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Turn Undead

D&D Turn Undead In Dungeons & Dragons, "Turn Undead" is a special class feature and supernatural ability primarily associated with the cleric class. This ability allows clerics to use their divine power to repel, frighten, or even destroy undead creatures, such as zombies, skeletons, and vampires. Turn Undead is a powerful tool for clerics when facing hordes of undead adversaries. **Key Points about Turn Undead**: - **Cleric Class Feature**: Turn Undead is a class feature that is unique to clerics and is closely tied to their divine connection with a deity or higher power. It represents their ability to channel divine energy to confront and combat undead threats. - **Channel Divinity**: Turn Undead is often one of the options available through a cleric's "Channel Divinity" class feature. Channel Divinity represents the cleric's ability to tap into their deity's power for special effects. - **Frightening or Destroying Undead**: When a cleric uses Turn Undead, it typically forces undead creatures within a certain radius to make a saving throw. Depending on the result of the saving throw, the undead may become frightened and try to flee or, in more potent cases, be utterly destroyed, disintegrated, or banished to their plane of origin. - **Limitations**: The effectiveness of Turn Undead is influenced by the cleric's level, their domain, and the power of the undead they are attempting to turn. More powerful undead may be more resistant to turning. - **Turning as a Deterrent**: Turn Undead serves as a powerful deterrent against undead foes. It can prevent them from approaching the cleric or their allies and force them to reconsider their actions. - **Roleplaying Significance**: Turn Undead is not just a mechanical ability; it carries significant roleplaying implications. It reflects the divine authority and presence of the cleric's deity, underscoring their role as a protector and agent of their faith. **Examples of Turn Undead Effects**: - A cleric uses Turn Undead against a group of approaching zombies. The zombies must make a Wisdom saving throw. Those who fail their saving throws become frightened and move away from the cleric for a specific duration. - A high-level cleric uses Turn Undead against a powerful vampire lord. The vampire must make a saving throw, and if it fails, it is forced to flee or is utterly destroyed by the cleric's divine power. **Divine Domains and Variations**: Different cleric domains may offer variations of Turn Undead or additional abilities related to undead. For example, a cleric of the Death domain may have the ability to control or bolster undead creatures, while a cleric of the Light domain may have enhanced Turn Undead abilities against creatures of darkness. In summary, Turn Undead is a distinctive cleric class feature in D&D that represents the cleric's divine power to repel, frighten, or destroy undead creatures. It reflects the cleric's role as a guardian of the living and a nemesis of the undead, showcasing the influence of their faith and connection to their deity.
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Harnessing the Divine: The Power of Turn Undead in D&D

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