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Ancient Copper Dragon

In the Arcverse's Borderlands setting, the Ancient Copper Dragons are celebrated as the embodiment of curiosity, wit, and an unyielding zest for life. These magnificent creatures, with their gleaming copper scales that catch the light with every movement, represent the joy of discovery and the value of humor even in the face of adversity. Eldryn, Mithbaraz, Quinthalon, Tazryn, and Vysarian, the last of their kind, are not just survivors of an age long past but are active shapers of the present and guardians of the future. Their story, especially their quest to reunite with their Brass brethren, is a testament to their roles as interdimensional wayfarers and sages.

Nature and Power of Ancient Copper Dragons

Ancient Copper Dragons possess a unique blend of abilities that set them apart in the draconic hierarchy. Known for their incredible agility and the ability to climb almost any surface, they embody the spirit of freedom that defines their kind. Their breath weapons—a line of acid and a cone of slowing gas—reflect their dual nature of creation and preservation, allowing them to incapacitate foes without lethal force, embodying their preference for nonviolent solutions.

Wisdom and Humor

The wisdom of the Ancient Copper Dragons is vast, accumulated over millennia of exploration and interaction with countless civilizations across the multiverse. This wisdom, however, is often conveyed through humor and pranks, revealing a lighthearted approach to life that belies the depth of their understanding. They see laughter as a form of enlightenment, a way to ease the burdens of existence and to foster connections among disparate beings.

The Quest for Reunion

The saga of the Ancient Copper Dragons—Eldryn, the Wandering Sage; Mithbaraz, the Forgeheart; Quinthalon, the Emberwyrm; Tazryn, the Storm Chaser; and Vysarian, the Shadow Weaver—highlights their indomitable spirit and the lengths they will go to protect and reunite with their kin. Dispersed across the multiverse by the cataclysmic events that saw them pitted against the demon Dryaniz, their journey through realms unknown was driven by an unwavering sense of duty and love for their brethren.

The Guardians of the Borderlands

Upon their triumphant reunion, the Ancient Copper Dragons, alongside their Brass and Bronze counterparts, have emerged as guardians of the Borderlands, unable to return to the world and yet protecting it from afar. Their alliance stands as a bulwark against the forces of demonkind, their combined powers a beacon of hope for all realms threatened by tyranny and chaos. Together, they navigate the complexities of the multiverse, guided by a shared vision of harmony and a commitment to safeguarding the cosmic balance.

Their tale is not just one of adventure and conflict but a narrative rich with lessons on the power of unity, the importance of humor in the face of despair, and the unbreakable bonds of family, both born and chosen. The Ancient Copper Dragons, with their laughter and wisdom, remind us that in a universe brimming with unknowns and dangers, the light of hope, kinship, and joy can never be extinguished.

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The Hermit King's Curse

Overview: The party has been summoned to the remote town of Silverdale, situated high in the Ironpeak Mountains. The villagers speak of a great calamity that has befallen their home - a once-prosperous mining community now beset by strange occurrences and a growing sense of dread. Whispers abound of a powerful evil that has taken root in the nearby Ironpeak Caverns, where an ancient copper dragon is said to dwell.

The Plot Twist: As the adventurers investigate, they discover that the ancient copper dragon, known as Cuarax the Hermit King, is not the true source of Silverdale's woes. Rather, the dragon has been driven to madness by a powerful curse, unleashing its wrath upon the nearby villages in a desperate attempt to break the fell magic that binds it.

Additional Monsters:

- Corrupted miners and quarry workers, now twisted into zombie-like servitors of the curse

- Swarms of rust monsters infesting the Ironpeak Caverns, drawn there by the dragon's hoard

- A pack of crazed worgs, loyal companions of the dragon, now turned against it by the curse

- A wraith, the vengeful spirit of a long-dead dwarven king whose tomb lies within the caverns

These various monsters are all connected by the overarching curse that has taken hold in the Ironpeak Caverns. The corrupted miners and quarry workers were the first to fall victim, their minds and bodies twisted by the dark magic. The rust monsters have been drawn to feast upon the dragon's hoard, while the worgs have become feral and aggressive, no longer heeding their master's commands. 

The wraith, in turn, is the spirit of an ancient dwarven king whose tomb lies deep within the caverns. The curse has awakened this vengeful spectre, which now seeks to expand its influence and corrupt the entire region.

The Location: The Ironpeak Caverns are a vast subterranean network of tunnels, chambers, and mines, carved deep into the heart of the Ironpeak Mountains. The caverns are home to Cuarax the Hermit King, an ancient copper dragon who has slumbered here for centuries, guarding a vast hoard of wealth and ancient dwarven relics.

As the party delves into the caverns, they will encounter a range of hazards and obstacles - collapsing tunnels, pools of toxic sludge, and winding passages defended by the dragon's monstrous minions. The deeper they go, the more the corrupting influence of the curse becomes apparent, with the very stones and earth seeming to turn against the intruders.

Finally, the party will reach the inner sanctum of the Ironpeak Caverns - a massive, cathedral-like chamber where Cuarax the Hermit King lies coiled, thrashing and roaring in agony as the curse ravages its ancient mind. To break the fell magic, the party must confront the dragon and the wraith at the heart of the curse, and uncover the dark history that binds them together.

If successful, the party will not only free the dragon from its torment, but also lift the curse that has plagued Silverdale and the surrounding region. This could lead to further quests, as the party helps the town rebuild and investigates the origins of the dark magic that threatened the Ironpeak Mountains.

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