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In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e), the term "Vulnerability" refers to a creature's or object's increased susceptibility to a specific type of damage. When a creature or an object has vulnerability to a certain damage type, any damage of that type it receives is doubled. This mechanic introduces a strategic layer to combat, encouraging players to discover and exploit their enemies' vulnerabilities to maximize their effectiveness in battle [[1](][[4](].

For example, if a creature that has vulnerability to fire damage is hit by an attack that deals 25 points of fire damage, it would instead take 50 points of damage due to its vulnerability. Identifying and targeting these vulnerabilities can be crucial in overcoming particularly tough opponents or enemies that might otherwise pose a significant threat to the party [[5](].

It's important for both players and Dungeon Masters to understand how vulnerability interacts with the game's damage mechanics to effectively incorporate it into their play sessions, whether planning a character's attacks or designing encounters that challenge a party's composition and tactics.


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