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In Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition (5e), "Celestial" is a term that describes beings from the Upper Planes, realms in the D&D universe that embody goodness and law. Celestials are typically associated with divine and holy energy, making them powerful allies against evil forces. Common examples of celestials include angels, unicorns, and other creatures that are embodiments of virtue and light.

For first-time D&D players, think of celestials as the ultimate good guys of the multiverse. They often appear in campaigns as helpers or guides for player characters (PCs), offering assistance or divine intervention in times of need. In combat, celestials can be formidable allies or opponents, depending on the story the Dungeon Master (DM) is telling. They possess a range of magical abilities, from healing powers to smiting evil with radiant energy.

When creating adventures or encountering celestials in gameplay, remember they stand for everything pure, just, and kind. They oppose demons, devils, and other malevolent entities, making them natural enemies in many D&D narratives. In terms of gameplay mechanics, celestials can serve as a source of wisdom, magical aid, or direct combat support for the party.

Understanding celestials and their role in the D&D cosmos can enrich your gaming experience, adding layers of depth to the story and interactions within your campaign. Whether you're a player encountering a celestial being for the first time or a DM weaving them into your narrative, these creatures bring a touch of the divine to the world of D&D.

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