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Ancient Brass Dragon

In the Arcverse's Borderlands D&D setting (unofficial), the tale of the last five Ancient Brass Dragons is a story of resilience, cunning, and the indomitable spirit of freedom. These majestic beings, once captives of the malevolent demon Dryaniz, have carved their names into the annals of Dragon history through an epic escape that not only shattered their chains but also left their captor blinded by their fiery wrath. Their names—Saritha, Baelinth, Khorinth, Marazul, and Tyranthraxus—echo across realities, each dragon a symbol of hope and the fierce desire for liberty.

Saritha, the Dawn Whisperer

Saritha found refuge in the Reality of Gleaming Horizons, a realm where the sun's first light has the power to heal and renew. With scales that capture the soft gold of dawn, Saritha is a healer and a guardian, using her knowledge of the arcane to mend the wounds inflicted by Dryaniz's tyranny. Her lair, a tranquil oasis hidden within a desert of endless light, serves as a sanctuary for all who seek respite from the darkness.

Baelinth, the Veiled Blade

Baelinth escaped to the Shadow Realm, a place where darkness and light dance in an eternal ballet. Here, Baelinth became the Veiled Blade, a defender of the oppressed, striking from the shadows with precision and grace. His scales shimmer like the night sky, and his eyes glow with the promise of justice. His lair, nestled in the heart of a labyrinthine cavern, is a fortress of rebellion against the forces of tyranny.

Khorinth, the Lorekeeper

Khorinth chose the Realm of Infinite Knowledge as his sanctuary, a reality where the accumulation and preservation of wisdom are sacred. His coppery scales are etched with runes of power, and his lair, a vast library that exists between dimensions, houses the secrets of the universe. Khorinth dedicates his existence to unraveling the mysteries of magic and history, seeking ways to prevent the rise of another tyrant like Dryaniz.

Marazul, the Stormborn

Marazul made her stand in the Tempest Realm, a world of unbridled elemental fury. Embracing the chaos, she became one with the storm, her scales a swirling maelstrom of blues and grays. Marazul's lair, perched atop the tallest spire of a storm-wracked island, serves as a beacon for those daring enough to seek her wisdom on harnessing the elements. Her mastery over weather and her tempestuous nature make her a formidable ally and a terrifying foe.

Tyranthraxus, the Flameheart

Tyranthraxus fled to the Realm of Eternal Flame, a reality where fire reigns supreme, and from its ashes, life is reborn. His scales glow with the fury of a thousand suns, and his lair, a palace carved from living magma, throbs with the heartbeats of creation itself. Tyranthraxus embodies the destructive and nurturing aspects of fire, using his power to forge weapons against demonic forces and to protect the seeds of new worlds.

The Legacy of Liberation

The liberation of Saritha, Baelinth, Khorinth, Marazul, and Tyranthraxus from Dryaniz's grasp is a saga of courage, ingenuity, and the power of unity. Their epic battle, which spanned the fabric of realities, not only freed them from bondage but also served as a warning to those who would seek to chain the will of dragons. The demon Dryaniz, now blinded and diminished, remains a shadow of malice lurking in the dark corners of the Arcverse, a constant reminder of the cost of freedom and the eternal vigilance it demands.

Incorporating these Ancient Brass Dragons into a campaign offers players a multi-dimensional adventure that transcends the boundaries of a single reality. Each dragon, with their unique realm and backstory, provides a gateway to exploring themes of liberation, the pursuit of knowledge, and the balance between destruction and creation. Through their tales, Dungeon Masters can craft narratives that challenge players to confront tyranny, embrace their own power, and perhaps, change the very fabric of the Arcverse itself.

The Secrets of Auriolax

Ancient Brass Dragon

Introduction: Whispers in the Wind

Setting: The sprawling dunes and craggy canyons of the Cindervale, a vast desert known for its merciless sun and mysterious ruins.

Inciting Incident: Scholars speak of the Aeonian Library, a repository of ancient knowledge said to be guarded by Auriolax, an ancient brass dragon renowned for his wisdom and benevolence. However, the library has vanished into legend, and Auriolax hasn't been seen in centuries.

Call to Adventure: A sand-swept scroll arrives for the heroes, inscribed with a plea from Auriolax himself. The dragon seeks aid in thwarting a malevolent force that seeks the library's forbidden knowledge. The message is a spark of hope and a call to arms, leading the heroes into the heart of the desert.

Act 1: Sands of Mystery

Objective: Trace the history of the Aeonian Library and uncover the first clues to its hidden location.

Desert Nomads: The heroes encounter a tribe of desert nomads who speak of ancient magic protecting a secret oasis. Gaining their trust through aid or diplomacy reveals the oasis's location, a vital water source and clue.

Bandit Siege: A ruthless bandit king has laid siege to the oasis, seeking the library's secrets for his own gain. Liberating the oasis not only aids the nomads but also uncovers an ancient map fragment pointing toward the library.

Oasis of Whispers: Within this mystical oasis, spirits of past scholars and protectors of the library offer riddles that hint at the dragon's nature and the library's protections against the unworthy.

Climax: Assembling the map pieces reveals the library's entrance but also awakens an ancient guardian, a Golem tasked with testing the heroes' knowledge and worth.

Act 2: Labyrinth of Lore

Objective: Navigate the trials within the Aeonian Library to seek Auriolax's counsel and aid.

The Hall of Echoes: A vast chamber where voices from the past recite poetry, spells, and lore. Deciphering these clues reveals hidden passages and protects against ensnaring illusions.

The Vault of Sands: An archive buried under shifting sands, filled with enchanted books and artifacts. Retrieving a specific tome requires clever manipulation of the environment and warding off enchanted guardians.

The Mirror Maze: A network of mirrored halls that test the heroes' wisdom and resolve. Reflections reveal truths and lies, leading to the heart of the library and Auriolax's lair.

Climax: Confronting the library's curator, a Sphinx who poses the final riddle. Answering correctly grants audience with Auriolax and unveils the dark force threatening the library.

Act 3: The Dragon's Gambit

Objective:** Join forces with Auriolax to protect the library's knowledge from falling into the wrong hands.

The Siege of Shadows: As the malevolent force reveals itself—a sorcerer intent on seizing the library's ancient spells—the heroes and Auriolax must defend against a siege of dark minions.

The Forbidden Tomes: The sorcerer seeks to corrupt the library's most powerful artifacts. Preventing this requires a combination of stealth, combat, and cunning to outmaneuver the sorcerer's lieutenants.

Auriolax's Challenge: The ancient brass dragon presents a final challenge, testing the heroes' intent and strength. Passing this test proves their worthiness as guardians of knowledge.

Climax: A dual confrontation with the sorcerer in the library's sanctum. Strategy, teamwork, and the knowledge gained throughout the adventure are key to overcoming this foe and sealing away the forbidden tomes.

Conclusion: Legacy of the Library

Aftermath: With the threat vanquished, Auriolax entrusts the heroes with a new purpose: to spread the library's knowledge for the good of all, safeguarding against its misuse.

Rewards: Access to the library's lore, magical items from Auriolax's hoard, and the dragon's blessing, granting them wisdom and protection on future journeys.

Future Threads: The preservation and sharing of the Aeonian Library's knowledge ignite a renaissance of magic and scholarship, but also attract new challenges and threats to its guardians.

This adventure weaves together the mystique of ancient lore, the majesty of dragons, and the thirst for knowledge, offering heroes a journey that challenges both their might and their minds.

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