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In Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the term "Undead" refers to creatures that were once living but have been reanimated through unnatural forces, such as necromancy. These beings encompass a wide range of entities, from mindless zombies and skeletons to intelligent and malevolent vampires and liches. The essence of undead creatures is that they defy the natural cycle of life and death, often existing in a state of decay yet animated by magical energies or the will of a controlling necromancer.

Undead creatures in D&D are known for their resistance to certain types of damage and their immunity to conditions that affect the living, such as poison or exhaustion. This makes them formidable opponents, as traditional means of combat may not be as effective against them. The creation of undead is often attributed to necromancy, a form of magic that manipulates the power of death. Orcus, the demon lord of undeath, is cited in lore as a prominent figure associated with the creation and control of undead creatures.

The presence of undead in a campaign can introduce themes of horror, decay, and the corruption of life, serving as adversaries that challenge players not only in combat but also in their ability to deal with the ethical and existential questions that arise from confronting the undead.


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