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Ancient Gold Dragon

In Arcverse's Borderlands setting, stands Soliriand, the last surviving Ancient Gold Dragon, revered as the Queen of Dragons. Her realm, Erandaeum, nestled within the majestic Celestial Mountains, serves not only as her throne but as a symbol of her benevolent rule over the dragonkind. This article explores the life and reign of Soliriand, her philosophies, and the defining moments of her legacy.

Soliriand, the Beacon of Enlightenment

Adorned with scales that radiate the warmth and brilliance of the sun, Soliriand embodies the pinnacle of draconic virtue. Her gaze, profound with ancient knowledge, reflects a soul committed to the safeguarding of the Arcverse. As the sovereign of her kind, she personifies the gold dragon's ideals of compassion, justice, and an unwavering dedication to the protection of all realms.

Erandaeum, the Sanctuary Above the Clouds

The Celestial Mountains of Erandaeum rise above the Arcverse, a realm of unparalleled beauty and tranquility. Here, in a palace that harmonizes with the natural splendor of its environment, Soliriand presides with grace and wisdom. Erandaeum is more than a seat of power; it is a reflection of Soliriand's essence—a haven of peace where the weary find rest and the distressed find hope.

The Edict of Soliriand

When the malevolent demon Dryaniz ensnared the Ancient Brass Dragons, casting a shadow of despair across the Arcverse, Soliriand counseled caution. She understood the dire risks of a direct confrontation with Dryaniz and commanded her children, the dragons of all kinds, to refrain from a reckless quest for the Brass Dragons' liberation. Yet, her decree was met with defiance by the Ancient Copper and Bronze Dragons, whose sense of kinship and honor propelled them into action.

Reflections on Defiance

The rebellion of the Copper and Bronze Dragons against Soliriand's command marked a pivotal moment in her reign. Though initially pained by their disobedience, the successful liberation of the Brass Dragons prompted Soliriand to introspect and acknowledge the value of their courageous decision. This episode reshaped her understanding of leadership, teaching her the importance of allowing others to forge their paths and make their own choices.

The Evolving Reign of Soliriand

In the wake of these events, Soliriand's governance has evolved into a model of enlightened leadership. She fosters a culture of dialogue, champions justice, and promotes unity among dragonkind, all while vigilantly protecting the realms under her watch. Soliriand has learned that true strength lies in the ability to inspire greatness in others, to lead with empathy, and to embrace the diverse perspectives that enrich the Arcverse.

Soliriand's legacy is a testament to the power of wisdom, the virtues of forgiveness, and the strength found in unity. From her celestial domain in Erandaeum, she oversees her realm with a gentle yet firm hand, a guardian of peace and a beacon of hope for all beings navigating the complexities of the Arcverse. Her story is a reminder that in the ever-unfolding narrative of existence, enlightenment, compassion, and solidarity are the pillars upon which the most enduring legacies are built.

The Guardian of Celestial Peak

Ancient Gold Dragon

Overview: The party is summoned to the remote mountain village of Highreach, nestled high in the Celestial Peaks. The villagers speak in hushed tones of a great golden beast that dwells atop the tallest mountain, Celestial Peak. They beseech the adventurers to scale the treacherous peak and seek an audience with the mighty creature, for they believe it holds the key to saving their village from a growing evil.

The Plot Twist: As the party ascends Celestial Peak, they discover that the ancient gold dragon, known as Solaris, is not merely a guardian of the mountain, but a protector of a sacred nexus of arcane power. The villagers' troubles are not of the dragon's making, but rather stem from a cabal of necromancers who seek to harness the energy of this mystical site for their own nefarious purposes.

Additional Monsters:

- Dragonborn acolytes and cultists who serve the necromancers, intent on driving Solaris from its lair

- A stone golem guardian, animated by the necromancers to patrol the approaches to the peak

- Swarms of corrupted giant eagles, once noble protectors of the mountain, now twisted by dark magic

- A nightmarish chimera, a composite creature spawned from the necromancers' unholy experiments

These monstrous threats are all connected by the machinations of the necromancer cabal, who seek to weaken Solaris' hold over the sacred site atop Celestial Peak. The dragonborn cultists have infiltrated the mountain's lower reaches, while the stone golem and corrupted giant eagles guard the perilous trails leading to the summit. At the peak itself, the party will have to contend with the fearsome chimera, a twisted creation born of the necromancers' dark rituals.

The Location: Celestial Peak is a towering, snow-capped mountain that dominates the surrounding landscape. The mountain's slopes are treacherous, with icy winds, treacherous trails, and deadly avalanche risks posing constant dangers to those who attempt the ascent.

At the summit, the party will find the lair of Solaris, the ancient gold dragon. This cavernous, aerie-like chamber is suffused with an almost tangible magical aura, as the nexus of arcane power radiates from a central crystalline formation. Solaris itself coils protectively around this mystical site, its scales shimmering with an otherworldly light.

To reach the dragon, the party must navigate past the necromancers' minions and environmental hazards, while also dealing with the disorienting effects of the arcane energies swirling around the peak. Should they manage to reach Solaris, they must convince the mighty wyrm that their intentions are pure, and that they wish to aid in the defense of the sacred site.

If the party succeeds, they will not only save the village of Highreach from the necromancers' plot, but also preserve the delicate balance of magic that Solaris has guarded for centuries. This could open up new opportunities for the party, as they may be called upon to help the ancient gold dragon defend the Celestial Peaks from future threats, or to uncover the deeper mysteries surrounding the mystical nexus of power.

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