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10 Enchanted dnd Items for Illusion and Trickery

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Table of Contents: 10 Enchanted dnd Items for Illusion and Trickery


Hey there, budding Dungeon Master! Running your own D&D adventure for the first time can be both thrilling and daunting. One of the challenges you might face is introducing magic items that enhance the story without overpowering it. This balance is especially crucial in adventures that emphasise stealth and deception. With that in mind, we've curated a list of 10 enchanted items, ideal for characters between levels 3 and 7, to foster creativity and enrich role-playing.

Delve into the mysterious realm of illusions and deceit with this collection of enchanted items tailored for the cunning and mischievous. Whether you're equipping a rogue looking to confound their enemies or a bard aiming to weave a tale of wonder, these relics present a myriad of opportunities without overshadowing the narrative.

From the Shadowstep Slippers, ideal for sneaky infiltrations, to the Ring of Illusory Flame that can spin any yarn into believable truth, each item holds a lore crafted by legendary figures. Imagine the Cloak of Misty Disguise that lets your character vanish into thin air or the Dice of Deceptive Odds which can alter the very fate of an outcome. Such items, while holding significant power, are designed not to make your players invincible but to enhance their role-playing experience. They provide opportunities for clever solutions, teamwork, and sometimes just a good laugh!

Remember, the true essence of D&D lies not in overpowering artefacts but in the shared stories, the challenges overcome, and the memories made. These items, steeped in rich history and bound by limitations, encourage players to think out of the box, fostering a more immersive experience.

So, as you chart your adventures, consider these magical tools. They're more than just items; they're story enhancers waiting for the next chapter. Happy Dungeon Mastering! Without further ado, let us explore 10 Enchanted dnd Items for Illusion and Trickery.

Shadowstep Slippers

In the silent corridors of the Underdark city of Uzhgolian, where whispers blend with darkness, the Shadowstep Slippers were birthed by a potent combination of magic and ambition. Crafted by the illustrious dark elf sorcerer, Llaroz, these slippers are the embodiment of stealth and subterfuge. Liorin, always wary of enemies lurking in every shadowy corner, yearned for an artifact that could render him almost invisible, allowing him to navigate the treacherous dark elf politics and the deadly terrains of the Underdark alike.

Fashioned from the ethereal fabrics interwoven with threads plucked from the very heart of shadows, these slippers possess the unparalleled ability to meld with the darkness. The wearer, when donning these, can blend seamlessly with the shadows, making them almost indistinguishable from the enveloping obscurity.

But it wasn't just Llaroz's exploits that gave these slippers their renowned status. A tale that echoed even louder in the annals of history was that of Selena Whisperwind, the rogue who defied all odds. Her mission was no ordinary heist; she aimed to steal the famed Diamond of Delaris. Guarded with layers of enchantments and watched over by the elite guards of King Eldric, this diamond was considered unattainable. Yet, with the Shadowstep Slippers gracing her feet, Selena danced through the darkness of the vault, eluding every trap and guard. Her theft was so stealthy, so flawless, that it was days before the disappearance of the diamond was even noticed.

The legacy of the Shadowstep Slippers is not merely in their magic but in the tales they've shaped and the legends they've birthed. They serve as a reminder that in the right hands, and on the right feet, even the impossible can be achieved.

Item stats

Shadowstep Slippers

Wondrous item (requires attunement)


These slippers appear to be made of a deep black fabric, but upon closer inspection, one can see that they shimmer with an otherworldly essence. Threads of pure shadow interweave with the fabric, giving the slippers an almost liquid-like appearance.


1. Blend with Shadows: While in dim light or darkness, you can use a bonus action to become invisible. You remain invisible until you make an attack, cast a spell, or enter bright light.

2. Silent Step: The slippers muffle the wearer's footsteps. While wearing these slippers, your steps make no sound, regardless of the surface you are moving across. You also have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks that rely on moving silently.

3. Shadow Jaunt: Once per long rest, while in dim light or darkness, you can use a bonus action to teleport up to 60 feet to an unoccupied space you can see that is also in dim light or darkness.

4. Evasion from Traps: While wearing the slippers, you have advantage on saving throws against traps and a +2 bonus to AC against attacks made by traps.


To attune to the slippers, one must spend a short rest in complete darkness, letting the slippers absorb the shadows around them and bind to the wearer's essence.

Cloak of Misty Disguise

High above the mundane world, where the sky kisses the earth and clouds cradle the summits, lies the realm of the Cloudreach Peaks. It was here, amid the ethereal beauty of dawn mists, that the Cloak of Misty Disguise was conceived.

Lumina, the revered cloud giant seamstress, inspired by the ever-changing and elusive nature of mists, endeavoured to capture their essence in a cloak. Using her colossal loom, Lumina wove the delicate morning mists, blending them with strands of moonlight and whispers of wind. The result was a cloak not just of fabric, but of enchantment and marvel.

The cloak, delicate yet potent, has the surreal ability to absorb the appearance of its surroundings and reflect it back. This mirroring effect renders its wearer nearly invisible, akin to a chameleon, adapting and becoming one with its environment. But more than just a tool of stealth, the cloak also carries the whimsical power of disguise, allowing its bearer to assume any visage they desire.

The tales of its powers spread across realms, but one story remains most emblematic of its capabilities. Lucian Fairwind, a bard known as much for his voice as for his cunning, once found himself rivalled by a performer whose talent threatened his fame. Desiring to remain unmatched and unrivalled, Lucian turned to the Cloak of Misty Disguise. With its power, he transformed into the visage of his competitor. Under this deceptive guise, he gave a faltering, off-tune performance, tarnishing the reputation of his unsuspecting rival.

The Cloak of Misty Disguise, thus, stands as an epitome of both nature's beauty and mortal cunning. A testament that sometimes, the most powerful weapons are not of brute force, but of deception and strategy.

Item stats

Cloak of Misty Disguise

Wondrous item (requires attunement)


This cloak appears to be made of a translucent, shimmering material that constantly shifts in color, imitating the hues and textures of its surroundings. When donned, the cloak billows softly, even in the absence of wind, giving off a faint scent of fresh morning mists and distant moonlit nights.


1. Chameleon Camouflage: When standing still for at least 1 minute, the wearer can blend seamlessly with their surroundings. They gain advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, and attackers have disadvantage on attack rolls against them.

2. Misty Disguise: As an action, the wearer can touch the cloak and think of a creature they have seen. They then transform to appear as that creature, as per the "Disguise Self" spell, for up to 1 hour. This ability can be used once per short or long rest.

3. Moonlit Veil: In dim light or darkness, the wearer can use an action to become translucent, giving them the properties of the "Blur" spell for up to 10 minutes. Once used, this ability can't be used again until the next dawn.

4. Whisper of the Winds: While outdoors, the wearer always knows the direction of the wind and can predict weather conditions for the next 24 hours.


To attune to the cloak, one must don it during a misty dawn, allowing the morning dew and soft rays of the sun to drench the fabric, harmonising with the wearer's essence.


The legacy of Lumina's craftsmanship and Lucian Fairwind's cunning strategy intertwine with every thread of this cloak. Those who wear it often feel a slight weight of the past deeds associated with the cloak, a reminder that power can be wielded in many forms.

Tricksters Bell

In the heart of a whimsical village, where laughter echoed more frequently than footsteps and gnomes thrived in playful camaraderie, a peculiar artefact was birthed. Pib Fizzlebang, a gnome with a twinkle in his eyes and mischief in his heart, desired to create something that would amplify his love for jests. While his village was no stranger to light-hearted pranks and jests, Pib wanted something that added a touch of magic to his antics. Thus, with a combination of enchantment and craft, the Trickster's Bell was conceived.

Unlike any ordinary bell, the Trickster's Bell bore the unique ability to project its tinkling sound to any chosen location within a certain radius. This allowed Pib to baffle his friends, making them believe the sound was emanating from somewhere entirely different than its source. It was not merely a tool for pranks but a masterpiece of acoustic illusion.

The bell's fame, however, transcended beyond the boundaries of the gnome village when it became an invaluable asset to The Wandering Willows, a renowned group of adventurers. During one of their perilous quests, they faced a ferocious beast, known for its acute sense of hearing but poor eyesight. Recognizing the potential of the Trickster's Bell, they used it to project misleading sounds, leading the creature away from their path and into a trap, saving themselves from potential doom.

The Trickster's Bell, initially a playful creation, has since become a symbol of wit and strategic diversion. Its legacy underscores the beauty of D&D, where items, regardless of their origins, can be instruments of salvation, strategy, or just sheer fun, underpinning the rich tapestry of tales that shape the realm.

Item stats

Trickster's Tinkling Bell

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)


This small, ornate bell appears to be made of polished silver with intricate patterns carved onto its surface. When shaken, it emits a clear, gentle tinkling sound. It's lightweight and can be easily affixed to any object or carried by hand.


1. Acoustic Illusion: As an action, the wielder can ring the bell and choose a point within 120 feet of their location. The sound of the bell will seem to emanate from that chosen location, rather than the bell's actual location. This sound lasts for 1 minute or until the wielder chooses to stop it as a bonus action.

2. Distracting Echo: When used as part of a Hide or Stealth action, ringing the bell grants the user advantage on their Dexterity (Stealth) check, as creatures are distracted by the misleading source of the sound.

3. Confusing Resonance: Once per short or long rest, as an action, the wielder can ring the bell with force, causing creatures within a 60-foot radius of the chosen sound point to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15) or become confused, per the "Confusion" spell, for 1 round.


Inscribed on the inner rim of the bell, in tiny Gnomish script, is a quote: "The truest trick is not in the sound, but where it's found." The legacy of Pib Fizzlebang's playfulness combined with The Wandering Willows' clever use of the bell makes it a sought-after item for both jesters and adventurers alike. Its enchantments are a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of its creator and the countless others who've wielded it since.

Ring of Illusory Flames

Amidst a land where myths and magic intertwine, a legendary binding occurred that would ignite tales for ages. Alaric Emberfell, a wizard of immense talent and a penchant for the dramatic, had always been captivated by the majestic phoenix. This bird, emblematic of rebirth and fiery grace, became the heart of his most ambitious endeavour. Seeking to harness its ethereal flames, Alaric invoked ancient spells and bound the fiery spirit of a phoenix to a beautifully crafted ring. The result was the Ring of Illusory Flames.

Unlike genuine flames that burn and consume, the flames from this ring were pure illusion. They danced with the same ardour and intensity as a real blaze but were devoid of any heat. It became the perfect tool for dramatic displays without the risk of unintentional destruction.

The true prowess of this enchanting ring came to light in the hands of Nyx Firehand, a sorcerer renowned for her spellwork but less so for her stage presence. In a grand magical tournament, where wizards and sorcerers showcased their might, Nyx faced stiff competition. Recognizing the allure of spectacle over substance in this setting, she donned the Ring of Illusory Flames. As she unleashed waves of roaring, mesmerising flames that spiralled skywards and danced around her, the audience was spellbound. Though the flames were mere illusions, her mastery in manipulating them earned her thunderous applause and the audience's overwhelming favour.

The Ring of Illusory Flames serves as a testament to the power of perception and the significance of merging might with artistry. It stands as a beacon, reminding every mage that sometimes, the line between reality and illusion holds the key to true magic.

Item stats

Ring of Illusory Flames

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)


This delicate ring is crafted from a shimmering golden material, its band encrusted with small gemstones that emulate embers. The centrepiece is an intricate carving of a phoenix in flight, its wings outstretched and enveloped in an eternal dance of flames.


1. Dramatic Flames: As an action, the wielder can cause the ring to emit bright, roaring flames. These flames can envelop the user or spread out to fill a 15-foot radius around them. The flames last for up to 10 minutes and can be dismissed as a bonus action. While they appear real, they produce no heat and cause no damage.

2. Mesmerising Display: When using the ring to produce flames, the wielder can attempt to captivate those who observe the display. Creatures within 30 feet who can see the flames must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 14) or become fascinated by the display, rendering them incapacitated and having their speed reduced to 0 for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success. This effect can only be used once per short or long rest.

3. Illusory Protection: Once per long rest, when the wearer is targeted by an attack, they can use their reaction to envelop themselves in the flames from the ring. The attacker must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 16). On a failure, they are convinced the flames are real and the attack automatically misses. On a success, the attack proceeds as normal.


Engraved on the inner band of the ring in elegant script is the phrase, "In the dance of flames, reality and illusion meld as one." From Alaric Emberfell's meticulous crafting to Nyx Firehand's triumphant display, the Ring of Illusory Flames has captured the imaginations of many. It is a cherished item for those who value the balance between power and presentation, artistry and ambition.

Goblet of Fading Reality: A Draught from Dreams to Deliverance

In the liminal spaces between wakefulness and slumber, the enigmatic Dreamrealm thrives, a place where dreams flutter like moths and the intangible becomes touchable. This realm, inhabited by ethereal beings who weave dreams and curate nightmares, sought to gift mortals a portal into their world. Their creation was no ordinary vessel but a chalice imbued with the essence of dreams: the Goblet of Fading Reality.

This goblet, crafted from iridescent materials found only in the Dream Realm, held a unique power. When filled and sipped from, it allowed the drinker to dissolve the barriers between the real and the imagined, enabling them to journey into the world of dreams. A sip wasn't merely a taste of wine or water but an immersion into the boundless tapestry of dreams and desires.

Its most legendary use, however, was not of mere exploration, but of salvation. Lady Seraphina, a woman known for her compassion and wisdom, came across a prince ensnared in a perpetual nightmare, a curse that neither mage nor healer could dispel. With the Goblet of Fading Reality in her grasp, Seraphina ventured bravely into the prince's nightmarish visions. Navigating the treacherous terrains of his fears and confronting the shadows of his psyche, she managed to alter the dream's narrative. By rewriting the tormenting tales, she liberated the prince from his ensnaring dread, breaking the curse that held him captive.

The Goblet of Fading Reality, thus, stands not only as a bridge between the tangible and intangible but as a beacon of hope. It reminds us of the potential within dreams, both for wonder and for healing, echoing the age-old adage: sometimes, salvation lies not in reality, but beyond it.

Item stats

Goblet of Fading Reality

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)


The goblet is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship, its material seeming to shift in color and clarity, capturing the ephemeral beauty of dreams. Touching it sends a gentle tingle up one's arm, akin to the sensation of falling asleep.


1. Journey into Dreams: Once per long rest, the wielder can fill the goblet with any liquid and drink from it. Upon doing so, they are transported into the Dreamrealm for up to an hour. In this realm, the user can explore and interact with the world of dreams, though they cannot affect the real world during this time. Time in the Dreamrealm passes differently, and an hour there may feel like mere minutes or extend into what seems like days.

2. Alter Dreamscape: While in the Dreamrealm, the user can attempt to reshape or redirect the course of a dream or nightmare. This requires a successful Charisma (Performance) check, with the DC determined by the complexity of the dream and its emotional weight.

3. Dreamer's Respite: If a creature drinks from the goblet while asleep or unconscious, they immediately gain the benefits of a full night's rest and are cured of any conditions caused by curses, spells, or other supernatural means related to dreams or sleep.

4. Enter Another's Dream: By holding the goblet and concentrating on a sleeping creature they can see, the user can project themselves into that creature's dreams. The user can observe, interact, or attempt to influence the dream's narrative. However, actions within the dream may have repercussions, and the dreamer might become aware of the user's presence with a successful Wisdom (Perception) check against the user's Charisma (Deception) check.


The base of the goblet is etched with scenes of the Dreamrealm, from ethereal beings crafting dreams to the triumphant moment of Lady Seraphina confronting a monstrous nightmare. It is a cherished relic, not just for its tangible powers, but for the untapped potential it offers: the possibility of harnessing the beauty, wonder, and sometimes terror, of the dreamscape.

Pendant of the Echoing Voice: From Haunting Wails to Heroic Revelations

In the muted shades of twilight, when the world hushes and shadows deepen, Morana, a banshee known for her lamenting cries, sought silence from her own haunting voice. Desperate for respite, she encapsulated her wails within a pendant, a vessel that would trap the eerie resonance of her screams. This pendant, however, would not remain a mere relic of sorrow. When it eventually found its way into the hands of a perceptive mage, it underwent a transformative enchantment.

The mage, recognizing the pendant's potential, refined its power. Instead of just trapping the cries of a banshee, the pendant was now able to capture and echo any spoken word or phrase, replaying it with clarity and precision. Dubbed the Pendant of the Echoing Voice, its allure lay not in its gleaming exterior but in its unparalleled ability to be a vessel of truth and deception.

The pendant's most defining moment in history was in the possession of Riven, a skilled diplomat with a sharp ear for subtext and secrets. In the grand halls of a kingdom teetering on the edge of turmoil, whispers of conspiracy brewed. Riven, suspecting a plot, discreetly used the pendant to capture the surreptitious confessions of a known conspirator. In a gathering of the kingdom's elite, Riven boldly donned the Pendant of the Echoing Voice, revealing the treacherous plans by replaying the very words of the betrayer. The unveiled plot not only saved the kingdom from potential chaos but solidified the pendant's reputation as an instrument of truth.

From its sorrowful origin to its triumphant usage, the Pendant of the Echoing Voice stands as a symbol of transformation, a testament that even the most haunting of pasts can lead to heroic futures.

Item stats

Pendant of the Echoing Voice

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)


The pendant is a mesmerising piece, delicate yet weighty, with a sheen that appears to ripple like the surface of a calm pond, reflecting muted shades of twilight. Those sensitive to the arcane can almost hear the faintest echo of a distant wail trapped within.


1. Voice Capture: Once attuned, the user can touch the pendant and speak a command word to activate its recording ability. The pendant can capture up to 1 minute of spoken words or sounds, preserving them without any distortion.

2. Voice Playback: By touching the pendant and speaking another command word, the user can replay the captured sound with perfect clarity. The sound emanates from the pendant and can be heard within a 30-foot radius. The pendant can store one recording at a time, and recording over it will erase the previous sound.

3. Voice Amplification: If desired, the user can choose to amplify the replayed voice, making it audible up to a 300-foot radius.

4. Haunting Wail: As an action, once per long rest, the wearer can unleash the trapped banshee's cry. Every creature within a 30-foot radius must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 15) or be stunned until the end of their next turn, overwhelmed by the mournful wail.


The back of the pendant is intricately engraved with the silhouette of Morana, her form dissolving into ethereal wails. This item serves as a reminder that the essence of sorrow can be harnessed and transformed into a beacon of truth and heroism. With the right wielder, it becomes an instrument capable of swaying the fate of kingdoms.

Dice of Deceptive Odds: From Fortuitous Bones to Legendary Bets

In the dimly lit corners of gambling dens, where fortune flirts with fate, an artifact of unparalleled mischief was born. Orrin Luckfinger, a gambler with a reputation as grand as his ambitions, had always chased after lady luck. One fateful night, his pursuit led him to the remains of a luck dragon, a creature fabled to bend fortune in its favor. Seizing this serendipitous find, Orrin whittled dice from the dragon's bones, believing them to hold the essence of the creature's luck. The result was the Dice of Deceptive Odds.

While ordinary dice obey the laws of chance, these dice had a whimsical nature. With a roll, they could alter their outcome, making the improbable probable, and vice versa. They didn’t just determine luck; they moulded it, making them the most coveted item in any gamble.

Their legendary status was cemented when they landed in the hands of Captain Toren Goldhook, a swashbuckling pirate with an eye for opportunity. In a high-stakes game, with the ownership of a magnificent ship, The Siren's Song, hanging in the balance, Captain Toren threw the Dice of Deceptive Odds. The dice danced, teased, and landed favourably, granting Toren the ship that would become synonymous with his legacy. With The Siren's Song under his command, he embarked on adventures that would become tales whispered in every port.

The Dice of Deceptive Odds serve as a beacon of audacity and ambition. They remind us that in the grand game of life, sometimes, one must not just rely on luck, but craft it. They stand as symbols of the unpredictable dance between chance and choice, where fortune favours not just the bold, but the clever.

Item stats

Dice of Deceptive Odds

Wondrous item, very rare


The dice, crafted from the pale, opalescent bones of a luck dragon, shimmer with an ethereal light. Each face is meticulously carved with symbols and numbers that seem to dance and shift subtly when viewed out of the corner of the eye. They are cool to the touch, and those holding them can feel a faint pulse, as if the dice themselves are alive with anticipation.


1. Crafted Luck: When rolled, the bearer can use a bonus action to influence the outcome of these dice. Instead of the natural result, the dice will show a number or symbol of the bearer's choosing. This ability can be used three times per long rest.

2. Probability Bend: Once per long rest, after seeing a roll (but before the consequences are revealed), the bearer can choose to reroll the Dice of Deceptive Odds and replace the original roll with this new outcome.

3. Curse of the Covetous: If the dice are used to cheat or for personal gain more than three times in succession without a long rest in between, the user must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be afflicted with a curse of misfortune. While cursed, any roll of a natural 1 is treated as a critical failure with added misfortune.

4. The Siren's Call: Once per day, the bearer can call upon the spirit of Captain Toren Goldhook, seeking guidance or insight into a gamble or risky endeavor. This manifests as advantage on one ability check related to games of chance or risky decisions.


Embedded within one of the dice is a minute engraving of The Siren's Song, and when held up to the ear, one can faintly hear the distant call of the sea and the echoes of Captain Toren's adventures. The dice whisper of audacity, ambition, and the thin line between tremendous fortune and disastrous folly. They serve as a reminder that fate can be fickle, and the clever can sometimes tip the scales in their favor.

Mask of the Forgotten Face: From Lost Memories to Elusive Identities

In the mystic valley where the Lethe River flows, memory and oblivion intertwine, weaving tales of forgotten pasts. On its banks, an amnesiac sculptor, tormented by the void of his own identity, sought to recapture the reflection he once knew. With hands trembling with longing, he moulded a mask from the river's clay, hoping to externalise the face he could no longer recall. The result was the Mask of the Forgotten Face.

This mask, steeped in the waters of forgetfulness, bore a remarkable enchantment. When worn, it allowed its bearer to assume any visage they desired. More intriguingly, those who gazed upon the wearer's transformed face would later have no recollection of it, their memories fading as swiftly as a dream upon waking.

The true prowess of this mask emerged when it graced the delicate features of Elodie, a spy whose craft thrived on ambiguity and secrecy. In a world of shifting alliances and shadowy intrigue, Elodie's missions demanded a spectrum of identities. With the Mask of the Forgotten Face, she danced through courts and alleys, assuming faces as one would change attire. Her true face, shielded by the mask's magic, became an enigma. Even as she extracted secrets or spun webs of deceit, her victims, though entranced by her ever-changing visages, could never recall the true face behind the façade.

The Mask of the Forgotten Face stands as an emblem of the fluidity of identity and the fragility of memory. In a world where faces determine fate and recognition can be a curse, the mask serves as a reminder of the power that lies in being forgotten.

Item Stats

Mask of the Forgotten Face

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)


This mask, seemingly crafted from ordinary clay, is cool to the touch and surprisingly lightweight. It rests comfortably on the face, with a silken strap that ensures a secure fit. When closely observed, the mask pulsates with a subtle blue hue, reminiscent of the waters from the Lethe River. It seems to constantly shift, refusing to settle into a single shape, as though constantly trying to find its own identity.


1. Adaptive Visage: As an action, the wearer can command the mask to assume any humanoid face they desire. The transformation is detailed and authentic, rendering the wearer indistinguishable from the desired appearance.

2. Oblivion's Gaze: Any creature that sees the wearer while the mask is activated must make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature will have no memory of the wearer's face once the wearer is out of sight. This effect does not cause the creature to forget any other interactions or events; only the face remains elusive.

3. Shrouded Identity: While wearing the mask, divination spells that would reveal the wearer's true identity or location return vague and unclear results.

4. Echo of the Sculptor: As a bonus action, the wearer can touch the mask and catch fleeting glimpses of forgotten memories from its creation. These memories can sometimes provide insights or cryptic advice, granting advantage on an Intelligence (History) or Wisdom (Insight) check once per long rest.


Torment of the Amnesiac: The mask, having been born of profound longing and loss, occasionally imposes its own sorrow upon its user. After removing the mask, the wearer must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, they suffer a temporary identity crisis, struggling to recall their own history or personal details for the next hour.


The Mask of the Forgotten Face whispers tales of the Lethe River and the sculptor's desperate endeavour. Its power, though a boon to many, is also a testament to the eternal torment of its creator. As it shields identities, it also stands as a poignant reminder of the heartache that birthed it.

Locket of the Trickster's Gaze: From Vanity's Reflection to Deceptive Visions

In the gleaming city of Mirran, where appearances held unparalleled importance, there resided a vain noble named Lady Elestria. Her obsession with her own reflection was such that she commissioned a special locket that would always show her beauty, regardless of her actual age or appearance. The locket was infused with illusion magic, ensuring that Lady Elestria's visage remained ever-youthful within its confines.

However, as time went on and Lady Elestria's reputation for vanity spread, the locket was stolen by a rogue named Jareth Trickfoot. Recognizing the potential of the locket's illusion magic, Jareth repurposed its capabilities. No longer was it a tool for vanity; the locket could now show the viewer a deceptive vision of their deepest desires or fears.

Renamed the Locket of the Trickster's Gaze, it became a coveted item amongst spies and thieves. Its most notable usage was by the illusionist wizard, Valeria Shadowweave. Sent on a mission to infiltrate a fortress, she used the locket to distract the guards, showing them visions of gold and jewels. As they reached out to grasp the illusory treasures, Valeria slipped by unnoticed.

The journey of the Locket of the Trickster's Gaze from a mere ornament of narcissism to a powerful tool of deception is a poignant reminder: the way we see things is often influenced by our desires, and the truth can sometimes be a matter of perspective.

Item stats

Locket of the Trickster's Gaze

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)


This elegantly crafted locket is adorned with intricate designs and a lustrous gem at its centre. Upon opening the locket, one would initially see the ever-youthful face of Lady Elestria. However, as the illusion magic takes effect, the visage shifts to show the viewer's deepest desires or fears.


1. Vanity's Reflection: As an action, the wearer can look into the locket to see an idealised, youthful version of themselves, providing a brief moment of vanity-induced confidence. This grants advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks for the next hour. Can be used once per long rest.

2. Trickster's Deception: Once per short rest, as an action, the wearer can open the locket and present it to a target within 5 feet. The target sees a vivid illusion of their deepest desire or fear (wearer's choice). The target must make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or be either charmed (by desire) or frightened (by fear) for 1 minute. A target charmed in this way is enthralled by the vision and takes no actions other than to observe the locket.

3. Shadowweave's Distraction: Once per long rest, the wearer can activate the locket to create a more potent illusion in a 15-foot radius. Creatures within this radius see an overwhelming vision of treasure, luxury, or other tantalizing sights. They must make a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw or become stunned, attempting to interact with the illusion for 1 minute. This effect breaks if the affected creature takes damage.


Echoes of Vanity: Every time the locket is used for any of its deceptive properties, there's a 10% chance that the user becomes overwhelmed by Lady Elestria's vanity. The wearer becomes narcissistic and self-absorbed, suffering disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks for the next hour as they become lost in their own reflection.


The Locket of the Trickster's Gaze is a testament to the transformative power of purpose. What began as an accessory for one noble's vanity became a tool of cunning and strategy in the right hands. Its existence reminds its users that perception can be malleable, and truth is sometimes obscured by desire.

Chalice of the Forgotten Grudge: From Bitter Resentments to Harmonious Resolutions

Deep in the heart of the tumultuous Dracon Peaks, where grudges between clans led to endless feuds, the elder druid Lorn crafted a chalice from the heartwood of an ancient tree. Imbued with the power to trap emotions, Lorn hoped to drain the bitterness and resentment from feuding clan leaders, making them forget their animosity.

Yet, in the hands of the trickery cleric, Calista Shadebinder, the chalice was repurposed. Instead of simply making individuals forget their grudges, it could now transfer the emotions of one individual to another, allowing them to truly understand each other's grievances.

The Chalice of the Forgotten Grudge soon played a pivotal role in a historic peace summit. Two warring clans, unable to see eye to eye, were offered a drink from the chalice by Calista. As they sipped, the leaders experienced each other's pain, love, and sacrifices. With newfound understanding and empathy, a truce was swiftly brokered.

The chalice's transformation from a vessel of forgetfulness to a conduit of understanding exemplifies the potential of empathy in resolving even the most deep-seated conflicts. Through it, enemies became allies, and the chalice became a beacon of hope for a harmonious future.

Item Stats

Chalice of the Forgotten Grudge

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)


This chalice, carved from the heartwood of an ancient tree, is adorned with intricate patterns representing harmony, unity, and understanding. It has a polished sheen and seems to resonate with a subtle energy, especially when filled with liquid.


1. Lorn's Calm: Once per long rest, as an action, the user can fill the chalice with water and offer it to a creature. Upon drinking, the creature must make a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw or forget their grudges and animosities towards another chosen creature for the next 24 hours.

2. Calista's Insight: Three times per long rest, as an action, the user can fill the chalice with water and offer it to two creatures. Both creatures must drink from the chalice. For the next hour, they experience each other's primary emotions, granting them insights into each other's fears, hopes, and desires. During this period, the two creatures have advantage on Insight checks regarding each other.

3. Bond of Understanding: Once per month, if two arch-enemies or creatures with deep-seated animosities towards each other drink from the chalice at the same time, they gain a deep empathetic link. For the next seven days, whenever they are within 100 feet of each other, they can communicate telepathically and experience each other's strongest emotions. This connection often results in deep-seated conflicts being resolved or at least understood, though not always amicably.


Emotional Overwhelm: Every time the chalice is used for its Calista's Insight or Bond of Understanding property, there's a 20% chance that the user becomes overwhelmed by the influx of emotions. They become incapacitated for 1 minute as they grapple with the intense emotional surge.


The Chalice of the Forgotten Grudge serves as an emblem of the profound impact that empathy can have on resolving disputes and forging connections. Initially crafted as a tool for peace, its true potential was unlocked when it was reimagined as a bridge between hearts and minds. It stands as a testament to the idea that understanding another's pain can be the first step towards reconciliation.

Bonus adventure outline The Shattered Illusions

Setting: The once vibrant city of Luminara, now desolate and drained of color, with its citizens standing lifeless, as if trapped in time.

Part I: Desperate Plea

Introduction: As the player characters (PCs) enter Luminara, they're approached by a child, the last active soul of the city. Through tearful eyes, she hands the party members a set of parchment cards with an illusory creature on each, representing the heart and soul of the city. The villain, Illusar, an illusionist wizard, has trapped the city's essence within a deck of illusions, stripping Luminara of its life force. Heroes find Illusar’s lair at the heart of a great crystal maze that has grown in the heart of the city.

Objective: The PCs must locate Illusar's lair and retrieve the Deck to restore the city.

- Illusion spells & minor illusion: Used to mislead the party from the real path.

- Bag of tricks: This is a cursed object left by Illusar to further distract the party, producing illusions of long deceased enemies from their past

- Part II: Labyrinth of Shadows

Introduction: Illusar's lair is a maze filled with **magical items** that twist reality. At the center is the Deck of Illusions, guarded by enchantments.

* Objective: Navigate the maze, resist the deceptions, and reach the Deck.

- Ring of invisibility: A tool to bypass certain traps, but with limited use.

- Disguise self: Needed to pass certain guardians who only allow 'familiar' faces.

- Phantasmal force & silent image: The main threats within the maze.

- Ring of mind shielding: Found midway, this protects from Illusar's attempts to mentally cripple the party.

- Part III: Confrontation with Illusar

* Introduction: As the PCs approach the Deck, Illusar emerges, angered by their progress. He reveals his motive: to become the most powerful being by absorbing the life essence of cities, starting with Luminara.

* Objective: Battle Illusar and retrieve the Deck.

- Attack rolls & bonus action: Central to the battle mechanics.

- Command word: The way to unleash the Deck's trapped souls, weakening Illusar.

- 1st level spell & opportunity attack: PCs need to strategize and use all at their disposal to combat Illusar's potent magic.

Conclusion: Upon Illusar's defeat and using the Deck, Luminara's vibrant colours and life return. The grateful citizens, back from their suspended state, celebrate the heroes. The PCs leave Luminara, not only as saviours but also carrying the heavy knowledge that there might be more like Illusar, threatening the essence of other cities.

Continued Illusions Campaign

1. The Stolen Skyblade

Premise: A magnificent magic sword, known as the Skyblade, which contains the essence of lightning bolt spells, is stolen from the kingdom's armoury. The dungeon master provides clues, leading the adventurers on a chase that tests their ability checks.

Plot: A prominent illusion wizard has taken the Skyblade, intending to use its power to create an unstoppable storm. The adventurers must use detect magic to trace the sword's energy, battling the wizard's deceptive illusion magic and his underlings.

2. Whispering Shadows

Premise: In a city market, a mysterious vendor sells a bag of holding to the party. Unbeknownst to them, this isn't any ordinary bag – it holds a trapped sentient magic item, a cloak known as the Whispering Shadow.

Plot: The cloak, once a druid cursed into its current form, communicates with the party during a short rest period whilst they are questing. The party learns that only by venturing into the actual location where the curse was cast, guarded by enchanted golden lions, can they free the trapped spirit.

3. The Manta's Secret

Premise: Stories tell of an ancient cloak of the manta ray that grants not just the ability to breathe underwater, but also to speak and control sea creatures. Located in a drowned city, the party must decipher magic item formulas and brave the saltwater depths to retrieve it.

Plot: Battling saltwater creatures, and uncovering an old rivalry between a trickery cleric and a merfolk sorcerer, the party must use their common sense and potion of healing reserves to navigate the challenges.

4. Fortress in the Sands

Premise: An ancient map reveals the location of Daern's instant fortress hidden deep within a desert. But the fortress is more than stone and magic; it's a key to an interdimensional portal.

Plot: Travelling long distances across shifting dunes, the party encounters a nomad with an ordinary bag filled with uncommon items. The nomad offers a wand of magic detection to help, but they must promise to close the portal, which once unleashed monstrous creatures upon the world.

5. Challenge of the Archery Guild

Premise: The Archery Guild has announced a challenge. The prize? The famed bracers of archery. But this is no ordinary competition. The guild's range is enchanted, and arrows that miss turn into deadly creatures.

Plot: Competing against elite archers, the adventurers must rely on their ability scores and quick reflexes. When shots go awry, enchantment spells spring to life, turning misfires into creatures that move swiftly to deal extra damage. The tournament becomes a test of skill, wit, and survival.

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