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Zaraphos: Demon Lord

Zaraphos: Demon Lord


Zeraphos the Whispering Torment (Demon Lord)


Unleash the Terror of Zeraphos in Your Next Campaign!

Dive into the abyssal depths of your Dungeons & Dragons campaign with the formidable Zeraphos, the Whispering Torment. This masterfully crafted demon lord is a perfect addition for Dungeon Masters seeking to elevate their game with a powerful and enigmatic adversary.

- Imposing Demon Lord: Zeraphos, a towering figure of dread and power, stands ready to challenge even the most seasoned adventurers.
- Detailed Stat Block: Complete with high challenge rating, extensive hit points, and a variety of fearsome abilities, Zeraphos is a force to be reckoned with.
- Legendary Actions and Innate Spellcasting: With abilities like Shadow Claws and Whisper of Despair, plus an array of innate spellcasting options, Zeraphos can turn the tide of any battle.

- Elevate the Stakes: Introducing Zeraphos can add a new layer of intrigue and danger to your campaign, creating memorable encounters that players will talk about for years.
- Engage Your Players: With unique abilities and a challenging combat experience, Zeraphos is designed to engage players in strategic thinking and teamwork.

- Versatile Use: Perfect as a main antagonist, a side villain, or a dark benefactor, Zeraphos can fit various roles in your storyline.


Additional Information:
- Suitable for higher-level play.
- Compatible with D&D 5th Edition.
- Includes tips for incorporating Zeraphos into your campaign, whether in the Abyss, the Material Plane, or beyond.

Don't miss the chance to bring the menacing allure of Zeraphos, the Whispering Torment, to your game table. Order now and prepare for an epic encounter that will leave your players in awe!



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