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The Librarian: Character Race for 5th Edition

The Librarian: Character Race for 5th Edition

Expore a whole new dark academy fantasy setting with the Librarians of Phandrax - a unique addition to your D&D adventures from our Phandrax homebrew universe.


These arcane constructs, crafted from marble, are not only guardians of knowledge but also versatile allies in your quests. With detailed race traits, subraces, spells, and magical items, the Librarians offer a rich tapestry of roleplaying possibilities. Perfect for players and Dungeon Masters alike, this supplement promises to add depth and magic to your campaigns, blending martial prowess with mystical expertise. Embrace the allure of ancient lore and make your mark in the magical halls of Phandrax Academy with the Librarians of Phandrax.


Included in this download are three subraces:

  • Lorekeeper Librarian:

  • Protector Librarian:

  • Forsaken Librarian:



  • Lorekeeper’s Lullaby (Cantrip): Calms and charms targets for negotiations.
  • Nature’s Embrace (Cantrip): Accelerates plant growth.
  • Mystic Archive (1st Level): Creates spectral archives of books.
  • Bibliomancy (2nd Level): Grants advantage on Intelligence/Wisdom skills.


Magic Items:

  • Quill of Bottomless Ink
  • Spectral Book Stand
  • Glyph Enchanted Reading Glasses
  • Chrono-Satchel
  • Encyclopedia Universitae
  • Aurelian Blade


Adventure Hooks:

  • The Silent Archives: Explore an ancient hidden library.
  • Rituals of Awakening: Prevent a dark ritual to awaken a Librarian.
  • The Whispering Vaults: Decipher an ancient vault of whispers.
  • The Lost Librarian: Navigate a labyrinthine realm of magical portals.
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