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Ancient Green Dragon

Ancient Green Dragons, known in the D&D universe as the cunning schemers of the draconic pantheon, are as deceptive as they are intelligent. Residing deep within the thickest, oldest forests, these magnificent beings carve out domains where shadows dance and the air is thick with ancient magic. Their scales, a rich tapestry of verdant hues, blend seamlessly into the canopy, making them masters of ambush and deceit.

The intelligence of Ancient Green Dragons is unmatched, rivaled only by their malice and manipulation. They delight in the downfall of others, orchestrating the fates of those who dare enter their territories with a precision that borders on artistry. Their understanding of politics, power dynamics, and the weaknesses of others makes them formidable foes, not just in battle but in the chess game of influence and control.

At the heart of an Ancient Green Dragon's lair, one can expect to find treasures amassed over centuries, each piece a testament to the dragon's cunning and strategic acumen. However, these hoards are often guarded not just by the dragon's physical might but by layers of traps and puzzles, each designed to confound and capture unwary intruders.

Despite their malevolent tendencies, Ancient Green Dragons possess a complex society. They form alliances and rivalries with a sophistication that mirrors the most intricate of courts. These dragons are not solitary creatures; they engage with their kind and other beings, always with an agenda that furthers their own interests.

Ancient Green Dragons embody the wild, untamed essence of nature itself—beautiful, majestic, and utterly ruthless. Their presence in a D&D campaign introduces a layer of intrigue and danger that can challenge even the most experienced adventurers. Encounters with these dragons are not just battles of strength but clashes of wits, where the stakes are as likely to be the minds and souls of the adventurers as their lives.

The last Ancient Green Dragon of the Borderlands

In the Arcverse's (unofficial) 5e Borderlands setting,  Ascorian, the last surviving Ancient Green Dragon, is a malevolent being of betrayal and dark ambition. Unlike his blue kin,  to whom he was once close and who wield the storm's might, Ascorian's dominion is over the ancient woods and the darker arts of magic. His scales, a deep emerald that seems to absorb light, are a testament to his connection with the forest's heart, and his eyes gleam with an intelligence that hints at secrets older than time.

Ascorian, the Betrayer

Ascorian, once revered among the mighty dragons, chose a path of treachery, betraying his brethren to Malfarax, a fire demon of unfathomable power, in exchange for the Dazalimund Stone. This artifact, said to unlock the mysteries of time itself, granted Ascorian power beyond imagining, but at a cost. His betrayal marked him as an outcast, a pariah among his kind, hunted and reviled. Yet, within his forested lair, hidden deep within the Borderlands, he delves into the secrets of the stone, seeking to unravel the very fabric of time.

The Dazalimund Stone

The Dazalimund Stone, a crystalline artifact pulsing with temporal energy, is the key to Ascorian's quest for dominance. With it, he can weave and warp the threads of time, glimpsing potential futures and reshaping the past. Its power is not without limits, however, for each manipulation of time's flow exacts a toll on the wielder and the world around them, threatening to tear apart the very essence of reality.

The Betrayal's Aftermath

The fallout from Ascorian's betrayal is far-reaching. Dragons, once rulers of the skies and lands, find themselves diminished, their numbers dwindling as Malfarax's fiery wrath consumes them. The ancient pacts that bound the dragons in unity are shattered, leaving the Arcverse vulnerable to new threats, both from within and beyond. In this new era, Ascorian's name is whispered with fear and hatred, a symbol of the price of ambition unchecked.

Malfarax, the Fire Demon

Malfarax, a being of pure destruction, revels in the chaos wrought by Ascorian's betrayal. From his infernal domain, he watches the world burn, his influence spreading like wildfire. The fire demon's alliance with Ascorian is one of convenience, and he remains ever watchful for signs of treachery from the dragon, knowing the power of the Dazalimund Stone could be turned against him.

Using Ascorian

Players might find themselves caught in the crossfire of ancient vendettas, or perhaps tasked with preventing Ascorian from achieving his ultimate goal. The themes of betrayal, power, and the consequences of ambition offer deep narrative wells to draw from, presenting adventurers with challenges that test their morals, resolve, and ability to navigate a world where the line between hero and villain is blurred.

Ascorian's story, a stark contrast to the tales of Azurigon, Stormrend, and Galewing, adds a darker hue to the Arcverse's narrative palette. It serves as a reminder of the diversity of dragons in this world, not just in their elemental affinities but in their ambitions, flaws, and fates. Through Ascorian's eyes, players are invited into a story where the pursuit of power can lead to both great achievements and catastrophic failures, where the secrets of time are both a weapon and a curse, and where the legacy of one's choices can echo through the ages.

The Tyrant of the Mournwood

Ancient Green Dragon

Overview: The party is summoned to the beleaguered town of Oakvale, located on the edge of the Mournwood - a vast, foreboding forest rumored to be the lair of a fearsome ancient green dragon. The townsfolk beg the adventurers to journey into the dark woods and confront the tyrannical beast, for its relentless demands for tribute and wanton destruction of the surrounding lands have brought Oakvale to the brink of ruin.

The Plot Twist: As the party investigates, they discover that the ancient green dragon, known as Valastryx, is not merely a mindless tyrant, but a cunning and manipulative creature that has turned the denizens of the Mournwood against the nearby settlements. Valastryx has forged an alliance with a coven of hag sisters, who use their dark magic to control the forest's monstrous inhabitants and terrorize the local populace on the dragon's behalf.

Additional Monsters:

- A pack of worgs and dire wolves, the dragon's primary hunting companions and enforcers

- A small army of ettins and ogres, drawn from the nearby mountains to serve as the dragon's guardians and collectors of tribute

- Shambling mounds and other hostile plant life, animated and commanded by the hag coven's sinister magic

- A nightmarish, two-headed troll that acts as Valastryx's personal enforcer, unleashed to punish any who defy the dragon's demands

These diverse monstrous threats are all linked to the ancient green dragon's tyrannical rule over the Mournwood. The worgs and dire wolves serve as the dragon's hunters and scouts, while the ogres and ettins act as enforcers, collecting tribute from the nearby towns and villages. The shambling mounds and other corrupted flora have been twisted by the hag coven's magic to serve as the dragon's sentinels, guarding the forest's paths and approaches.

The two-headed troll, in particular, is a terrifying creation born of Valastryx's alliance with the hags, a bestial guardian that the dragon unleashes to crush any who dare to challenge its authority.

The Location: The Mournwood is a vast, gloomy forest, filled with towering, twisted trees and an oppressive, foreboding atmosphere. As the party delves deeper, they'll encounter a range of hazards - treacherous trails, pits of quicksand, and other environmental dangers - all while fending off the dragon's monstrous minions.

Valastryx's lair is located at the heart of the forest, in a cavernous depression surrounded by towering cliffs. This natural fortress serves as the ancient green dragon's base of operations, where it hoards its ill-gotten treasure and plots its continued dominance over the surrounding lands.

To reach the dragon, the party must navigate the Mournwood's dangers, overcome the challenges presented by Valastryx's monstrous guardians, and potentially confront the hag coven if they wish to truly undermine the dragon's power. If successful, they may not only free Oakvale and the surrounding settlements from the dragon's tyranny, but also uncover the true extent of Valastryx's ambitions, potentially leading to further quests to stop the ancient wyrm's destructive plans.

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