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10-foot pole

D&D Terminology: 10-Foot Pole
In Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), a "10-foot pole" is a common and versatile adventuring tool that characters can carry in their equipment. It serves various practical purposes and is often used by adventurers to interact with their environment and avoid potential dangers.

Key Points about the 10-Foot Pole:

1. Versatile Tool: The 10-foot pole is a versatile tool that adventurers carry in their equipment. Despite its simplicity, it can be invaluable in certain situations.

2. Length: As the name suggests, the pole is typically 10 feet (approximately 3 meters) long. This length allows characters to reach, probe, or interact with objects, surfaces, or areas that may be hazardous or inaccessible by hand.

3. Environmental Interaction: Adventurers often use the 10-foot pole to interact with their environment safely. For example, they may use it to check for traps, pressure plates, or hidden switches without risking physical harm.

4. Trap Detection: When exploring dungeons or other potentially dangerous locations, characters may use the pole to tap surfaces or floors gently to detect hidden traps, such as pit traps or tripwires, before walking into them.

5. Bridge and Gap Crossing: In certain situations, the pole can be used as a makeshift bridge or support when crossing narrow gaps or chasms. It provides stability and reduces the risk of falling.

6. Dungeon Delving: The 10-foot pole is a common tool for dungeon delving and exploration. It allows adventurers to interact with objects or levers from a safe distance and avoid potential hazards.

7. Roleplaying and Problem Solving: Creative players may find additional uses for the pole in problem-solving or roleplaying situations. For example, they might use it to retrieve an object from a high shelf or create a lever for lifting heavy objects.

8. Lightweight: The 10-foot pole is typically lightweight and easy to carry, making it a practical addition to an adventurer's equipment.

9. Availability: In most D&D campaigns, the 10-foot pole is readily available for purchase in equipment lists. Its low cost and utility make it a common choice for adventurers.

10. Collaboration: Players often collaborate and share information when using a 10-foot pole. One character may use the pole to probe, while another observes or assists in problem-solving.

In summary, the "10-foot pole" is a practical and versatile adventuring tool in Dungeons & Dragons. It allows characters to interact with their environment safely, detect traps, bridge gaps, and solve problems. Its simplicity and usefulness make it a staple in many adventurers' inventories, aiding them in their quests and explorations.

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10-foot pole

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