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The Alhoon is a Mind Flayer that has embraced the path of lichdom. These creatures, also known as Illithiliches, are an aberration within both the arcane community and their own species. For Dungeon Masters seeking to enrich their campaigns with elements of betrayal, the pursuit of forbidden knowledge, and the existential horror of undeath, an Alhoon provides an intriguing and multifaceted antagonist.

Origins of Darkness

The genesis of an Alhoon is steeped in sacrilege. These beings arise from Mind Flayers who, in their insatiable hunger for power and fear of death, turn to the darkest necromantic arts—a practice abhorred by their kin. This heretical path leads them to forsake their colonies, seeking isolation where they can conduct their unholy rituals in secrecy. The transformation into an Alhoon is fraught with peril, a testament to the creature's desperation and dark ambition. It is a process that not only grants them immortality but also makes them pariahs, feared by those who understand the depth of their desecration.

Lair of the Damned

An Alhoon's lair is a fortress of dread, often hidden within the Underdark's uncharted depths or amidst ancient ruins that pulse with eldritch energy. Here, the Alhoon surrounds itself with undead minions and elaborate traps, guarding against intruders and erstwhile allies seeking to claim its secrets. The air is thick with the stench of decay and the oppressive weight of accumulated knowledge, forbidden lore that the Alhoon hoards as jealously as its treasures.

A Mind Twisted by Eternity

The psyche of an Alhoon is a labyrinth of madness and brilliance. With centuries to hone their abilities, these creatures possess formidable psionic powers alongside their necromantic spells, making them adversaries that few can hope to best in direct combat. Their strategies are long-form, enacting plans that unfold over decades, if not centuries. They manipulate from the shadows, bending others to their will with promises of power or threats of annihilation.

Campaign Inclusions

Introducing an Alhoon into a campaign can pivot around several intriguing hooks:

Forbidden Alliance: The players must form a tenuous alliance with an Alhoon to combat a greater evil that threatens the realm, navigating the treacherous waters of its motivations and machinations.

The Hunt for Immortality: A powerful entity seeks the Alhoon's secret to lichdom, forcing the players into a race against time to stop a ritual that could spell disaster.

Echoes of the Past: The Alhoon's ancient knowledge is key to unraveling a current crisis, but accessing its lair and earning its cooperation demands ingenuity and bravery.


The Alhoon stands as a monument to the dark paths that entities might tread in their quest for immortality and dominion. For DMs, it offers a narrative goldmine, allowing players to explore the complexities of morality, the consequences of ambition, and the terror of an intellect unfettered by the bonds of mortality. Engaging with an Alhoon is not merely a quest—it's a journey into the heart of what it means to defy the natural order at any cost.

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The Crypts of Mindhaunter


Hook: In the town of Elden Hollow, people have been disappearing without a trace. Whispered rumors suggest an Alhoon, a powerful undead mind flayer turned lich, has awakened in the ancient crypts beneath the town, seeking to expand its undead thrall and knowledge of the arcane. The adventurers are called upon to delve into the crypts, stop the Alhoon, and rescue the missing townsfolk.


Sister Marrow: A cleric of the god of death, concerned with the unnatural disturbances and offering guidance on undead.

Thalen Whisperwind: A former victim who escaped, now mentally scarred, can offer limited insights into the crypt’s layout and traps.

The Alhoon: A nefarious, intelligent undead seeking ultimate knowledge and power, disdainful of all living beings.

Key Locations:

Elden Hollow: A small, besieged town on the edge of despair.

The Crypts of Mindhaunter: A sprawling underground necropolis, filled with traps, puzzles, and undead guardians.


1. The Labyrinth of Echoes: A maze filled with psychic echoes that disorient and separate the party, requiring mental fortitude or clever navigation.

2. The Library of Forbidden Knowledge: A room filled with arcane books that can lure adventurers with promises of power but at a cost to their sanity.

3. The Hall of Thralls: Where the townsfolk are held captive, guarded by undead and protected by psychic barriers.


Undead Thralls: Mind-controlled victims, physically powerful and unthinking.

Psychic Specters: Manifestations of the Alhoon’s victims’ fears and despair, attacking the adventurers’ minds.

- The Alhoon:** The final boss, a formidable spellcaster with psionic abilities, surrounded by protective wards and traps.

Climax: Upon reaching the heart of the crypt, the party faces the Alhoon in a battle that tests both their physical might and mental resilience. They must disrupt the Alhoon’s concentration, breaking its control over the thralls and weakening its defenses, before it can complete a ritual that would make it invincible.

Resolution: With the Alhoon defeated, the magic holding the crypts together begins to unravel. The adventurers must escape with the rescued townsfolk before the crypts collapse. Elden Hollow is saved, and the party is rewarded with ancient artifacts from the Alhoon’s collection. However, whispers suggest that a phylactery remains hidden, leaving the door open for future adventures.

This framework provides a thrilling blend of horror, mystery, and combat, challenging players to navigate the dangerous environments, solve puzzles, and ultimately confront the horror of undeath embodied by the Alhoon. The setting and characters offer rich opportunities for exploration, role-playing, and high-stakes combat, making for an unforgettable one-shot or a memorable chapter in a longer campaign.

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