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D&D Terminology: 1d100
In Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), "1d100" is a notation used to describe a one-hundred-sided die, often referred to as a "percentile" or "d100." The "1d100" notation means that you roll one one-hundred-sided die to determine a random outcome within the range of 1 to 100. This type of die is typically numbered from 00 to 99, with each number representing a potential result.

Key Points about 1d100:

1. One-Hundred-Sided Die**: A 1d100 refers to a one-hundred-sided die, which is one of the various types of dice used in D&D. It is often used when there are one hundred possible outcomes or when a random result is needed within a broad range.

2. Percentile Rolls: The 1d100 is commonly used in percentile rolls, where one die represents the tens digit and the other represents the ones digit. This results in a number between 01 and 100. Percentile rolls are often used to determine percent chances, random events, or the likelihood of success or failure.

3. Example of Percentile Roll**: To roll a percentile with 1d100, you roll the die to determine the tens digit and then roll another 1d10 (or use a percentile die that combines both digits) to determine the ones digit. For example, if you roll a 4 on the first die and a 7 on the second die, the result is 47.

4. Use in Character Creation**: In some versions of D&D character creation, players may use 1d100 rolls to determine various aspects of their character, such as background, quirks, or unique features.

5. Random Events: Dungeon Masters often use 1d100 rolls to introduce randomness and unpredictability into the game. This can include determining the outcome of critical events, encounters, or the behavior of NPCs (non-player characters).

6. Customization: Some D&D campaigns and settings may introduce unique rules or mechanics involving the 1d100 or modify its use to suit the storytelling and world-building aspects of the game.

7. Availability: One-hundred-sided dice, including the 1d100, are less common than other types of dice and may not be included in standard dice sets. However, they can be found in gaming stores and online shops, especially those catering to tabletop role-playing games.

8. Variations: While 1d100 rolls are standard for percentile outcomes, Dungeon Masters may also call for 1d100 rolls when determining outcomes within a range of 1 to 100, such as the result of a complex task or the chances of encountering specific creatures or items.

In summary, "1d100" is a notation used in Dungeons & Dragons to represent the rolling of a one-hundred-sided die, with each side numbered from 01 to 100. It is commonly used for percentile rolls and to determine random outcomes within a broad range, adding an element of chance and unpredictability to the game.

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