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Best DND YouTube channels - our top 20

Introduction: Best DND YouTube channels - our top 20

Back in the day, long before YouTube, long before the internet even, way way back in the first age of D&D (for the kids reading think 'Stranger Things), the only way of learning the game was through reading books and arguing with your friends.

It was a more innocent time for sure, one with fewer distractions, but here in this exciting digital era, the internet has brought D&D players some amazing things. YouTube has given the game an almost unimaginable renaissance; actual play channels and DM advice influencers have created countless new players in DMs and also new homebrew universes (like for example our very own Arcverse).

This article, "Best D&D YouTube Channels – Our Top 20," is meticulously crafted to be your compass in the vast sea of D&D content available online. For new players, YouTube channels dedicated to D&D offer an invaluable resource. They are not just platforms for entertainment but also hubs of learning, where you can absorb the rules, pick up strategies, understand game dynamics, and witness the unscripted drama of D&D sessions unfold. From gripping storytelling and character development to mastering the art of being a Dungeon Master (DM), these channels cover it all.

Why are these channels so crucial for a beginner? Imagine having a front-row seat to the games of the most experienced and imaginative players and DMs. You get to see the rules in action, witness how different scenarios can unfold, and learn from the triumphs and mistakes of seasoned players. Channels like Critical Role, led by the legendary DM Matthew Mercer, offer high-quality, immersive experiences with professional voice actors bringing their characters to life. Others, like Dungeon Dudes and DM Lair, focus more on the instructional aspects, providing tips and tricks that are indispensable for both new and experienced players.

Our top 20 list is diverse, catering to a wide range of interests within the D&D spectrum. Whether you are interested in the mechanics of the game, the art of storytelling, or just looking for some good old fantasy fun, there’s a channel for you. We've included channels that put a heavy emphasis on the role-playing aspect, bringing you closer to the heart of what makes D&D such a beloved game. You'll also find channels that delve into the tactical side of D&D, for those who revel in the strategizing and combat elements.

For those looking to be part of a community, many of these channels offer live streams and interactive sessions, allowing viewers to be part of the journey. Engaging with these channels can provide a sense of belonging to a global community of D&D enthusiasts, a place where your love for fantasy and adventure is shared and celebrated.

As you explore our top picks, remember that each channel has its unique flavour. Some may resonate more with you than others, and that’s perfectly fine. The beauty of D&D lies in its diversity and the infinite possibilities it offers. Whether you’re in it for the storytelling, the strategy, the community, or just to have a good time, these channels will enrich your D&D experience and maybe even inspire you to start your own D&D journey, either as a player or a DM.

So, grab your dice, ready your character sheets, and prepare to embark on a journey through the best D&D YouTube channels. Welcome to a world where dragons soar, heroes rise, and legends are born. Welcome to the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Top 20

Ok, so the obvious ones first...

1. Critical Role: Engaging storytelling by voice actors. [YouTube](

2. Matthew Colville: Deep insights into D&D, focusing on game mastering. [YouTube](

3. D&D Beyond: Comprehensive game knowledge, creator interviews. [YouTube](

Now for some excellent explainers

4. Zee Bashew: Explains spells and D&D tools with animations. [YouTube](

5. Dungeon Dudes: Advice on DM tips, classes, and tactics for D&D 5e. [YouTube](

6. All Things DnD: Shares epic D&D stories with animations. [YouTube](

7. Dungeon Craft: Tips for DMs, including terrain creation and mini painting. [YouTube](

8. Don’t Stop Thinking: Animated D&D stories and beginner tips. [YouTube](

9. Web DM: Guidance and tips for D&D players and DMs. [YouTube](

A mixture live action, hilarity and how tos

10. Deerstalker Pictures: Live-action D&D adventures and skits. [YouTube](

11. WASD20: Focus on fantasy maps and cartography. [YouTube](

12. One Shot Questers: Short form skits and D&D humor. [YouTube](

13. XP to Level 3: Skits and video essays on D&D culture. [YouTube](

14. Ginny Di: Roleplaying tips with a whimsical touch. [YouTube](

15. Legends of Avantris: Live, actual play sessions with a humorous twist. [YouTube](

16. Puffin Forest: Animated D&D stories and experiences. [YouTube](

17. Dimension 20: Creative campaigns with a variety of settings and guests. [YouTube](

18. Taking20: D&D tips, tricks, and reviews. [YouTube](

19. Dael Kingsmill (MonarchsFactory): Mythology, D&D lore, and storytelling. [YouTube](

20. Runesmith: D&D mechanics, lore, and theory crafting. [YouTube](

Creating a D&D YouTube Channel: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

1. Launching Your D&D Channel: Embracing the Role of Dungeon Master

Starting your D&D YouTube channel can be an adventure as captivating as the game itself. As a new Dungeon Master (DM), inspired by the likes of Matt Mercer and Deborah Ann Woll, focus on creating an engaging first campaign. Think about what aspects of Dungeons & Dragons excite you. Is it the intricate world-building, the rich lore of Forgotten Realms, or the dynamic between characters and the main cast? Emulate the storytelling styles of Critical Role or High Rollers but put your unique spin on it. Your channel could host regular D&D sessions, offer tips for new players, or delve into discussions about the best D&D video games and graphic novels. Remember, every great DM started with their first campaign; this is your chance to share that journey with an audience.

2. Developing Engaging Content: From Campaign Design to Live Streams

Your content should reflect a deep understanding of D&D and a passion for sharing it. Engage in live streams of your D&D sessions, inviting viewers to experience the thrill of your ongoing campaign. Take inspiration from channels like Dungeon Dudes or Dungeon Craft for innovative campaign ideas. Discuss various aspects of tabletop RPGs, from character creation to game mastering. Include discussions on the latest updates from Wizards of the Coast or deep dives into different D&D series like the 'Black Dice Society' or 'Unsleeping City'. Collaborate with other content creators or invite familiar faces from the D&D community to join your sessions, offering a mix of perspectives.

3. Utilizing Influential Resources and Personalities in D&D

Leverage the wealth of resources available for D&D players. Discuss strategies and tips from 'D&D Beyond', analyze famous campaigns from 'Critical Role', or explore the narrative intricacies of 'The Legend of Vox Machina'. Integrating perspectives from well-known D&D personalities like Brennan Lee Mulligan or Matthew Colville can add depth to your content. Consider reviewing or discussing popular D&D podcasts, such as those hosted by Kelly McLaughlin or Luke Hart, for insights into different storytelling approaches. These resources not only enrich your content but also position your channel as a knowledgeable and engaging place for D&D enthusiasts.

4. Marketing and Promoting Your D&D YouTube Channel

Effective marketing is crucial in distinguishing your channel among the best D&D YouTube channels. Utilize social media platforms for promotions, engage in D&D forums, and participate in live events like Twitch streams or conventions. Collaborate with established names in the D&D community, such as Geek & Sundry or Deerstalker Pictures, to broaden your reach. Consistency in branding, content, and interaction with your audience helps in establishing a recognizable and professional image for your channel. Remember, the goal is not just to attract new listeners but to build a community of D&D enthusiasts who eagerly await your new episodes each week.

5. Growing and Sustaining Your D&D Channel

To maintain and grow your channel, focus on consistently delivering high-quality content. Plan your main campaign meticulously, ensuring each session is filled with intrigue and adventure. Introduce new races or systems to keep the content fresh and engaging. Analyze what works well in your episodes and what could be improved. Regularly interacting with your audience, perhaps through a weekly podcast segment or Q&A sessions, helps in building a loyal viewership. Additionally, consider expanding into related areas like fantasy maps, call of Cthulhu sessions, or discussions on the latest D&D 5th edition updates. The key is to remain passionate, dedicated, and responsive to your audience's interests.

By following these steps and incorporating these elements into your channel, you'll create a vibrant and engaging platform that stands out in the D&D community, attracting both new and seasoned players.

FAQs on Creating a D&D YouTube Channel

1. How do I start a D&D campaign for my YouTube channel?

   - Begin by planning a unique campaign. Draw inspiration from popular D&D series or actual play spaces like Critical Role. Focus on creating a storyline that will captivate your viewers, much like a thrilling episode of a web series.

2. What makes a D&D game engaging for YouTube viewers?

   - An engaging D&D game for YouTube combines creative storytelling, dynamic character interactions, and visual elements like fantasy maps. Engaging your viewers as if they are part of the game is the best way to keep them coming back for more.

3. Can you recommend the best D&D YouTube channels for inspiration?

   - For inspiration, look at channels like Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer's, Dungeon Dudes, or Professor Dungeon Master. They are great places to start understanding what makes a successful D&D YouTube channel.

4. How can I make my D&D YouTube videos stand out?

   - To make your YouTube videos stand out, add your unique flair. This could be through the storytelling style, integrating professional voice actors, or having a heavy emphasis on high-quality production values.

5. Should I live stream my D&D sessions or post edited videos?

   - Both have their merits. Live streaming offers real-time interaction with your audience, making it a great way to build community. Edited videos allow for a more polished product, focusing on the best parts of your sessions.

6. What's the best way to attract viewers to my new D&D channel?

   - The best way is to create engaging content consistently and use social media to promote your channel. Collaborate with other D&D content creators and participate in community events to increase your visibility.

7. How often should I host a D&D session on my channel?

   - Consistency is key. Hosting a session weekly, like every Thursday night, helps build a regular audience. You can adjust the frequency based on your schedule and audience feedback.

8. How can I improve as a game master for my D&D YouTube channel?

   - Improving as a game master involves continuous learning and practice. Watch experienced players on other channels, read D&D literature, and be open to feedback from your viewers.

9. What are some essential elements for a successful D&D series on YouTube?

   - A successful series often includes compelling storytelling, consistent episode releases, engaging the audience, and maintaining high-quality video and audio production.

10. How can I make my D&D YouTube channel a full-time job?

   - To make it full-time, focus on growing your audience, diversify your content, engage in sponsorships or advertisements, and consider additional revenue streams like merchandise or Patreon.

11. What can I learn from the Critical Role campaign for my D&D YouTube channel?

   - Critical Role is a great example of storytelling, character development, and production quality. Analyze how they build their campaigns and engage with their audience for valuable insights.

12. How important is it to engage with viewers during a live stream?

   - Highly important. Viewer engagement during live streams creates a more interactive and personal experience. Respond to comments, ask for input, and make your viewers feel involved.

13. Can I start a D&D YouTube channel without any prior experience?

   - Absolutely! Many successful channels started with hosts who were new to D&D. It’s all about learning, growing, and sharing your journey with your audience.

14. Should I focus on popular D&D themes or niche aspects in my channel?

   - It depends on your interests and audience. Some viewers love popular themes like dragons and sword fighting, while others appreciate niche aspects like deep dives into D&D lore or specific game mechanics.

15. How can I make my D&D sessions more dynamic and exciting for viewers?

   - Incorporate elements like suspenseful storytelling, unexpected plot twists, and interactive elements with your viewers. Also, consider using visuals and sound effects to enhance the experience.

16. What are the technical requirements for starting a D&D YouTube channel?

   - You’ll need a good quality camera, microphone, lighting, and video editing software. If you're live streaming, ensure you have a stable internet connection.

17. How can I handle negative feedback on my D&D YouTube channel?

   - Handle negative feedback constructively. See it as an opportunity to improve. Respond politely and take valid points into consideration for future content.

18. Is it important to follow D&D rules strictly on my YouTube channel?

   - While it's important to respect the game's rules, remember it’s your channel. You can tweak rules for the sake of storytelling and audience engagement, as long as it’s enjoyable and fair.

19. Can collaborating with other D&D YouTubers benefit my channel?

   - Yes, collaborations can introduce your channel to new audiences and add fresh perspectives to your content. It’s a great way to grow your community and learn from others.

20. How do I keep my D&D YouTube channel content fresh and exciting?

   - Continuously introduce new storylines, characters, challenges, and occasionally change up the format. Keeping up with D&D trends and listening to viewer feedback can also help in keeping your content fresh.

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