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The Azmyth is a magical beast found within the realms of Dungeons & Dragons, specifically noted for its habitat in Faerûn and the Underdark. This creature is essentially a species of deep bat, notable for its significant size compared to ordinary bats. An Azmyth measures approximately 4 feet (1.2 meters) in length with a wingspan extending about 3 feet (0.91 meters). This size allows it to be a formidable presence in the dark caverns and skies of the D&D world (].

Characterized by its chaotic neutral alignment, the Azmyth possesses a darkvision capability of up to 90 feet, which is crucial for navigating and hunting in the pitch-black environments of the Underdark. Its senses are finely tuned, with notable skills in both listening and spotting potential prey or threats, highlighted by a +2 initiative bonus due to its dexterity. These traits make the Azmyth not just a passive dweller of the dark, but an active participant in the ecosystem, likely both as predator and prey (].

Azmyths, with their magical beast classification, add to the diverse and rich tapestry of creatures adventurers might encounter in their journeys through Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Their presence underscores the depth and breadth of the D&D universe's ecology, inviting players and Dungeon Masters alike to explore and interact with the myriad forms of life that inhabit its many realms.


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Echoes of the Underdark


In the sprawling, shadowy expanse of the Underdark, the city of Gloomhaven stands as a beacon of civilization amidst the chaos. But a new terror has taken to the skies and caverns around the city: a swarm of Azmyths, large magical bats known for their formidable size and agility in the darkness. With their sudden appearance, these creatures have begun disrupting trade routes, attacking travelers, and even threatening the outskirts of Gloomhaven itself.

Summoned by the city's Council of Elders, the adventurers are tasked with investigating the sudden surge in Azmyth activity, understanding their motives, and finding a solution to protect the city.

The Plot Twist

Delving into the depths of the Underdark and following the trails of the Azmyths, the adventurers uncover a more sinister force at play. A powerful drow sorcerer, seeking to expand their domain, has discovered an ancient artifact capable of controlling Azmyths, bending their will to serve as guardians and soldiers.

Additional Monsters

- Drow Scouts: Stealthy and cunning, these agents of the sorcerer seek to hinder the adventurers' progress and protect the secret of the Azmyth's control.

- Underdark Beasts: Other creatures of the Underdark, from giant spiders to hook horrors, have been disturbed by the Azmyths' increased activity, posing additional dangers.

- Elemental Gargoyles: Summoned by the sorcerer to guard the artifact's hidden lair, these creatures blend into the caverns' stony environments, attacking unsuspecting intruders.

- The Sorcerer's Elite Guard: A cadre of the sorcerer's most trusted warriors, skilled in both magic and combat, fiercely loyal and prepared to protect their master at all costs.

The Location

The adventure leads the party through the twisting, dangerous pathways of the Underdark, from the bioluminescent mushroom forests to the perilous cliffs overlooking dark lakes. Their journey takes them closer to the sorcerer's stronghold, hidden within a cavern known only to the most daring or foolish.

Climax and Conclusion

Navigating the challenges of the Underdark and combating the forces arrayed against them, the adventurers finally reach the sorcerer's lair. Here, they must confront the sorcerer, overcome the elite guard, and destroy or seize the artifact controlling the Azmyths.

In the battle's aftermath, with the artifact no longer in the sorcerer's grasp, the Azmyths' behavior returns to normal. No longer compelled to aggression against Gloomhaven, they retreat into the depths of the Underdark, resuming their natural roles in its complex ecosystem.

The adventurers return to Gloomhaven as heroes, their deeds celebrated. The Council of Elders, recognizing the potential dangers of the Underdark that lie close to their city, vows to keep a vigilant watch, possibly hinting at future adventures where the balance between the surface and the depths might again be threatened.

Through their journey, the adventurers gain not just the gratitude of Gloomhaven but also a deeper understanding of the Underdark's delicate balance, where every creature, no matter how fearsome, plays a part in the survival of all.

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