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Skarisi Temple Battle Map

Skarisi Temple Battle Map

Step into the dark and foreboding Skarisi temple known as Dycrit, where ancient rituals and unspeakable horrors await. Our latest D&D battle map captures the ominous atmosphere of the temple, showcasing its eerie architecture and sinister design.


The temple is a place of worship for the Skarisi, a city that worships the Keeper with a terrifying and brutal purity. The map's intricate design showcases the temple's layout in detail, from entrance to altar. 


The Dycrit temple is not just a place of worship, but a terrifying battleground where players must face unspeakable horrors and malevolent forces.


The Dycrit temple is a must-have for any dungeon master looking to create a dark and foreboding Arclands (5e) adventure. It is the perfect setting for any journey into the heart of evil, where the forces of darkness and malevolence hold sway.


So, get ready to face the terrors of the Skarisi temple known as Dycrit and let the battle map be your guide. A must-have for any collection, this map is sure to inspire your players and create memories that will haunt them for years to come.


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