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Autumn Eladrin

The Autumn Eladrin, ethereal beings of grace and melancholy, are the embodiment of the fall season within the mystical realm of the Feywild. These creatures are one of the many expressions of the Eladrin, fey who change their appearance and mood with the seasons, reflecting the profound connection they share with the natural world. Autumn Eladrin, in particular, personify the season of harvest, of change, and of letting go, bringing with them an aura of peace, introspection, and a subtle, underlying sadness akin to the fleeting beauty of autumn leaves.

Visually, Autumn Eladrin are stunning, their appearance mirroring the warm, muted colors of the fall. Their hair flows in hues of orange, red, and gold, reminiscent of autumn leaves against a clear sky. Their skin may take on an earthy tone, complemented by eyes that shimmer with the golden light of a setting sun. Clothed in garments that blend seamlessly with the autumn landscape, they move with a grace that is both captivating and soothing, their presence a gentle reminder of the world's cycles and transitions.

Autumn Eladrin wield powers reflective of their season. They can summon the soothing calm of a gentle, rustling wind or the richness of the harvest, nurturing growth and healing wounds. Their magic can inspire tranquility and comfort in others, calming angry hearts and easing troubled minds. However, when threatened, they can also call upon the force of the impending winter, chilling their foes with the biting wind that heralds the end of the year.

In the context of Dungeons & Dragons, Autumn Eladrin offer a nuanced interaction for adventurers. They might seek assistance in protecting the natural balance, offer wisdom that encourages reflection and growth, or request aid in their eternal tasks within the Feywild. Encounters with them can lead to quests that emphasize harmony with nature, the importance of change, and the acceptance of loss as a precursor to renewal.

Autumn Eladrin embody the bittersweet nature of their season, serving as powerful allies or enigmatic guides. Their presence in a campaign can enrich the narrative, adding layers of depth to the adventure by intertwining the themes of change, letting go, and the natural cycle of life and death. Engaging with Autumn Eladrin can inspire players to reflect on the characters' journeys, embracing the inevitable transformations that come with time and experience in the ever-changing tapestry of a Dungeons & Dragons world.

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Adventure Outline: The Waning of the Veil


In the enchanted realm of the Evergold Woods, a place where the perpetual autumn reflects the beauty of decay and rebirth, the Autumn Eladrin have always maintained the balance between the seasons. However, the woods are now stuck in an eternal autumn, causing distress not only to the inhabitants but also to the natural cycle of life and death.

The adventurers are summoned by the Circle of Leaves, a council of Autumn Eladrin elders, who are deeply concerned about the unending autumn. They fear that if the natural order is not restored, the woods will decay, and the cycle of life will be broken forever.

The Plot Twist

Investigating the cause, the adventurers learn that the perpetual autumn is no natural phenomenon but the result of a powerful curse. This curse has been cast by a disgruntled archfey, a former guardian of the woods turned rogue, who seeks revenge against the Autumn Eladrin for a perceived betrayal.

The archfey, harnessing the power of a stolen artifact known as the Heart of Seasons, has disrupted the natural cycle to trap the woods in an everlasting autumn, weakening the Eladrin's connection to their realm and threatening the entire ecosystem.

Additional Monsters

Enchanted wildlife, creatures that once frolicked amidst the falling leaves, now turned aggressive, their forms twisted by the unbalanced magic.

Fey spirits, loyal to the archfey, who weave illusions and lead adventurers astray with mischievous, sometimes dangerous, intent.

A legion of shadowy ents, once guardians of the forest, now corrupted by the endless autumn, spreading decay and uprooting the balance of nature.

The archfey's lieutenants, powerful fey champions imbued with the essence of autumn's decay, who fiercely protect the Heart of Seasons and their master's domain.

These threats are manifestations of the disrupted seasonal cycle, each playing a role in the archfey's scheme to weaken the Autumn Eladrin's power and claim the Evergold Woods for themselves. The enchanted wildlife and fey spirits represent the chaos unleashed on the natural order, while the shadowy ents and the archfey's lieutenants are direct enforcers of the archfey's will.

The Location

The adventure leads the party through the stunning but increasingly morose landscapes of the Evergold Woods, from its copper-colored canopies to its dwindling groves, all the while confronting the consequences of the unending autumn.

Their journey culminates at the ancient Thronewood Glade, a sacred site where the Heart of Seasons is hidden. Guarded by the archfey's most powerful servants and enveloped in powerful enchantments, the glade holds the key to lifting the curse and restoring the balance.

Climax and Conclusion

The final confrontation with the archfey and their lieutenants at the Thronewood Glade challenges the adventurers to break the curse of the Heart of Seasons. Success will not only free the Evergold Woods from its eternal autumn but also reveal the complexities of fey politics and the delicate balance of nature's cycles.

In the aftermath, the Autumn Eladrin express their gratitude by bestowing the adventurers with blessings of the season. They gain not only the Eladrin's friendship but also a deeper understanding of the natural world's ebb and flow.

As peace returns to the Evergold Woods, the Circle of Leaves hints at other realms and seasons within the feywild that might one day require the adventurers' aid, setting the stage for future tales of enchantment and seasonal magic.

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