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In Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Conjuration is one of the eight schools of magic that wizards, sorcerers, and some other spellcasters can specialize in. It's a fascinating aspect of the game that allows players to summon creatures, objects, or phenomena to aid them in their adventures. The essence of Conjuration is about bringing something from somewhere else to you or creating something out of thin air. Here's a breakdown of what Conjuration entails, making it easier for first-time players to understand and apply in their D&D 5th Edition (5e) games.

What is Conjuration?

Conjuration spells are all about making things appear. Whether it's a ball of fire in your hand, a faithful animal companion to fight alongside you, or even a doorway to another location, Conjuration magic covers it. When you use a Conjuration spell, you're either bringing something from another place to you or magically creating something new.

Types of Conjuration Spells

  1. Summoning: These spells bring creatures from other planes of existence to help you. They can fight for you, provide information, or offer other forms of aid.

  2. Creation: These spells create objects or substances out of thin air. Need a bridge to cross a chasm? There’s likely a Conjuration spell for that.

  3. Teleportation: These spells allow you to instantly transport yourself or others to a different location, regardless of the distance.

Why Choose Conjuration?

Conjuration is incredibly versatile. Want a companion to aid you in battle? Summon a creature. Need to escape a tricky situation? Teleport to safety. The ability to adapt to various situations makes Conjuration a powerful school of magic.

How to Use Conjuration in Your Game

When playing a character that uses Conjuration magic, think about the resources at your disposal. You have access to spells that can solve problems in creative ways. Stuck in a dungeon? Maybe you can conjure a creature to scout ahead. Need to cross a river? Perhaps you can create a raft.

Tips for First-Time Players

  • Know Your Spells: Read and understand your Conjuration spells. Knowing what each spell does will help you make the most of them.

  • Be Creative: Think outside the box. Conjuration spells offer a wide range of solutions, so don't be afraid to get creative with their applications.

  • Consider Your Party: Conjuration can benefit your entire party, not just you. Summoning a creature can add an extra fighter in battle, and teleportation can move your group out of danger.


Conjuration is a powerful and versatile school of magic in D&D 5e, offering a wide range of abilities from summoning allies to creating objects, or even bending space to your will. As you play, you'll discover the depth and flexibility Conjuration magic adds to your adventures. Embrace the creative potential it brings, and you'll find countless ways to use Conjuration spells to navigate the challenges of the D&D world.

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