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Vakari - Dwarf Lords of the Sea

Vakari - Dwarf Lords of the Sea

Vakhari: Dwarven Lords of the Sea - A New D&D Character Race

Embark on nautical adventures with the Vakhari Dwarves, a seafaring race renowned for their indomitable spirit and mastery of the waters. As descendants of the deep-dwelling Umkhari, the Vakhari have emerged from a war-torn past to forge a new legacy on the shores and waterways of the Northrealm.




Unique Culture: Known as raiders, traders, and warriors, the Vakhari are distinguished by their blue tribal tattoos, each marking achievements and identity. Their sea castles and longhouses reflect their reverence for strength, courage, and loyalty.

Rugged Lifestyle: The Vakhari are resilient, crafting sturdy homes to resist the northern chill and navigating the complex clan structures as adeptly as they do the treacherous seas.

Mystical Beliefs: Their lives are steeped in superstition and reverence for the sea gods, balanced by a fear of the deep demons lurking beneath the waves.

Roleplaying Elements: Embody the Vakhari spirit with characteristics of the sea's unpredictability and the mountains' steadfastness. Their traditions, sailing lore, and warrior ethos offer a rich roleplaying experience.

Special Abilities: Expertise in water vehicles, immunity to fear, and resistance to cold, alongside a unique kinship with sea birds.




Riverclan Vakhari: Excel at river navigation with increased Dexterity and unique abilities like 'Current Whisperer' and 'River Rider'.
High Seas Vakhari: Masters of the ocean with strength and constitution bonuses, and abilities like 'Iceborn' and 'Master Mariner's Maneuver'.
Frozen North Vakhari: Built for icy resilience with constitution and wisdom boosts, plus abilities like 'Iceborn' and 'Frostwalker'.


Vakhari Ships & Equipment:

Discover the legendary Vakhari ships, from agile river vessels to sturdy high-seas galleons and ice-breaking northern ships. Equip your character with unique Vakhari gear, including navigational tools like the Stormfinder Compass, marine weapons such as the Tidecaller Harpoon, and magical items like the Seaheart Amulet.


Adventure Hooks:

Dive into Vakhari-themed adventures, from clan rivalries and sunken ruins to confronting a leviathan's wrath and uncovering ghost fleets. Each narrative is rich with potential for epic stories.


This package is perfect for players and DMs looking to enrich their campaigns with maritime flair, deep lore, and robust new mechanics. Sail into new horizons with the Vakhari Dwarves!

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