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Ancient Bronze Dragon

In the Arcverse's Borderlands D&D setting (unofficial) In the aftermath of Dryaniz's vicious onslaught, the cosmos itself seemed to weep for the dispersion of the Ancient Bronze Dragons, guardians of balance and harbingers of justice. Three of these magnificent beings—Thalendrin, Cymophane, and Oroxys—were flung across the fabric of the multiverse, their essence scattered like seeds in a cosmic storm. Yet, bound by an unbreakable bond to their Brass brethren and driven by a relentless pursuit of justice, they embarked on an odyssey that would span realities and test the very limits of their power.

Thalendrin, the Tidebender

Thalendrin found himself adrift in the Plane of Endless Oceans, a realm where the sea stretches into infinity under a storm-tossed sky. Adapting to his new domain, Thalendrin became the Tidebender, mastering the ebb and flow of its ceaseless waters. His scales took on the hue of the deep ocean, dark and fathomless, and his voice could calm the fiercest storm or summon devastating tidal waves. Despite his mastery over this boundless sea, Thalendrin's heart yearned for the unity of his kin, driving him to search the multiverse's currents for a path back to them.

Cymophane, the Gleam in the Dark

Cast into the Plane of Eternal Night, Cymophane became a beacon of hope in the unending darkness. Her scales shimmered with a soft, ethereal light, guiding lost souls to safety and battling the shadows that sought to engulf her new realm. Cymophane, known now as the Gleam in the Dark, harnessed the plane's latent magic to pierce the veil between worlds, seeking her brethren with a determination that shone as brightly as her luminous hide.

Oroxys, the Galewalker

Oroxys emerged in the Plane of Windswept Peaks, a land of towering mountains and howling gales. Adapting to the relentless wind, Oroxys became the Galewalker, soaring through the skies with unmatched grace. His scales sparkled like the snowcaps at dawn, and his roar echoed like thunder across the valleys. Oroxys harnessed the tempests at his command to tear through the barriers between realities, driven by the unyielding force of his will to reunite with his scattered family.

Reunion in the Shadow Realm

Their quest led them through the tapestry of the multiverse, from realms of endless night to planes of shimmering beauty, until at last, they found their Brass brethren in the Shadow Realm, a place of secrets and hidden truths. The reunion of the Brass and Bronze Dragons was a confluence of power and purpose, a fusion of elemental might and arcane wisdom that would echo through the ages.

Together, they devised a plan to escape their shadowy prison, combining their elemental affinities into a singular force of liberation. Thalendrin's control over water quenched the realm's smoldering edges, Cymophane's light pierced the pervasive gloom, and Oroxys's winds cleared their path of obstacles. Their Brass siblings lent their magic to the effort, weaving a tapestry of fire, healing, and knowledge that bolstered their escape.

The battle to break free from the Shadow Realm was epic, a maelstrom of elemental fury and draconic might that shook the foundations of the multiverse. As they tore through the fabric of reality, the dragons blinded Dryaniz with a blaze of dragon fire, a final act of defiance that ensured their escape and left the demon weakened, his plans thwarted.

Legacy of the Escape

The escape of the Ancient Bronze and Brass Dragons from the Shadow Realm is more than a tale of survival; it is a saga of unity, resilience, and the enduring bond between kin. Now free to roam the multiverse, these dragons stand as guardians against tyranny and oppression, their combined might a beacon of hope for all who suffer under the yoke of darkness.

Their story, woven into the fabric of the Arcverse, serves as a reminder that even in the face of insurmountable odds, the spirit of freedom can never be extinguished. As long as there are beings willing to fight for what is right, the light will always find a way to break through the shadows. The tale of the Ancient Bronze and Brass Dragons is not just a chapter in the Arcverse's history; it is a testament to the power of unity and the unbreakable will of the draconic heart.

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The Warden of Thundering Falls

Overview: The party has heard whispers of a great treasure hidden deep within the Thundering Falls, a massive waterfall that cascades down the side of the Elderhorn Mountains. Rumors speak of an ancient bronze dragon that guards this treasure hoard, ruthlessly defending it from any who dare to approach. Eager to claim the riches, the adventurers set out to confront the legendary wyrm.

The Plot Twist: As the party draws near to the Thundering Falls, they realize the dragon is not merely guarding a pile of gold and jewels. The ancient bronze is in fact the warden of a sacred natural wonder, tasked with protecting the ecological balance of the entire region. The "treasure" the dragon guards is actually a mystical wellspring that feeds the rivers and waterfalls, sustaining the lush forests and meadows that surround the Elderhorn Mountains.

Additional Monsters: In addition to the ancient bronze dragon, the party will face a variety of other threats as they near the Thundering Falls:

- Roc nests perched atop the cliffs surrounding the waterfall

- Bands of orc raiders and gnoll hunters drawn to the area by the promise of dragon treasure 

- Swarms of giant bats and other cave-dwelling creatures that emerge to defend their territory

- Powerful earth elemental guardians summoned by the dragon to bolster its defenses

The Location: The Thundering Falls is an awe-inspiring natural wonder, with a towering cascade of water thundering down the mountainside. The falls are fed by a hidden underground river, which emerges from a massive cave system at the base of the Elderhorns. This cave complex serves as the lair of the ancient bronze dragon.

As the party approaches, they must navigate a treacherous trail that winds along the cliffside, with the deafening roar of the falls echoing all around them. At the heart of the falls lies the dragon's inner sanctum - a vast cavern chamber where the powerful wyrm coils protectively around the mystical wellspring. The party will have to battle past the dragon's minions and environmental hazards to reach the central chamber, where they must convince the ancient bronze that their intentions are honorable.

If the party can prove that they do not seek to plunder the dragon's "treasure," and instead wish to help protect the natural balance of the region, the dragon may be persuaded to spare them. However, if the party makes any aggressive moves, the dragon will unleash its full fury, using its breath weapon, spells, and mighty claws to defend its lair.

Defeating the dragon is only the first step. The party must then find a way to stabilize the wellspring and ensure the Thundering Falls continue to flow, restoring the natural order of the surrounding lands. This could lead to further quests to repair any damage done, or to investigate the origins and purpose of the mystical water source.

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