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Arclands: The Spellforgers Companion

Arclands: The Spellforgers Companion

There are few who live who are touched by Fate or who have felt the power of the magic weave, but you have. Across the lands of Aestis, you and your companions have answered the call and sought out places where magic gathers and speaks with its own voice.


You have found the Spellforges, places of power where raw magic is crafted into unique spells and items. 


Nine cities bordering the Greater Arc Sea plot and scheme against one another, while wilder Outer Kingdoms struggle to survive in an increasingly chaotic world.


Portals to other dimensions have become doorways to monstrous creatures that pass through into the mortal realm, hungry for magic and blood.


Arclands: The Spellforgers Companion is a core book for a brand new setting, compatible with the 5th Edition and includes an original system for spell creation, Spellforging. 


Arclands features:


  • A completely unique magic crafting system allowing you to build custom Spells

  • Five new player Origins (races)

  • Four new base classes: weapon specialist Knights, charismatic Corsairs, stealthy Marauders and mounted Dragoons.

  • Three add-on caster classes: the Vowbinder, the Tomebearer and the Fateweaver.

  • New character background options and a lifepath section to develop deep back stories.

  • Over fifty pages of original world lore, locations, dimensions, factions, NPCs and adventure hooks.



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    £30.00Sale Price
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