted by a gnome, noticeably older, with a watertight leather belt pouch and a bottle of ink tied to his waist. This is the chief engineer, a 5th level fighter with knowledge surpassing the contents of many a book of lore.

He eyes the adventurers with curiosity and offers a guided tour. Here, players may witness gnomish methods of creating various objects. They might see a set of pulleys being tested for weight capacity, an alms box being magically sealed, or an arcane focus being carefully imbued with magic.

At one station, a group of gnomes are in the midst of a delicate process, imbuing ball bearings with a minor illusion spell – a racial trait of the rock gnomes. The gnome handling the operation fails his concentration check; one of the balls slips, releasing the spell prematurely and causing a loud burst of thunder damage within a small covered area. Amidst the surprise, you notice the gnomes sharing a good laugh, reflecting their light-hearted nature.

The engineer explains how they use an assortment of items in their work, ranging from dry foods used for feeding small animals aiding in the crafting process to feet of hempen rope and heavy chains required for their larger inventions. He also mentions the use of the kit of components for the creation of magic items.

To thank the adventurers for their interest, the engineer offers them a minor gadget. He hands them a small, curious device that, upon the press of a button, produces a bright, guiding light. "It might not compare to your typical holy symbol or druidic focus," he chuckles, "but it could be handy when you’re out of torches or when you’re facing something that doesn’t fancy a bit of bright light."

Before they leave, the engineer gives them an opportunity to purchase any gnomish gadgets or magic items that they fancy, though at higher prices given the exquisite craftsmanship and the time taken for their creation. He assures delivery times within a long rest or two for any commissioned work.

This encounter allows your players to immerse themselves in a part of D&D’s rich world that they might not have experienced before – the heart of gnomish invention. Here, they can learn about the history, culture, and contributions of the gnomes, particularly the rock gnomes, and how they shape the world beneath the surface.

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