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In the context of role-playing games (RPGs) and video games, the term "Speed" typically refers to a statistic or attribute that determines how quickly a character or entity can act within the game's mechanics. This can manifest in various ways, depending on the specific game or system being used.

1. **Base Speed**: In many RPGs, such as Pathfinder, base speed refers to a character's unencumbered speed for a specific type of movement, often measured in feet per round or another unit of distance over time. Base land speed is a common measurement, indicating how fast the character can move on foot in a single round of combat or another period of game time [[2](].

2. **Turn Order Determination**: In numerous games, speed stats are used to determine turn order in combat situations. Characters with higher speed stats may act earlier in the sequence of turns, giving them a tactical advantage by allowing them to attack, cast spells, or perform other actions before slower characters [[5](].

3. **Speedruns**: Outside of character attributes, the term speed also relates to the goal of completing a game as quickly as possible. In speedrunning, players strive to reach a game's end goal in the shortest time, often using advanced tactics and exploiting game mechanics [[3](].

Speed is a critical component in RPGs and video games, affecting gameplay, strategy, and character development. Whether determining how fast a character can move, the order of actions in combat, or the challenge of completing a game in record time, speed plays a vital role in the gaming experience.

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