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The Saasku - New Fey Character Race for 5th Edition

The Saasku - New Fey Character Race for 5th Edition

Return to the world of Aestis with "The Saasku: Fey Martial Arts Masters," a captivating supplement for your D&D adventures.


These fox-like humanoid warriors, remnants of the elite Fey armies, offer unique roleplaying experiences with their blend of ancient wisdom and martial prowess.


This comprehensive guide includes detailed race traits, subraces, and distinctive martial arts techniques, providing players and Dungeon Masters with fresh opportunities to explore intricate combat styles and deep lore.


Discover the Saasku's compelling backstory, from their war against the Marshal of the Night and the Keeper to their reawakening in a world transformed by shadows. This supplement also features Finno-Ugric inspired naming conventions, offering a rich cultural tapestry for character creation.


Subrace options like Mountain, River, and Cavern Saasku allow for tailored character development, each with unique abilities reflecting their environmental adaptations. Equip your Saasku with specialized gear and magical items, enhancing gameplay with items like the Aukun’s Mountain Hammer and the Cloak of the Fox's Guile.


Engage in thrilling adventures with hooks like "Shadows of Skaarvald" and "Echoes of Eratheon," inviting players into a world of intrigue, ancient magic, and Fey mysteries.


Perfect for those looking to add a touch of fey magic and martial arts mastery to their D&D sessions, "The Saasku: Fey Martial Arts Masters" promises to enrich your gaming experience with its unique blend of lore, combat, and roleplaying possibilities.

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