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Ancient Blue Dragon

In the Arcverse's Borderlands D&D setting (unofficial), the Ancient Blue Dragons are enigmatic titans of the sky, commanding the power of storm and wind with an unmatched majesty. These dragons, with their azure scales that shimmer like the heart of a tempest, are beings of ancient power and profound intellect. Among them, only three are known to still exist, banished beyond the formidable Westerhal Mountains by the titan giant Yeleronde in an epic confrontation that has become legend. These survivors, Azurigon, Stormrend, and Galewing, each carry the scars of their banishment, their stories woven into the fabric of the Arcverse's history.

Azurigon, the Stormfather

Azurigon, eldest of the trio, resides in the Stormspire Valley, a land perpetually caught in the clash of elemental furies. His scales bear the luster of a clear sky just before a storm, and his eyes hold the calm of the eye of a hurricane. Azurigon is a scholar of the elemental forces, seeking to understand the very essence of power. His rivalry with Yeleronde was personal, a battle of wits and wills as much as strength, and his banishment has only deepened his resolve to master the storms he commands.

Stormrend, the Tempest's Fury

Stormrend's lair is hidden within the Thunderous Reaches, where lightning strikes with relentless fury, sculpting the landscape into a testament to her wrath. Her scales are the dark blue of a stormy sea, and her presence is announced by the roar of thunder. Stormrend embodies the untamable aspect of the storm, her power raw and devastating. Unlike Azurigon, she seeks not understanding but dominion, viewing the Arcverse through the lens of a conqueror. Her clashes with Yeleronde were legendary, a force of nature against the immovable object, a conflict that reshaped mountains.

Galewing, the Whisperer

Galewing makes her home in the Cloudrift Peaks, among the highest and most inaccessible mountains of the Westerhal range. Her scales glint with the myriad blues of the sky at dawn, and her voice carries the softness of a morning breeze. Galewing is the most enigmatic of the trio, a dragon of subtlety and grace, who wields the wind as a painter wields a brush. Her banishment was not a defeat but an inspiration, a challenge to find beauty and power in the solitude and to master the gentle aspects of her elemental domain.

The Banishment

The banishment of these three Ancient Blue Dragons by Yeleronde was a cataclysmic event that reshaped not only the geography of the Arcverse but its political and magical landscape. The confrontation, fueled by Yeleronde's fear of the dragons' growing power, ended with the dragons sealed beyond the Westerhal Mountains, a barrier imbued with ancient magic to contain their might. Yet, even in exile, the dragons' influence permeates the lands, their elemental might seeping through the cracks in their prison, reminding all of their enduring power.

Nature of Ancient Blue Dragons

Ancient Blue Dragons are architects of the sky, their lives intertwined with the essence of air and storm. They are beings of profound intelligence, viewing the world from the heights of their aerial domains with a perspective that spans millennia. Their power is as much in their minds as in their muscles, capable of strategy and foresight that can outmatch the greatest of mortal rulers.

Incorporating Azurigon, Stormrend, and Galewing into a campaign invites players into a world where the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural blur, where the legacy of ancient conflicts shapes the present, and where the majesty of the storm can be both a devastating foe and a breathtaking ally. These dragons offer challenges that test not only the strength and courage of adventurers but their ability to understand and navigate the complex weave of history, magic, and elemental power that defines the Arcverse. Through the tales of these titanic beings, DMs can craft adventures that are as deep and vast as the skies the Ancient Blue Dragons call home.

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Sands of Deception

Introduction: Whispers in the Wind

Setting: The vast, cold Kharidian Desert, a crucial trade route connecting several major cities. Despite its harsh conditions, it's a lifeline for commerce.

Inciting Incident: Caravans have started disappearing, and fierce storms unlike any seen before plague the desert. Rumors of Akheilos, an ancient blue dragon known for his cunning and control over lightning and storms, begin to surface.

Call to Adventure: The players are hired by the Merchant's Guild, desperate to secure their routes. The guild suspects a formidable force behind the disturbances and fears the involvement of Akheilos, whose legendary lair is believed to be hidden somewhere within the desert.

Act 1: Gathering Storms

Objective: Investigate the missing caravans and gather clues about Akheilos’s lair.

Bandit Alliance: Discover that desert bandits have formed an unusual alliance, attacking with strategies and weapons uncharacteristic of their usual raids. Interrogation reveals they're being manipulated by a powerful, unseen force.

Stormridden Oasis: A once-vibrant oasis now a trap for lightning storms. Investigating the anomaly uncovers elemental minions of Akheilos, guarding a piece of ancient draconic lore that hints at the dragon's weaknesses and control over weather.

Ancient Caravan City: Among the ruins of a city swallowed by sand, the party finds remnants of traders who once made pacts with Akheilos for safe passage. Ghostly visions recount tales of betrayal by the dragon, providing clues to his lair's location.

Climax: Recovering an ancient artifact, a compass enchanted to detect draconic magic, pointing the way to Akheilos’s lair.

Act 2: Veil of Sand

Objective: Traverse the perilous desert to confront the minions of Akheilos and find his hidden lair.

Mirage Labyrinth: A series of deceptive mirages created by Akheilos to disorient and trap intruders. Navigating this maze requires clever perception and the unraveling of the dragon’s riddles.

Elemental Guardians: The party faces guardians summoned by Akheilos, including storm elementals and sand constructs, which protect the secrets of his power and lair.

Dragonforged Fortress: The entrance to Akheilos's lair is guarded by a fortress crafted from desert stone and reinforced with dragon magic. A fierce battle with the dragon's elite guard, a band of genie mercenaries, ensues.

Climax: Breaching the fortress reveals the hidden entrance to Akheilos’s lair, a vast underground cavern system illuminated by crackling electrical energy.

Act 3: Lair of the Storm Dragon

Objective: Delve into the depths to face Akheilos and end his reign over the desert.

Traps and Illusions: The caverns are laced with traps that harness the power of lightning and illusions that mimic the desert above, designed to disorient and divide the party.

Treasury of Sand: A vast chamber filled with the accumulated wealth of centuries, guarded by constructs and capable of animating the very treasure to defend itself. This room tests the party's greed and resolve.

Akheilos, the Stormcaller: The confrontation with Akheilos is a dynamic battle that moves through the caverns, with the dragon using his mastery of lightning and storms to his advantage. Strategic use of the environment and the ancient artifact are key to victory.

Climax: A titanic final battle where the heroes must use the knowledge and tools gathered throughout their journey to exploit Akheilos’s arrogance and vulnerabilities, aiming to sever his connection to the desert's storms.

Conclusion: Calm After the Storm

Aftermath: With Akheilos defeated, his control over the desert’s weather dissipates, restoring the natural order and ensuring the safety of the trade routes.

Rewards: Aside from the dragon’s hoard, the heroes gain fame across the desert cities and a lasting alliance with the Merchant's Guild, along with magical items that harnessed the essence of desert storms.

Setting the Stage for Future Adventures: The fall of Akheilos creates a power vacuum in the desert, with various factions aiming to claim dominion over the trade routes. Additionally, the disturbance of ancient magics awakens other entities long buried beneath the sands.

This adventure combines the intrigue of political factions, the challenge of survival in a harsh environment, and the thrill of confronting a legendary beast in its domain, offering a rich tapestry of opportunities for dynamic storytelling and character development.

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