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The Arcverse: The Arclands 5th Edition Universe

On this page you can find links to our amazing universe for 5th Edition. Five Dimensions, Nine Cities, Ten Kingdoms, One Multiverse

Introducing the Arcverse

The Arcverse is a 5th edition compatible universe where spells aren't learned, they're forged. We have created five dimensions to explore, complete with lore, artwork, monsters, stories, items, adventures and more. You can access it here and join our Patreon for monthly 5th Edition compatible content here.

The Realms of the Arcverse

From the adventuring world of the Mortal Realm to Celestium, the Grey Kingdom, the Red Waste and Damnation, explore the Arcverse and join our Patreon for monthly adventures, maps and subscriber only content and lore. 

Peoples of the



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