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Oakheart: New 5e Character Race

Oakheart: New 5e Character Race

Oakheart - Wildwood Guardian

Discover the Magic of Oakheart

Discover the all wooden, all hero player race for 5e - The Oakheart. These noble warriors have begun to leave their forest homes to seek help for the great black rot that spreads through the wildwoods, encountering men, elves and dwarves for the first time. In this download we include the Oakheart, three original subraces, Oakheart druidic magic and items and five adventure hooks. 

- Ancient Guardians: Step into the role of an Oakheart, a mystical guardian born from the heartwood of the Great Forests. These ancient protectors embody the will of the forest, serving as stewards and defenders of sacred groves.
- Mystical Origins: Delve into the lore of beings who transitioned from spirit whispers in the leaves to humanoid entities of living bark and serene faces.
Druidic Magic: Harness ancient druidic powers, drawing from the deep well of forest energy.

Forest Dwellers: Live in harmony with nature, residing in tree hollows and forest canopies. Embrace a society that follows the slow cadence of the seasons.
Roleplaying Charm: Experience the curiosity and charm of a race new to civilization's intricacies, offering unique roleplaying opportunities.

Subraces: Choose from the flexible Willowkin, the robust Ironwood, or the stealthy Thornroot Scout, each with distinct abilities and traits.


Exclusive Oakheart Magic:


Unique Spells: Cast spells like Sunbeam Strike, Root Grasp, and Sacred Sapling, each embodying the essence of forest magic.
Druidic Prowess: Enhance your gameplay with spells tailored for an Oakheart druid, blending nature's power with magical finesse.


Magical Items & Adventure Hooks:

Livingwood Bow, Ironbark Shield: Equip yourself with magic items that resonate with Oakheart lore.
Thornroot Cloak, Gem of Forestspeak:*Add depth to your character with items that enhance interaction with nature.
Engaging Adventures: Dive into plots like "The Blight of the Ironwood" or "The Thornroot Rebellion," each offering rich storytelling and unique challenges.


Become an Oakheart Today!

- Roleplay as a Protector: Join the ranks of these noble guardians, bringing the wisdom and strength of the forest to your adventures.
- Unique Customization: Craft your Oakheart's identity with distinct names and traits, immersing yourself in a character like no other.
- Epic Adventures Await: Whether defending the forests from blight or exploring civilization's mysteries, an Oakheart offers a rich, fulfilling D&D experience.

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